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Datafile 3A. Quin and Eames Records


The following family has no known connection with our Susanna Quin:


The 1901 Census contains the following references to Quin families. Abbreviations: Pres = Presbyterian, Meth = Methodist, CofI = Church of Ireland, RoCa = Roman Catholic, RW = read and write, RO = read only, NR = neither read nor write, UM = unmarried, MA = married, WI = widow or widower, HD = head or husband, WI = wife, SO = son, DA = daughter, NE = nephew or neice, AU = aunt, UN = uncle, SI = sister, BR = brother, SL = son-in-law, DL = daughter-in-law, GS = grandson, GD = granddaughter, SE = servant, BO = boarder, CoCor = County Cork.

House 6 in Skevanish (Inishannon, Cork)
Wm John QuinHD  CofI  RW   46  Relieving OfficerMA  CoCor
Mary E QuinWI CofIRW 36Wife MA-
Richard D V Quin  SOCofIRW21Farmer SonUMCoCor
William E QuinSOCofIRW20Medical Assistant  UMCoCor
Mary Q QuinDACofIRW15Scholar UMCoCor
John QuinSOCofIRW13Scholar UMCoCor
Frederick QuinSOCofIRW12ScholarUMCoCor
Agnes QuinDACofIRW11Scholar UMCoCor
Charles QuinSOCofIRW10Scholar UMCoCor
Ethel M QuinDACofIRW9Scholar UMCoCor
George E QuinSOCofIRW8Scholar UMCoCor
Anna E Quin DACofINR5ScholarUMCoCor
Edward Quin SOCofINR3ScholarUMCoCor
Josephine QuinDACofINR2ScholarUMCoCor
Winefred QuinDACofINR ScholarUMCoCor
John PharSECofIRW 60Farm ServantUMCoCor
House 13 in Skevanish (Inishannon, Cork)
Charles R S QuinHDCofIRW39FarmerMACoCor
Lydia Anne QuinWICofIRW41Farmers WifeMACoCor
Elizabeth E QuinDACofIRW18Farmers DaughterUMCoCor
Mary QuinDACofIRW12ScholarUMCoCor
John E Quin SOCofIRW11Scholar UMCoCor
Lydia Anne QuinDACofIRW9Scholar UMCoCor
Wilhelmina QuinDACofINR-


The 1911 Census contains the following references to Quin families.

House 7 in Skevanish (Inishannon, Cork)
William Johns Quinn HD  CofI  RW   56   Farmer  MA  CoCor
[Married 26 years, children born 19, children living 16]
Mary S Quinn WICofIRW 46 WifeMACoCor
Richard Teresa Quinn SOCofIRW 23 Farmer UMCoCor
Charles Henry Quinn SOCofIRW 20 UMCoCor
Maude Ethel Quinn DACofIRW 19 UMCoCor
George Ernest Quinn SOCofIRW 17 UMCoCor
Anna Eveline Quinn DACofIRW 15ScholarUMCoCor
Albert Edward Quinn SOCofIRW 14ScholarUMCoCor
Mabel Josephine Quinn DACofIRW 12ScholarUMCoCor
Lillian Winifred Quinn DACofIRW10ScholarUMCoCor
Irene Rebsagne Quinn DACofIRW 6ScholarUMCoCor
Francis Edith Quinn DACofINR 4ScholarUMCoCor
Mathew Hodder Belesagne Quinn SOCofINR ScholarUMCoCor
House 10 in Skevanish (Inishannon, Cork)
Charles Quinn HDCofIRW 50 FarmerMACoCor
[Married 32 years, children born 9, children living 7]
Lydia Anne Quinn   WICofIRW 52 -MACoCor
Agnes Quinn DACofIRW 10 ScholarUMCoCor

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