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This chronicle of the BRENNEN family and particularly that branch of which the author is a part was compiled from a number of sources during 1985-1992. I am indebted to Gertrude Scott, Janine Lavery, Marjorie Kelsey, Alec Caldwell and Irene Calvert all of whom provided important information on the Brennen family. Margaret Playle was responsible for finding the Miller family in New Zealand and I thank her most gratefully. Lena McVea was largely responsible for the construction of the Palmer genealogies and contributed much other information from the Ards peninsula.

This does not pretend to be a history but merely a collection of notes. I hope it is reasonably accurate. I regret any unsuspected errors or omissions and hope that they will be brought to my attention by readers. The first chapter is speculative and a little fanciful. But it is amusing to contemplate one's possible ancient ancestors. The remaining chapters are historical and document the Brennen family from Edward Brennenn our earliest known ancestor, down to the present day. This covers a span of six generations. Chapters are devoted to direct ancestors and their brothers and sisters. The descendents of these siblings are all described immediately following the individuals. Chapters are also devoted to matrilineal ancestors such as the Gibsons and Palmers. Note that the chapters only contain reconstructed family trees and details on some of the individuals who belong to our family. The appendices contain additional reconstructed histories or notes which may or may not relate to our family. On the other hand, the datafiles at the end are simply a record of some of the raw information which was gathered during the research; much of that may have no connection to our family.

Christopher Earls Brennen
February 1991

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