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The Hikers

Doug Hart Simone Francis Troy Sette Clancy Rowley
+ Garrett Reisman
David Wales Mark Duttweiler Kathy Alaama Sheldon Green
John Perry Randi Poer Scott Smith Dick Shear
Connie + Ted Nathan Wozny Ira Lewis Doug Noel
Sarah Shorb


A great part of my enjoyment of these adventures was derived from the group of young people (and a few oldies) who accompanied me. Most especially I would like to thank Doug Hart who made me believe I could really do these things. His strength, both emotional and physical, allowed us to complete the conquest of the El Picacho del Diablo, perhaps the most difficult adventure in this collection. I am also truly grateful to Troy Sette who was born with the instinct for adventure; to Clancy Rowley whose grace and kindness shines in all he does; to Garrett Reisman who taught me to climb and to Mark Duttweiler with whom hiking was always a pleasure. I will treasure their friendship for the rest of my days. Other friends, such as Sheldon Green, Joel Paslaski, Brent Kious, Russel Howe, Derek Jackson, Aimee Eddins, Randi Poer, Dick Shear, John Perry and Scott Smith were marvellous company and quite tolerant of elderly eccentricities. My thanks also to my old friends David Wales and Don Caldwell. As always, my daughter, Kathy Alaama, amazes me with her extraordinary strength and spirit; she has brought joy to my life in an abundance of ways.

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Christopher E. Brennen