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Datafile 1I. Marriages outside Antrim and Down

The first part of this appendix is a listing of some of the Brennan (or similar name) entries outside of Counties Antrim and Down in the index of registered marriages or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted; details of some of these are included in the second part of this appendix.

First Name(s)   Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
Honora Brenan Londonderry 1656  LDS M700431/0257*
Sarah Brenan Londonderry 1659LDS M700431/0257*
Thomas Brannon Raphoe 1829 [a] *
Edward Brennan Parsonstown 1849 9/582 *
Margaret Jane Brannon Magherafelt   1851 7/728 *
Mary Brennen Armagh 1852 1/319 *
Timothy Quin Cork 1852 4/511
George Branin Armagh 1853 1/397 *
Mary Branin Coleraine 1854 4/230 *
Robert Brannen Armagh 1855 1/203 *
Robert Brannon Cookstown 1855 4/230 *
Anne Brannan Lisnaskea 1857 - *
John Brennan Cookstown 1857 4/237 *
Margaret Brennen Milford, Dngl.1857 8/135 *
James Brannan Coleraine 1858 4/175 *
William Brennen Dublin South 1859 5/359
Margaret Brannan Enniskillen 1861 5/800 *
Catherine Brannon Londonderry 1861 7/242
Edward Brennen Carlow 1867 18/354
Sarah Brennan Dungannon 1870 11/699*
Bernard Brennan Tuam 1871 4/711+718  
Mary Brennenn Dungannon 1872 11/687
Macauley Brennenn   Cork 1874 15/61
Bernard Brennen Longford 1874 8/193
Stephen Brennen Dungannon 1875 11/643
Catherine Brennen Dublin North 1879(3)  2/411
Alice Brennan Dungannon 1879(4)1/724
Eassy Brennan Dungannon 1879(4)1/724
Esther Brennan Cookstown 1902(1)1/639
John Brennan Armagh 1902(1)1/101
Joseph Brennan Cookstown 1902(4)1/737
Maggie Brennan Cookstown 1902(3)1/683
Mary Brennan Armagh 1902(2)1/81
Mary Ann Brennan Armagh 1902(2)1/81
Robert Brennan Tartaraghan 1934 [d] *
Registered marriages prior to 1864 are non-Catholic marriages.
[a] List of Raphoe Marriage License Bonds.
[d] Records of Tartaraghan Presbyterian Church, County Armagh.

The second part of this appendix contains details of some of the registered Brennan marriages obtained at the General Registry Office, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the LDS Library, Santa Monica and of marriages listed in various church records. Entries are divided by the areas used in the civil registration index.


Edward Brennan, full age, widower, bootmaker, of Banagher (father: Edward Brennan, carpenter) to Rose Kelly, full age, spinster, servant, of Banagher (father: William Kelly, labourer) on Jun.18, 1849, in the Church of Rynagh (church of Banagher), district of Parsonstown, Kings County. Both made their marks.


Samuel Beatty, full age, bachelor, servant, of Loughall, Co. Armagh (father: John Beatty, labourer) to Mary Brennen, full age, also of Loughall (father: James Brennen, labourer) on Feb.6, 1852, in the parish church, parish of Loughall. Both made their mark. Witnesses were Henry Galbraith (registrar) and James Orr.

George Brann(?) to Mary Colvin in 1853 in Richhill Church, Armagh.

Robert Brannen, minor, bachelor, private in Armagh Militia, of Armagh (father: Samuel Brannen, labourer) to Anne Fox, minor, spinster, of Armagh (father: John Fox, labourer) on Apr.1, 1855, in Church of St. Mark, Armagh. Both made their marks.


Stephen Brennen, 19, bachelor, labourer, of Dungannon, Co. Tyrone (father: Sam Brennen, farmer) to Eliza Miller, 17, spinster, (father: Robert Miller, worker in the mill) on July 3, 1875, in the parish church, parish of Drumglass. Both made their mark. Witnesses were Robert Miller and Susan Finegan.

John Husson(?), 46, widower, farmer, of Coolmaghery (father: Owen(?) Husson(?) farmer) to Saragh Brennan, 36, spinster, of Dungannon (father: George Brennan, farmer) on Aug.26, 1870, in the Roman Catholic Chapel, Donaghmore. John Brennan and James Quin were witnesses.


Robert Brannon, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Drumard in Arboe (father: by repute(?), Robert Bell, farmer) to Mary Ann McVey, 20, spinster, weaver, of Drumcairne in Ballyclog (father: William McVey, weaver) on Dec.11, 1855, in the Church of Ballyclog.

John Brennan, full age, bachelor, servant, of Oritor Lane, Derryloran (father: John Brennan, farmer) to Elizabeth Thompson, full age, spinster, servant, of same place (father: Alexander Thompson, weaver) on Jan.13, 1857, in Parish Church of Derryloran.


Thomas Lamont, full age, bachelor, labourer, of Culnady (father: Andrew Lamont, farmer) to Margaret Jane Brannon, 19, spinster, of Culnady (father: Thomas Brannon, scutcher in a flax mill) on Feb.25, 1851, in the Parish Church of Maghera.


William Douglas, 20, bachelor, servant, of Gateside, Coleraine (father: John Douglas, labourer) to Mary Branin, full age, spinster, servant, of same place (father: James Branin, farmer) on Jul.19, 1854, in the Registry Office, Coleraine.

James Brannan, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Ballyreagh (father: Andrew Brannan, farmer) to Elizabeth McCandless, full age, spinster, of Craigtown (father: George McCandless, farmer) on Apr.12, 1858, in the Presbyterian Church, Portstewart.


Honora Brenan was married to Hugh Galloher on Jul.14, 1656, in Londonderry Cathedral.

Sarah Brenan was married to Walter Hughes on Jun.16, 1659, in Londonderry Cathedral.

Thomas Brannon married Jane M. Eakins in Raphoe in 1829.

Margaret Brennen, full age, spinster, of Aughnish (father: William Brennan, labourer) to Robert Patton, full age, widower, labourer, of Ballyconnelly (father: James Patton, labourer) on Sep.15, 1857, in Second Presbyterian Church, Ramelton, County Donegal. Isabella Brennen was a witness.


William Bussell, full age, bachelor, stonemason, of Derryadd, Galloon, Lisnaskea (father: William Bussell, labourer) to Anne Brennan, full age, spinster, of Derryadd (father: Thomas Brennan, labourer) in the Chapel of Ease, Sallaghy(?), Lisnaskea on Jan.2, 1857.

Margaret Brannen, full age, spinster, servant, of Ballycassidy, parish of Trory (father: Patt Brannen, soldier) to George Potters, full age, bachelor, labourer, of Shaunmullagh, parish of Trory (father: William Potters, labourer) on Jul.8, 1861, in the Enniskillen Registry Office.

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