Brennen Family Chronicles (alternate link)
Earls Family Chronicles (alternate link)
Kerr Family Chronicles (alternate link)
Badger Family Chronicles (alternate link)
Adventure Hiking Books:
Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the San Gabriels (alternate link) (alternate link)
Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in Southern California (alternate link)
Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest (alternate link) (alternate link)
Adventures around the World (alternate link) (alternate link)
The Far Side of the Sky (alternate link) (alternate link)
Travels Now and Then (Dankat Publishing) (alternate link)
Other Canyoneering Papers
Other books by Christopher Earls Brennen:
Of Love and Exploration: an Autobiography (Dankat Publishing)
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Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics (Oxford University Press)
Hydrodynamics of Pumps (Oxford Univ. Press and Concepts ETI)
Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow (Cambridge Univ. Press)
Thermohydraulics of Nuclear Reactors (Dankat Publishing)
Internet Book on Fluid Mechanics (Dankat Publishing)
Photo: San Miguel Island, California