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Hike D2. Mudeungsan


Mudeungsan is a mountain in South Korea in Mudeungsan National Park closeby the city of Gwangju in southwestern Korea. The highest peak of Mudeungsan is named Cheonwang-bong (elevation 3894ft)summit, but it has been designated as a protection zone for air force military installations. Therefore the highest spot climbers can ascend to without special permission is Seoseokdae Rocks at an elevation of 3445 ft.


The most popular route starts at the temple Wonhyo-sa Parking Area (35o8'54"N 129o58'9"E , elevation 1312ft). The Wonhyo-sa Temple has an ornate pavilion overlooking the park and a bronze bell dating to 1710. The temple is just uphill from the parking area.

On Mount Mudeungsan


There are multiple trails in the park but I suggest the direct route to the interesting rock columns. It is a hike of about 2.7 miles up to the Seoseokdae columnar formations (elevation 3445 ft) which provide great photo opportunities. The Ipseokdae columns are about 0.3 miles further and somewhat lower in elevation. The highest peak in the park is Cheonwang-bong (elevation 3894ft) and is in a restricted military zone.

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