Compressible Flow

Prelinaries for Compressible Flow   (Boa)
One-Dimensional Isentropic Flow   (Bob)
Energy Equation   (Boc)
Speed of Sound   (Bod)
Isentropic Duct Flows   (Boe)
Choked Flow   (Bof)
Effect of Friction in Duct Flows   (Bog)
Shock Waves   (Boh)
Rocket Engines   (Boi)
Two-dimensional Flows   (Boj)
Planar Supersonic Flows for Small Deflections   (Bok)
Prandtl-Meyer Expansion Fan   (Bol)
Oblique Shock Wave   (Bom)
Compressible Potential Flow   (Bon)
Supersonic Potential Flow   (Boo)
Prandtl-Glauert Mapping   (Bop)

Last updated 4/9/04.
Christopher E. Brennen