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KOREA 1997

Apr 20 Sun
Leave LAX 9.20am to SF (UA2014) and to Seoul (UA807)

Apr 21 Mon
Arrive Seoul, Korea at 3.50pm on UA807
Met by someone from Seoul Nat. Univ.- will have sheet of paper with my name + will take me to hotel

Apr 22 Tue
Lecture and Visit at Seoul National Univ.
Flight Korean Air 1545, Seoul 6.50pm to Pohang 7.50pm

Apr 23 Wed
Lecture at Pohang Inst. of Tech.

Apr 24 Thu
Flights Korean Air 1538 and 1315. Pohang, 2.40pm, - Seoul - Kwangju, 5.25pm

Apr 25 Fri
Hike to Moo Deung San mountain (1200ft) near Kwangju
Mudung-san, Korea, 3892 ft, 4/25/97, Korean students

Climbing Mudungsan.

Climbing Mudungsan.

Apr 26 Sat
11.20am-12.10am lecture at KSME Conference, Kwangju

Invited lecture at Spring Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, Kwangju, Korea, April 1997.

Brennen, C.E. (1997). Some current advances in cavitation research. Proc. Korean Soc. Mech. Eng. 1997 Spring Annual Meeting C, 52-70.

Travel to Taejon (100km from Kwangju) by train or bus (3hrs)
Met by someone from Samsung

Apr 27 Sun
Climbing in ?? National Park with Seung-Joon Lee:
Kwanumbong, Korea, 2675 ft, 4/27/97, Seung-Joon Lee
Sambulbong, Korea, 2541 ft, 4/27/97, Seung-Joon Lee

Apr 28 Mon
Visit Ship Research Center of Samsung.
KSIRO and Chungnam Univ. also present.
Train to Seoul (2hrs)

Apr 29 Tue
Flight Seoul, 12.35pm, to LAX, 9.45am on UA876

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