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Chapter 1.   Ancient Traces
Appendix 1A.   Berkshire Records
Appendix 1B.   Irish Records
Appendix 1C.   Heraldic Traces
Chapter 2. First Known Earls Ancestors
Appendix 2A.   Earls Families of Enniskillen
Appendix 2B.   Earls Families of Slavin
Appendix 2C.   Earls of Ballykine
Appendix 2D.   Earls of Clare and Galway
Appendix 2E.   Other Earls Families
Chapter 3. The Children of James and Sarah Earls
Appendix 3A.   Other possible children of James and Sarah Earls
Appendix 3B.   The Tempo Riots
Chapter 4. The McCloy Family
Appendix 4A.   McCloy Families
Chapter 5. The Children of John Earls and Mary McCloy
Appendix 5A.   Dowds Family
Chapter 6. The Dick Family
Appendix 6A.   Dick Families
Chapter 7. The Dale Family
Appendix 7A.   Dale Family of Carncastle
Chapter 8. The Children of James Earls and Margaret Dick
Chapter 9. The Arnold Family
Appendix 9A.   Arnold Families
Chapter 10. The Mercer Family
Appendix 10A.   The family of Mark Mercer
Appendix 10B.   Mercer Families
Appendix 10C.   Thomas Mercer of Hillsborough and Ontario
Chapter 11. The Pickering Family
Chapter 12. The Children of John Earls and Mary Arnold
Chapter 13. The Children of Wilfred Brennen and Muriel Earls
Chapter 14. The Children of Christopher Brennen and Doreen Kerr

Datafile 2A. Earls Records    Datafile 2B. Earls Births
Datafile 2C. Earls Marriages     Datafile 2D. Earls Deaths
Datafile 2E. Enniskillen Records Datafile 2F. Earls Records from Clare
Datafile 2Z. American Traces
Datafile 4A. McCloy Records
Datafile 5A. Dowds Records
Datafile 6A. Dick Records Datafile 6B. Dick Births
Datafile 6C. Dick Marriages
Datafile 7A. Dale Records Datafile 7B. Dale Births
Datafile 7C. Dale Marriages
Datafile 9A. Arnold Records Datafile 9B. Arnold Births
Datafile 9C. Arnold Marriages
Datafile 10A. Mercer Records Datafile 10B. Mercer Births
Datafile 10C. Mercer Marriages
Datafile 11A.Pickering Records

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