Introduction   (Na)
Equations of Motion   (Nb)
Interaction with turbulence   (Nc)
On the equations of motion   (Nd)
Single particle motion   (Ne)
Bubble or droplet translation   (Nf)
Bubble growth and collapse   (Ng)
Cavitation   (Nh)
Cavitating Flows   (Nt)
Free Streamline Flows   (Nu)
Boiling and Condensation   (Ni)
Flow patterns   (Nj)
Energy conversion   (Nk)
Homogeneous Flows   (Nl)
Flows with bubble dynamics   (Nm)
Flows with gas dynamics   (Nn)
Sprays   (No)
Granular flows   (Np)
Drift flux models   (Nq)
System instablities   (Nr)
Kinematic waves   (Ns)

Last updated 4/9/04.
Christopher E. Brennen