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Datafile 2E - Enniskillen Records

The following is a list compiled by Irene Calvert of Earls appearing in the Register of Deaths in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland and on the tombstones at Garvary and Enniskillen Cathedral. The individuals with an asterisk appear in this chronicle. The relationships of the individuals without an asterisk are not known by the authors.

Name [Birth]  Death:  Place of death:  Other notes:
Henry* [1732] 1799   Aughaward   Farmer(?). Buried in
Enniskillen Cathedral
John [1763] 1834 - Buried in
Enniskillen Cathedral
James* [1779] 22/9/1882   Doon, Tempo Farmer of Aughaward. Widower.
Death reg. by son James Earls.
Sarah* [1779] 12/1/1864 Aughaward Wife of Sergt. James Earls (above).
Death reg. by son Thomas Earls.
Thomas [1779] 3/4/1872 Drumgarrow Farmer, widower. Thomas
McManus? present at death.
Catherine [1792] 15/7/1872 Enniskillen Workhouse   Spinster, pauper.
John [1788] 24/2/1878 Market St., Enniskillen   Widower, labourer. Death
reg. by Thomas Earls, Water Street.
William [1789] 5/11/1878 Cross, Enniskillen Pensioner, Royal Constabulary.
Death reg. by Eliza Fry.
John [1795] 11/1/1891 Enniskillen Bachelor farmer from Enniskillen
Buried in Enniskillen workhouse.
Henry* [1802] 13/12/1899Gortmessan Farmer, widower. Buried in Garvary.
Death reg. by daughter Mary Hall.
Thomas* [1806] 28/5/1885 Aughaward Married carpenter of Aughward.
Buried in Garvary. Death reg. by
son Thomas Earls of Aughaward.
Mary* [1820] 14/9/1889 Aughaward Wife of above. Buried in Garvary
with headstone by son Thomas Earls.
Anne [1818] 14/9/1889 Aughaward Farmer's widow. Found dead in bed.
Inquest 14/9/1889 concluded natural causes.
William [1802] 2/1884 Enniskillen Bachelor of Enniskillen (Drumgarrow?).
Buried in Enniskillen Workhouse.
Mary Anne [1821] 18/6/1892 Drumgarrow Spinister, farmer's daughter.
Death reg. by neice Theresa Cadden.
Sarah [1806] 6/5/1883 Drumgarrow House owner, spinster.
Sister Rebecca reg. death.
Eliza [1802] 13/6/1876 Aughaward Pensioner's wife. Death
reg. by Eliza Fry.
James [1806] 15/12/1873Drumgarrow Bachelor farmer. Died of bronchitis.
Death reg. by William Earls, Drumgarrow.
James* [1819] 31/1/1900 Doon, Tempo Widowed farmer. Death reg.
by son, Rennick Earls.
Anne Jane* [1826]17/5/1898 Doon, Tempo Wife of above. Death reg.
by son, Rennick Earls.
Thomas* [1845] 29/1/1904 Water St., Enniskillen Cabinet maker, bachelor of
Aughaward. Buried Garvary.
Reg. by neice E.F. McDonagh.
Rebecca [1824] 16/9/1916 Drumgarrow Farmer, spinster. Death
reg. by John Cadden.
Mary A.* 21/4/1930 - Wife of George Crozier.
Buried Garvary (see stone).

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