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Flight of the Earls    Barney     Robert Earls    
Beginning     The Story of Cranagh Dhu     A Carefree Playground    
Childhood Home     Father     Paula    
Irene     School     A Castle Revisited
Flowers on the way to Slieve Gallion     Acting     Moyola    
Science     Embroidered Cloths: First Act    Balliol College   
Into Fluid Mechanics    Post Doc    Caltech   
Master of Student Houses: The Hard Part MOSH: Some of the Fun    Railway in the Ether   
Moyola Revisited    Canyoneering in the San Gabriels     Into the Wilderness    
Caltech Peak     Soraksan     Mountain of the Devil    
Mt.Fuji is Closed     On the Peak of the Rising Sun    Mount Wilson Trail    
Mount Lassen     Volcano     Cascades of the Kern   
The Streeteagle     Zion Narrows     Salome Inheritance    
The Grand Teton     Slemish     Errigal    
Lake Powell     Icebox     On the Vomit Comet   
Rathlin Island     Skellig Michael     Huayna Picchu    
Eichorn Pinnacle     Embroidered Cloths: Last Act     Twilight    
Pacuare Tears     Of Grace and Magic    The Skywalker    
Karijini Grace    Leaving St. Kilda   

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