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JAPAN 2008

Sabbatical Plans – Christopher Earls Brennen

My plan is to accept an invitation to be a visiting professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo. During that time I will work with several old friends, particularly Professor Yoichiro Matsumoto who is also currently the Dean of Engineering. We will be collaborating on concepts for new space launch vehicles; in this effort we will be joined by Professor Yoshi Tsujimoto, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Osaka University and an expert on turbopump dynamics.

As I currently understand the arrangement, the visiting professorship will cover my travel and my accommodation expenses. With additional honorariums from lectures at several private companies I should be just about able to break even for the trip.


During the following period of about 9 weeks, I lectured each weekday to a group of University of Tokyo faculty, research fellows, graduate students as well as representatives from JAXA, IHI and Mitsubishi (and audience of about 20-30) for about 2 hours on pumps, cavitation and unsteady internal flows. The lecture series was organized by the University of Tokyo. Here is the schedule of my activities outside the classroom:

Mar. 31, Mon.
CEB – Fly UA891 LAX-NRT 12.59pm-

Apr. 1, Tue.
4.30pm Tokyo

Apr. 2, Wed.
Tokyo. Lunch w. Matsumoto and Tsujimoto

Apr. 3, Thu.

Apr. 4, Fri.
10am Lab meeting
Cherry Blossom in Ueno Park.

Cherry blossom in Ueno Park.

Apr. 5, Sat.
Visit to Asakusa temples.

Asakusa, Tokyo.   Wedding at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo.

Apr. 6, Sun.

Apr. 7, Mon.

Apr. 8, Tue.
10am Meeting with JAXA, Nakanishi – Intro. lecture

Apr. 9, Wed.

Apr. 10, Thu.

Apr. 11, Fri.
10am Lab meeting
Visit to Meiji Shrine.

Apr. 12, Sat.

Approximate date: Visit to Nikko

Apr. 13, Sun.

Apr. 14, Mon.

Apr. 15, Tue.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture

Apr. 16, Wed.

Apr. 17, Thu.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture

Apr. 18, Fri.
10am Lab meeting

Apr. 19, Sat.
Travel by car to ?
Hike with Matsumoto and students to ?
Drive back to Tokyo.

Hike with Matsumoto and students.

Apr. 20, Sun.
Hiking with Matsumoto

Apr. 21, Mon.

Apr. 22, Tue.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture

Apr. 23, Wed.

Apr. 24, Thu.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture

Apr. 25, Fri.
10am Lab meeting
U.Tokyo lecture – granular flows – 1pm-2.30pm (1st year Masters)
6.30 Party for Matsumoto

Apr. 26, Sat.
Visit to Tokyo Port.

Apr. 27, Sun.
6pm Dinner with Mitsuya (090-1737-0701)
Excel Tokyu Hotel, Akasaka-Mitsuke, 1st floor

Apr. 28, Mon.
Eames seminar 3pm-4.30pm room 231

Apr. 29, Tue.

Apr. 30, Wed.

May 1, Thu.

May 2, Fri.
Holiday. 9am – meet at Lab
– to Meiji shrine

May 3, Sat.

May 4, Sun.
Visit to Asakusa.

May 5, Mon.

May 6, Tue.
Holiday. Call Arnie 7am

May 7, Wed.

May 8, Thu.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture

May 9, Fri.
Patrick’s birthday
10.15 Group meeting
11.15-12.15 talk on Rocket engines to group
1pm-2.30pm Matsumoto class talk on rockets
6.30pm Dinner with Matsumoto, Furuya, Ohashi, in Shinjuku

May 10, Sat.
Barbara to Tokyo. Leaves JFK at 11.50am

May 11, Sun.
Barbara arr. Tokyo 2.30pm AA167 from JFK.

May 12, Mon.
Train to Shin-Osaka (11.10am-13.45. Nozume23)
Yoshi (090-8367-1051) will pick us up at Central Exit.
Visit to Tomb of Emperor Nintoku and Osaka-jo with Barbara.
Stay in Senri Hankyu Hotel, Osaka

Osaka Castle

Todaiji, Nara.

May 13, Tue.
Visit Nara. At Todaiju, Nara, with Barbara.
Stay in Miyako Hotel, Kyoto

May 14, Wed.
Kyoto sightseeing.
At Kyoto Castle, Juju, With Barbara.
At Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, with Barbara.
At Heian Shrine, Kyoto, with Barbara.
At Kiyomisaderu, Kyoto, with Barbara.
Japanese Culture show in the Gaisha? district, Kyoto, with Barbara.
Miyako Hotel.

Golden Pavilion, Kyoto.   Kiyomisaderu, Kyoto.

Nijo-jo, Kyoto.   Heian Shrine, Kyoto.

Golden Pavilion, Kyoto.   Kiyomisaderu, Kyoto.

May 15, Thu.
Kyoto sightseeing. Train to Tokyo.
In Ueno Park, Tokyo, with Barbara.

May 16, Fri.
11am: Turbomachinery Society Talk & Conference to 6.20pm?
Komaba campus nr. Shibuya.
Party 6.30pm-8.00pm

May 17, Sat.
Tokyo. Lunch with Matsumotos.

May 18, Sun.
Tsujimoto wedding 10.50am-2.30pm.
Travel to Sendai at 17.02pm-18.37 Hikari 27
Stay in Hotel Monterey Sendai near Station.

Japanese Wedding, Tokyo.

May 19, Mon.
Pick up by Kamijo at hotel 9.20am.
Lecture at IFS 10am-11am
Visit to JAXA Kakuda – Lecture on "Topics on High Speed Turbopumps"
Stay Zao-Mets

May 20, Tue.
At Mount Zao with Barbara.
Return to Tokyo (16.52-18.48?)

May 21, Wed.
Barbara leaves on AA168 to JFK, 6pm

May 22, Thu.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture
1pm: discussion with Kajishima student, Okabayashi
2.30pm discussion with Sanada (Shizuoka) (Caltech visit?)

May 23, Fri.
10am Lab meeting
1pm-5pm Private discussion with IHI

May 24, Sat.

May 25, Sun.
2pm: Recital by Keiko Matsumoto, Ginza

May 26, Mon.
1pm-3pm Private discussion with IHI
5pm Amazing World of Bubbles Lecture at U.Tokyo
Dinner with Matsumoto, Kato, Hishida,…

May 27, Tue.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture

May 28, Wed.

May 29, Thu.
Fly JAL1275 11am HAN-Komatsu.
Met by Fudano + Kanazawa
Visit to Samurai House, Kanazawa.
Visit to Kanazawa Castle.
Visit to Ninjadera (Ninja Temple) with secret passages.
15.40-16.40 lecture on student affairs.
18.30 Dinner w. Pres. Ishikawa.
Stay Kanazawa Excel Hotel

Samurai house, Kanazawa.   Kanazawa Castle.

Ninja Temple.   Chubu Sangaku National Park.

May 30, Fri.
16.50-18.10 Lecture at Kanazawa: “Amazing world of bubbles”
19.00 Dinner with Sato

May 31, Sat.
7am start for Mt. Tateyama
Drive up into mountains with deep snow. Tateyama Mountain Range, part of the Chubu Sangaku National Park. In spring, accumulated snow, especially around the upper sections of Midagahara and Murodo, form a majestic snow corridor whose snow walls reach up to 20 meters high. A section of the snow corridor around Murodo is open to pedestrians usually from mid April to mid June. We took a cable car up to the snow corridor.
14.00 Leave Kanazawa.
Fly ANA756 Komatsu-HAN 15.30-16.35
7pm Lobby. Start hiking trip

Jun. 1, Sun.
Hike with Matsumoto to?

Hike with Matsumoto and students.

Hike with Matsumoto and students.

Jun. 2 , Mon.
11am – JAXA, Fujii – lunch
6.30pm Dinner w. Kato-san

Jun. 3, Tue.
10am-noon. JAXA Lecture.
1pm JAXA, Tsuda

Jun. 4, Wed.

Jun. 5, Thu.
10am-11am. JAXA Lecture. 11pm MHI presentation
1pm JAXA, Tsuda
Dinner w. Matsumoto

Jun. 6, Fri.
10am Lab Meeting

Jun. 7, Sat.
CEB – Fly UA890 NRT-LAX 5.30pm-11.16am

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