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Jul 9 Wed
Fly LA to Osaka. UA 817. Leave LAX 11.10am

Jul 10 Thu
Arrive Osaka (Kansai) 3.15pm. To Osaka Univ.

Jul 11 Fri
Visit Mitsubishi, Takasago
10.30 Arrive 10.30-12.00 Lecture 14.50 Depart
Travel Himeji (15.04) - Matsumoto (19.06). Stay Matsumoto.

Visit to Mitsubishi, Takasago

Jul 12 Sat
Visit to Mr. Oka's home
Travel to Matsumoto- foot of mountain (1.30) by train and bus.
To top of Yakedake (3.30)
Top of Yakedake - lodge (0.45)

At Mr. Oka's home near Osaka

At Mr. Oka's home near Osaka

Jul 13 Sun
Evening: Travel to Tokyo
Lodge to bus-stop (2.00)
Busstop-Matsumoto home (1.40) by train and bus
Matsumoto home- Tokyo (3.30)

Jul 14 Mon
JSME Conference, Tokyo

Jul 15 Tue
JSME Conference, Tokyo
Paper: 10.40am Room 409
Chair: 15.30pm Room 409
Evening: Banquet

Jul 16 Wed
JSME Conference, Tokyo
Afternoon and Evening: Furuya + Ohashi at Kogakuin(?)
D:Fly LAX (via SF and Sydney) to Brisbane Leave LAX at 7.20pm

Jul 17 Thu
Lecture at CFD seminar, Univ. of Tokyo (Prof. Kobayashi)
Noon: Train to Sendai. Visit Tohoku Univ.
Dinner with Kamijo
Hotel near Sendai Station

Jul 18 Fri
Visit Tohoku Univ. Seminar at 10.00am (Cloud Cavitation)
Lunch with Kamijo
Afternoon train to Ueno. Then to Narita. Fly Quantas360, Narita to Sydney, Brisbane. Leave 9.35pm
D:Arrives Sydney 6.35am Leaves Sydney 7.55am, arrives Brisbane 9.20am

Jul 19 Sat
C: Arrive Brisbane at 7.20am on Quantas360

Earls family gathering.

Jul 20 Sun
Travel Brisbane to Rockhampton, QU660 8.35am-9.45am.
Bus and ferry to Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island.

Jul 21 Mon
ISSW, Great Keppel Island

Jul 22 Tue

Jul 23 Wed
ISSW. Paper

Jul 24 Thu

Jul 25 Fri

Jul 26 Sat
Ferry to mainland.

Jul 27 Sun

Jul 28 Mon

Fraser Island trip.

Fraser Island trip.

Fraser Island trip.

Jul 29 Tue

With Brunellos near Brisbane.

National Park.

Jul 30 Wed

Jul 31 Thu

Aug 1 Fri

Aug 2 Sat

Aug 3 Sun
Fly Brisbane to LAX. Leave Brisbane 9.05am Arrive Sydney 10.35am, leave 12.20pm. Arrive LAX 8.45am

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