Multiphase Flow Patterns   (Nja)
Examples of Flow Regime Maps   (Njb)
Slurry Flow Regimes   (Njc)
Vertical Pipe Flow   (Njd)
Flow Pattern Classifications   (Nje)
Disperse Phase Separation and Dispersion   (Njf)
Example: Horizontal Pipe Flow   (Njg)
Particle Size and Particle Fission   (Njh)
Examples of Flow-determined Bubble Size   (Nji)
Bubbly or Mist Flow Limits   (Njj)
Other Bubbly Flow Limits   (Njk)
Other Particle Size Effects   (Njl)
Stability of Disperse Mixtures   (Njm)
Inhomogeneity Instability of Vertical Flows   (Njn)
Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability   (Njo)
Stratified Flow Instability   (Njp)
Annular Flow Instability   (Njq)
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       Three-Component Flow Videos

Last updated 4/9/04.
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