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Datafile 1E. Births in County Down

The first part of this appendix is a listing of some of the Brennan (or Brannon, Brenan, Brannion, etc.) entries for County Down (plus Lurgan and Lisburn). For registered births, the year with the volume and page number of the registration are also shown. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted; details of some of these are included in the second part of this appendix.

First Name(s)   Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
John Neeper Dromore 1791 [c]
Arthur Napier Dromore 1805 [c]
Alexander Napier Dromore 1807 [c]
Arthur Napier Dromore 1809 [c]
Jane Brennan Dromore 1823 [a] *
Susan Ann Brennan Dromore 1823LDS C700051/5818*
Alice White Dromore 1824 [a] *
Bridget Moore Dromore 1824 [a] *
Mary Neiper or Downey Dromore 1825 [a] *
Peter Brennan Dromore 1825 [a] *
Patrick Brennan Dromore 1825 [a] *
Patrick Brennan Dromore 1826 [a] *
Jane White Dromore 1826 [a] *
Bernard Mooney(?) Dromore 1826 [a] *
Alice Brennan Dromore 1829 [a] *
Margaret Brennan Dromore 1829 [a] *
Margaret Brenan Dromore 1830 [a] *
Anne(?) Brennan Dromore 1831 [a] *
George White Dromore 1832 [a] *
Mary Brennan Ballyknock 1833 [f]
Mary Brennan Dromore   1834 [a] *
Alice Anne(?) Brennan   Dromore 1834 [a] *
Anne Brennan Ballyknock 1835 [f]
Hugh Brenan Dromore 1836 [a] *
Catherine Brennan Dromore 1836 [a] *
Catharine Moore Dromore 1836 [a] *
Bridget Brenan Dromore 1837 [a] *
Catherine Brennan Ballyknock 1838 [f]
James Brenan Dromore 1838 [a] *
Bernard Brenan Dromore 1838 [a] *
Bernard Brennan Dromore 1839 [a] *
Margaret Brenan Dromore 1839 [a] *
John Brannan Dromore 1840 [a] *
Mary Ward Kilbroney 1840 [d][e] *
John Brennan Dromore 1841 [a] *
Richard Ward Kilbroney 1842 [d][e] *
Edward Brennan Ballyknock 1842 [f]
Elizabeth Brennan Dromore 1843 [a] *
Daniel Brennan Dromore 1843 [a] *
Elizabeth Brennan Dromore 1843 [a] *
Hugh Brennan Dromore 1844LDS C700051/9492*
Anna Catharine Brennan Dromore 1845 [a] *
William Brennan Dromore 1845 [a] *
Patrick Ward Kilbroney 1845 [d][e] *
Elizabeth Brennan Dromore 1846 [a] *
Elizabeth Brennan Ballyknock 1846 [f]
William Brennan Dromore 1847 [a] *
Mary Anne Brennan Dromore 1847 [a] *
Margaret Ward Kilbroney 1847 [d][e] *
John Brennan Dromore 1850 [a] *
William Brennan Kilbroney 1850 [d] *
Teresa Mary Brennan Dromore 1851 [a] *
Sarah Anne Brennan Ballyknock 1852 [f]
Lucy Brennan Dromore 1854 [a] *
William John Napier Dromore 1856LDS C700051/10710*
William Patrick Brennan Dromore 1857 [a] *
James Napier(?) Dromore 1857 [a] *
William Brennan Dromore 1859 [a] *
Mary Ann Napier Dromore 1859 [a] *
James Brennan Dromore 1860 [a] *
Rose Brennan Dromore 1860 [a] *
William Brennan Dromore 1861 [a] *
Henry Bell Napier Dromore 1861LDS C700051/11099*
Mary Anne Napier Dromore 1862LDS
William Brennan Dromore 1861 [a] *
Charles Greene Dromore 1862 [a] *
Francis Early Dromore 1863 [a] *
Includes all registered Brennan births in County Down for 1864-70:
Amelia Brannen Lurgan 1864 16/650 *
Anne Brennan Newry 1864 1/652 *
Anne Brennan Newry 1864 11/755 *
Catherine Brannen Newry 1864 11/721 *
David Brannan Downpatrick 1864 11/450 *
John Brennon Kilkeel 1864 6/608 *
Martin Brennan Donaghmore 1864 13/520
Mary Brennan Donaghmore 1864 18/503
Mary Branan Castlereagh   1864
Mary Brannon Newry 1864 16/774   *
Mary Ann Brennan Dromore 1864 1/186 [a]*
Michael Brennan Newry 1864 6/834 *
Patrick Brennan Dromore 1864 [a] *
Peter Brennan Dromore 1864 [a] *
Robert John Brennan Lurgan 1864 1/596 *
William Brennan Newry 1864 6/868 *
William Brannon Downpatrick 1864 6/529 *
William McKeown Lurgan 1864 16/663 *
Annie Brennan Kilkeel 1865LDS C701267/5038*
Edward Brennan Kilkeel 1865 6/651 *
James Brennan Banbridge 1865 16/222 *
James Brennan Dromore 1865 [a] *
Jane Brennon Banbridge 1865 11/197 *
John Brennan Lisburn 1865 6/738 *
John Brannan Newry 1865 11/800 *
John Brannen Lurgan 1865 1/738 *
Mary Brennan Kilkeel 1865 1/596 *
Rebecca Brennan Newtownards 1865 16/790 *
(male) Brennan Newry 1865 1/844 *
(female) Branin Newtownards 1865 6/971 *
John Miller Lisburn 1865 16/626
George Rogers Kilkeel 1865 [d] *
Arthur Brennan Downpatrick 1866 11/531 *
Eliza Brennan Lisburn 1866 1/660 *
Elizabeth Brennan Kilkeel 1866 11/599
Henry Brennan Downpatrick 1866 ?/531
Hugh Brennan Newry 1866 ?/898
John Brannon Newry 1866 16/813 *
Margaret Brennan Dromore 1866 [a] *
Margaret Brannon Downpatrick 1866 11/517 *
Mary Brennan Donaghmore 1866 8/572
Mary Jane Brannon Downpatrick 1866 16/483 *
Michael Brennan Newry 1866 1/823 *
Peter Brennan Kilkeel 1866 6/655 *
Rose Brennan Newry 1866 1/819 *
Susan Brennan Newry 1866 16/768 *
William Brennen Newtownards 1866 16/855 *
Agnes Brennan Dromore 1867 [a] *
Anna Maria Brannon Lisburn 1867 11/683 *
Betty Brannon Newry 1867 16/832 *
Elizabeth Brannen Lurgan 1867 16/737 *
Elizabeth Ann Brannon Banbridge 1867 16/229 *
Henry Brennan Lisburn 1867 1/672 *
John Brennan Newry 1867 6/942 *
John Brennon Banbridge 1867 6/225 *
John Brennan Banbridge 1867 16/218 [a]*
Margaret Brennan Lurgan 1867 11/749 *
Mary Brannon Banbridge 1867 11/204 *
Mary Anne Brennan Kilkeel 1867 16/603 *
Michael Brennan Donaghmore 1867 18/475
Patrick Brannon Newry 1867 6/944 *
Patrick Brennan Kilkeel 1867 11/607 *
Peter Brannon Banbridge 1867 1/231 *
(female) Brennan Lisburn 1867 11/668 *
Patrick Brennan Killough 1867 [d] *
James Brannon Newry 1868 11/837 *
John Brannon Banbridge 1868 6/251 *
Mary Brannon Newry 1868 1/876 *
Mary Anne Brennan Kilkeel 1868 6/708 *
Patrick John Brannan Newry 1868 1/891 *
Susan Matilda Brennan Banbridge 1868 [j] *
(male) Brennan Newry 1868 6/980 *
Margaret Brennan Kilkeel 1868 [d] *
Margaret Brennan Kilkeel 1868 [d] *
Margaret Ann Brennan Ballynahinch 1868 [d] *
Susan Matilda Brennan Newry 1868 [d] *
Rose Sloan Rostrevor 1868 [d] *
Hugh Rogers Kilkeel 1868 [d] *
Mary Digney Donaghmore 1868 [d] *
Anne Brannen Banbridge 1869 1/241 [a] *
Catherine Brannon Newry 1869 6/896 *
Elizabeth Brannen Lurgan 1869 11/753 *
Elizabeth Brannon Downpatrick 1869 11/547 *
Elizabeth Brenan Banbridge 1869 16/197 *
John Brennan Banbridge 1869 16/209 [a]*
Joseph Brennan Newry 1869 6/923 *
Margaret Brennan Kilkeel 1869 1/639 *
Margaret Brennan Newcastle 1869 20/545
Margaret Alice Brennan Kilkeel 1869 1/640 *
Mary Brannon Newry 1869 1/846 *
Mary Brennan Kilkeel 1869 11/617 *
Patrick Brannon Newry 1869 6/895 *
Patrick Brenan Newry 1869 16/844 *
Patrick Brennan Kilkeel 1869 11/610 *
Robert Brannen Lurgan 1869 11/755 *
Thomas Brennan Newry 1869 [d] *
Mary Sloan Kilkeel 1869 [d]*
Daniel Barry Warrenpoint 1869 [d] *
Elizabeth Brenan Banbridge 1869 [d] *
Thomas Brennan Banbridge 1869 [j] *
Mary Brennan Ballynahinch 1869 [d] *
Ann Brannan Newry 1870 1/925 *
Annie Brannin Banbridge 1870 16/212 *
Andrew Brennan Newry 1870 11/833 *
Catherine Brannon Lisburn 1870 1/?
Edward Brennan Newry 1870 1/931 *
Elizabeth Brennan Kilkeel 1870 16/605 *
Hugh Brannen Kilkeel 1870 1/683
James Brannon Banbridge 1870 6/241 *
Margaret Brannon Newry 1870 6/?
Margaret Brennan Kilkeel 1870 11/611 *
Margaret Brennan Donaghmore 1870 8/587
Margaret Brennan Donaghmore 1870 13/511
Mary Bannon Banbridge 1870 6/237 *
Mary Brennan Downpatrick 1870 1/598 *
Mary Eliza Brennan Dromore 1870 [a] *
Mary Elizabeth Brennan Newry 1870 6/946 *
Michael Brennan Newry 1870 11/795 *
Thomas Brennan Newry 1870 1/8??
Susan Sloan Rostrevor 1870 [d]*
Patrick Morgan Rostrevor 1870 [d]*
Alicia Sloan Rostrevor 1870 [d] *
Selected registrations:
Mary Catherine Brennan Dromore 1871 [a] *
William Brannon Lurgan 1871 1/805 *
Bridget Brennan Kilkeel 1871 [d] *
John Brennan Kilkeel 1871 [d] *
Edward Daniel Brennan Kilkeel 1871 [d] *
William McVeigh Warrenpoint 1871 [d] *
Thomas Brennan Newry 1871 [d] *
Margaret Digney Donaghmore 1871 [d] *
Ellen Rice Newry 1871 [d] *
Thomas Brennan Banbridge 1871 [j] *
John Brannan Banbridge 1872 11/196 *
William Thomas Brannon Lurgan 1872 1/821 *
(female) Brannan Banbridge 1872 6/217 *
Mary Brennan Castlewellan1872LDS 7408505/60*
Patrick Brennon Lisburn 1872 6/748 *
John Brennan Dromore 1873 [a] *
Mary Brannan Banbridge 1873 1/214 *
Margaret Ann Brannon Lurgan 1873 11/703 *
Margaret Jane Brannon Lurgan 1873 6/816 *
Martha Brannon Lurgan 1873 1/783 *
Sarah Anne Brannan Banbridge 1873 16/171 *
Catherine Brennan Banbridge 1873 11/184 *
Catherine Brannen Lisburn 1874 11/783 *
Anne Branney Banbridge 1874 6/215 *
Eliza Brannon Lurgan 1874 11/841 *
Elizabeth Brennan Banbridge 1874 1/182 *
James Brennan Lurgan 1874 6/801 *
Margaret Brennan Banbridge 1874 1/205 [a]*
Edward Brennan Newry 1874 [d] *
Margaret McCaig Castlereagh 1874 [d]*
Edward Brennan Banbridge 1874 [j] *
Eliza Jane Brannon Lurgan 1875 16/669 *
Jane Brannon Lurgan 1875 1/746 *
Thomas Henry Brannon Lurgan 1875 6/785 *
Fintan Leopold FitzpatrickDromore 1875 [a] *
Mary Elizabeth   Brannan Banbridge 1876 16/178 *
Patrick Brannan Banbridge 1876 16/192 *
Samuel Henry Brannan Lurgan 1876 16/702 *
Margaret Brannen Lisburn 1876 6/723 *
Agnes Brannon Banbridge 1876 1/211 *
Patrick Brannon Banbridge 1876 6/185 *
Stewart Brannon Lurgan 1876 6/797 *
Elizabeth Brennan Lurgan 1876 11/735 *
William Brennon Lurgan 1876 11/728 *
Catherine Brannan Banbridge 1877 6/222 *
Samuel John Brannon Lurgan 1877 6/791 *
John Valentine Brennan Lisburn 1878(1)  1/674 *
Anne Brannen Banbridge 1878(2)1/204 *
George Brannon Lurgan 1878(3)1/717 *
Annie Brennan Banbridge 1878(3)1/183 *
Mary Anne Brannen Banbridge   1878(4)1/162 *
Joseph Brennan Lurgan 1879(1)1/748 *
(male) Brannen Banbridge 1879(3)1/168 *
Maria Brennan Lurgan 1879(3)1/702 *
James Brennan Banbridge 1880(2)1/181 *
Mary Brannon Lurgan 1880(3)1/675 *
Margaret Brennan Lurgan 1880(3)1/652 *
Owen Brannon Lurgan 1880(4)1/598 *
James Alexander Guinea(?) Dromore 1880 [a] *
Emily Lucy Napier Hillsborough 1880 [b]
Catherine Brannen Banbridge 1881(1)1/185 *
Catherine Brennan Dromore 1881 [a] *
James Patrick Brannen Banbridge 1881(1)1/179 *
Catherine Brennan Lisburn 1881(1)1/640 *
Catherine Brennan Newry 1881(1)1/738
Sarah Brannan Lurgan 1881(2)1/769
Annie Catherine Brennan Banbridge 1881(2)1/204
Mary Brennan Lurgan 1881(2)1/792
Mary Jane Brannon Lurgan 1881(3)1/708
Hugh Brannon Newry 1881(4)1/691
James Brannon Newry 1882(1)1/?
Henry Brannen Newry 1882(2)1/792
Peter Brannen Newry 1882(2)1/785
Sarah Brennan Lisburn 1882(2)1/643
Maggie Elizabeth Brennan Banbridge 1882(4)1/160
John Brennan Banbridge 1883(1)1/172
Eliza Brannan Lurgan 1883(4)1/583
Hugh Brennan Lurgan 1883(4)1/596
[a] Roman Catholic records for the Parish of Dromore and Garvaghy.
[b] Church of Ireland Records of the Parish of Hillsborough.
[c] Church of Ireland Records of the Parish of Dromore.
[d] Ros Davies genealogical website.
[e] Roman Catholic records for the Parish of Kilbroney.
[f] Magheralin Roman Catholic Church records, Kilwarlin.
[j] Emerald Ancestors website.

The second part of this appendix contains details of some of the births listed above.

Parents:Place:Date:Child's Name:
[D're for Dromore, B'ge for Banbridge, D'nd for Drumgooland, D'ra for Dromara]
William Napier and Mary (McDead) Ballyvicknakelly, D're Apr.12,1791    John
Ballyvicknakelly, D're Mar.17,1805Arthur
Ballyvicknakelly, D're Sep.6,1807Alexander
Arthur Napier and Jane (Reynolds) Dromore 1809Arthur
John + Anne Brennan Tullindoney, D're Apr.28,1823Susan Ann
Peter Brennan + Ballyvicknakelly Nov. 8,1823Jane
Jane (White) [Sponsors: Patrick Brennan and ? White]
Ballyvicknakelly Jul. 9,1825Peter
[Sponsors: Neil McKey and Bridget Brennan]
Ballyvicknakelly Aug.27,1826Patrick
[Sponsors: James Lavery and Elizabeth White]
Ballyvicknakelly Sep.15,1829Margaret
[Sponsors: John and Catherine Reilly]
Ballyvicknakelly May 11,1834Alice Anne(?)
[Sponsors: Charles and Catharine Roach]
Dromore Apr.29,1839Bernard
[Sponsors: Patrick and Bridget Brennan]
John White + Ballyvicknakelly Apr.20,1824Alice
Catherine (Brennan)[Sponsors: Daniel Lavery and Eliza White]
Ballyvicknakelly Oct. 4,1826Jane
[Sponsors: Neil McKey and Eleanor White]
Ballyvicknakelly Aug.12,1832George
[Sponsors: James Whyte and Jane Brennan]
James Moore + ? (Brennan) Dromore May 30,1824Bridget
[Sponsors: Patrick Smyth and Mary Smyth]
John + Bridget Moore Dromore Oct. 8,1836Catherine
[Sponsors: Morris Hood and Alice Brennan]
Bernard Brennan +Dromore Aug. 6,1825Patrick
A. (Magrady) [Sponsors: John White and Margaret Smyth]
Henry Neiper + Mary Downey (illeg.) Dromore Jun.19,1825Mary
John Mooney(?) + Ballyvicknakelly Oct. 7,1826Bernard
Sarah (Brennan) [Sponsors: Alex Mallon and Mary Donaldson]
Bernard Brennan +Ballyvicknakelly Oct.12,1829Alice
Jane (White) [Sponsors: James Kelly(?) and Mary McCullough]
William Brennan +Ballykeel 1830Margaret
Mary Anne (Pullin) Ballykeel Oct. 9,1831Anne(?)
[Sponsors: Terence and Sarah Lavery]
+ Mary (?) Ballykeel Mar.17,1834Mary
[Sponsors: Robert and Anne Rutherford]
+ Mary (?) Ballykeel Feb.21,1836Hugh
[Sponsors: Peter Brenan and Hannah McKern(?)]
+ Mary (?) Ballyvicknakelly Feb.11,1838James
[Sponsors: John and Elizabeth Lavery]
+ Jane (Pullin) Ballyvicknakelly Dec. 1,1839Margaret
[Sponsors: Neill and Catherine McKey]
+ Mary Anne (Pullin)Ballyvicknakelly Nov. 6,1841John
[Sponsors: James and Elizabeth Whyte]
+ Anne (Pullin) Ballyvicknakelly Sep.16,1843Elizabeth
[Sponsors: John Brennan and Alice Whyte]
+ Mary (Pullin) Dromore (bapt.) Aug. 9,1845William
[Sponsors: John and Ann Brennan, Dromore]
Patrick + Jane Brennan Ba.... Jul.24,1836Catherine
[Sponsors: John Bryce(?) and Elizabeth Donaldson]
Daniel Brenan + Dromore Feb.16,1837Bridget
Anne (McHenry?) [Sponsors: James McGirvin(?) and Bridget Moore]
now (McKern?) Aug.30,1843Daniel
[Sponsors: James Downey and Elizabeth Wiers]
now (McKinly?) Dromore Jun.15,1847Mary Anne
[Sponsor: Alice Cooney, Dromore]
now (McGiveran?) Dromore Aug.11,1850John
[Sponsor: Jane Downey, Dromore]
Bernard Brennan +Dromore Dec.10,1838Bernard
Catherine (Fraser)[Sponsors: William Donelly and Elizabeth O'Neill]
Dromore Nov.29,1840John
[Sponsors: John McDade and Jane O'Neill]
Apr. 9,1843Elizabeth
[Sponsors: Hugh Haughan and Catherine Burns]
Dromore Jun. 3,1845Anna Catherine
[Sponsors: James Woods and Catherine M King]
Dromore Apr. 8,1847William
[Sponsors: John and Agnes Brennan, Dromore]
Dromore Aug.24,1851Teresa Mary
[Sponsors: Henery Morgan and Mary McGrath, Dromore]
Dromore Jan.20,1854Lucy
[Sponsors: Rose Anne and James O'Neil, Dromore]
Dromore Nov. 2,1857William Patrick
[Sponsors: Joseph ? and Rose ?]
Dromore Apr.30,1860James
[Sponsors: Arthur Gilmor(?) and Mary Mullan]
Roger Brennan + Margaret (Truesdale) Ballysallough, D're Jun.10,1844Hugh
Patrick Brennan +Dromore (bapt.) Nov.22,1846Elizabeth
? (Rice), Belfast[Sponsor: Mary Magee]
Henry Bell NapierDromore Nov.10,1856William John
+ Agnes (Brennan)Dromore (bapt.) May 10,1857James
[Sponsors: John Brennan and Esther Grennet(?)]
Dromore Dec.12,1859Mary Anne
[Sponsors: John Brennan, Catherine Rorke, Dec.30, 1859]
Dromore Jan.12,1861Henry Bell
Dromore Aug.10,1862Mary Anne
Dromore (bapt.) May 18,1865James
[Sponsor: Sarah Mussin]
Dromore (bapt.) Sep.13,1867Agnes
Hugh Brennan (lab) Dromore (bapt.) Apr.14,1861William
+ Margaret (Magennis) [Sponsors: William Brennan and Anne Brennan]
Mount Street, D're Jan.14,1864Mary Anne
[Sponsors: Patrick and Ellen Brennan, Jan.17, 1864]
Patrick(?) BrennanDromore (bapt.) Feb. 7,1873John
+ Margaret (Magennis)[Sponsor: Mary Larkin]
Peter Brennan (publican) Dromore (bapt.) Apr.15,1859William
+ Catherine (Brennan) [Sponsors: Peter and Ann Brennan]
Dromore (bapt.) Sep.19,1860Rose
[Sponsors: Patrick and Ann Brennan]
Dromore (bapt.) May 19,1864John
[Assuming father and son names reversed in record]
[Sponsors: Hugh Smyth and Mary Brannan]
Mount St., Dromore Nov.30,1865James
Mount St. Oct.11,1867John
[Peter: grocer and spiritdealer]
[Sponsors: Patrick Brennan and Sarah Scott, Oct.13]
Mount St. Mar.13,1869Anne
[Brannen. Peter: shopkeeper]
[Sponsors: John Downey and Bridget Donaldson]
Dromore (bapt.) Aug.12,1871Mary Catherine
[Sponsors: William and Rose Brennan]
Mount St. Jan.29,1874Margaret
[Sponsors: Matthew Fitzpatrick and J. Donaldson]
John Brennan + Dromore (bapt.) Apr.13,1863Catherine
Margaret (Toner?)[Sponsors: Hugh Brennan and Mary King]
James Early + Dromore (bapt.) Apr.23,1863Francis
Margaret (Brennan)[Sponsors: William Donnelly and Mary Ryan]
Hugh Greene + Dromore (bapt.) Dec.24,1862Charles
Mary (Brennan) [Sponsors: Charles Greene and Mary Greene]
Fintan FitzpatrickDromore (bapt.) Mar.19,1864Patrick Fintan
+ Elizabeth (Brennan) [Sponsors: Catharine Byrne and James Murphy]
Dromore (bapt.) Nov.25,1875Fintan Leopold
[Sponsor: Ellen Cargan]
John Brennan (lab.) Lougharn(?), B'ge Jun. 5,1865Jane
+ Sarah Jane (McCormick)
Patrick Brannon (labourer) Ballymagarity, D'nd, Feb.28,1867Peter
+ Mary (Keenan) Ballymaginaghy, B'ge Apr.11,1868John
Ballymaginaghy, D'nd May 21,1870James
[Patrick now farmer]
Ballymaginaghy, D'nd Feb. 6,1874Elizabeth
Ballymaginaghy, D'nd Mar.31,1876Patrick
Ballymaginaghy Jun. 4,1878Anne
Ballymaginaghy Feb.20,1881Catherine
[now Brannen]
John Bannon (lab.) + Biddy (O'hear)Ballymaginaghy, D'ndApr. 3,1870Mary
John Brennon (lab.) Lisnaree, B'ge Apr. 4,1867John
+ Anne (Hamilton) [now Brenan] Dec. 6,1869Elizabeth
(?) Lane, Banbridge Aug.16,1873Catherine
Daniel Brannon (?rague maker) Scarva 1867Elizabeth Ann
+ Elizabeth (McGrath) Princes St., Dromore Oct. 3,1869John
[Daniel Brennan, lab., America, and Eliza (McGrath)]
[Nancy Brennan, Gallows St., Dromore, present]
[Sponsors: John Brennan, Eliza Lenaghan]
Thomas Brennan + Banbridge c.Apr.23 1868Susan Matilda
+ Matilda (McClorey) Banbridge c.Dec.31 1869Thomas
Banbridge c.Feb.7 1874Edward
Patrick Brennan + Banbridge c.Jul.1 1871Thomas
+ Bessie (Kain)
John Brenan + Anne (Hamilton) Seapatrick Dec. 6,1869Elizabeth
Elizabeth McGradyDromore (bapt.) Nov.18,1870Mary Eliza
+ Patrick Brennan[Illeg.? Sponsor: Elizabeth McGrady]
Patrick Brennon (lab.) Laganarry(?), D'nd Aug.12,1867Mary
+ Sarah (Conally) Lagananny, D'nd Dec. 3,1873Sarah Anne
[Patrick a lab. in Waterside, Scotland.]
[Alice Conally present]
Mary Brannon Banbridge workhouse May 15,1872(female)
Margaret Brannon Crossgare, Dromara Aug.15,1872John
Henry Cauley (farmer) Crossgare, Dromara Dec.14,1876Patrick
+ Margaret Brannan
Hugh Brannan (weaver of Aughnas Keogh(?), D'reOct.24,1870Annie
Kinallin) + Anne Jane (Knox) [now Brannin] Mar. 8,1873Mary
John Branney (farmer) Mullinahone, D'ra Mar. 5,1874Anne
+ Mary Anne (Lunday)
Edward Brannon (gardener) Drumarrin, B'ge Feb.11,1876Agnes
+ Agnes (McDowall)
John Brannen (farmer) Kernan, B'ge Sep.19,1876Mary Elizabeth
+ Elizabeth (Adamson) Kernan Aug.27,1878Annie
[now Brennan]
Patrick Brannan (carpenter) Crossgare, D'ra May. 3,1877Catherine
+ Mary (Johnson) [Mary Jane Lavery present]
James Brannen (sawyer) Burn Hill, B'ge Nov.12,1878Maryanne
+ Margaret (Monaghan) Scarva Street, B'ge Mar. 6,1881James Patrick
Kate Brannen (farmer) Ballyvalley, B'ge Aug. 5,1879(male)
[John Harkness, occupier, present]
Andrew Brennan (tinsmith) Rathfriland St., B'ge Mar. 5,1880James
+ Mary (Magee)
Robert Guinea(?) Dromore (bapt.) May 1,1880James Alexander
+ Anne C. (Brennan)[Sponsor: Ellen Cargin]
? Brennan + Dromore (bapt.) Apr.11,1881Catherine
+ Henry Monahan [Sponsor: M. Cargin]
Daniel Brennan + Ballyknock c.May 5,1833 Mary
Mary Anne (McGee) [Sponsors: Rowland McGuigan and Rose Gilmer.]
Ballyknock c.Aug.7,1835 Ann
[Sponsors: Patrick King and Margaret Murray.]
Ballyknock c.Apr.4,1838 Catherine
[Sponsors: Bernard Brennan and his wife.]
Ballyknock c.May 6,1842 Edward
[Sponsors: Margaret Munro?]
Ballyknock c.Apr.17,1846 Elizabeth
[Sponsors: Mary McGarry.]
Ballyknock c.Sep.3,1852 Sarah Anne
[Sponsors: Bernard Connolly and Mary Anne Kennedy.]
William Brennan (hackler) Lisnatrunk, Feb.12,1866Eliza
+ Jane (McMaster) Dunmurry
Anna Brennan Maize, Blaris Jul.20,1867(female)
Sarah Brenagh Lisburn workhouse Dec.29,1867Thomas
James Brennan (weaver) Largymore, Blaris May. 9,1865John
+ Susanna (McGuire) Largymore, Blaris Aug.17,1867Anna Maria
Largymore, Blaris Feb.21,1870Catherine
Plantation, Apr. 2,1872Patrick
Ballymullen [now Brennon]
Bridgend, Lisburn Jul.29,1874Catherine
[name spelt Brannen]
Bridgend, Lisburn Dec.20,1875Joseph
Bridgend, Lisburn Nov.27,1877Joseph
Bridgend, Lisburn Feb.20,1881Catherine
[James a millworker. Annie Maria Brennen, occupier, present]
William Brennan (bleacher) Dunmurry, Lisburn Jan. 1,1867Henry
+ Sarah (Sinclair)
James Brannen (tenter in a mill) Culcavy, Blaris Mar. 8,1876Margaret
+ Catherine (Lynch)
James Brennan (tenter) Culcavy, Blaris Feb.12,1878John Valentine
+ Catherine Walker B. (Johnston) [Bessie Brennan present]
Henry Napier (coachman) + Amelia (?)P. of HillsboroughNov.3, 1880 Emily Lucy
[T'an stands for Tartaraghan, W'wn for Waringstown]
Robert Brennan (lab.) Ballinary, T'an Jan. 1,1864Robert John
+ Jane (Kennedy) Ballinary Dec. 4,1864Amelia
Ballynary Jul.15,1867Elizabeth
[Robert now weaver. Now Brannen]
Ballynary Jul.26,1869Robert
Arthur Mercer (lab.) Ballinary, T'an Jan. 7,1864Amelia
+ Martha (Brennan)
John McKeown (weaver) Killigomain(?), Dec. 8,1864William
+ Ann (Brennan) Portadown
William Brennan (lab.) Ballinary, T'an Feb. 4,1865John
+ Eliza (Forbes) Ballynary Jul.13,1867Margaret
[William now weaver]
William Brannen (lab.) Ballynary, T'an Jul.10,1869Elizabeth
+ Martha (Proctor) Ballynary Jan.25,1871William
Ballynary Feb. 8,1873Martha
[William now weaver]
Ballynary Jan.30,1875Jane
Ballynary Apr. 4,1876Stewart
Derrylard, T'an Jul.11,1878George
Samuel Brannon (weaver) Derrylard, T'an Jan. 2,1872William Thomas
+ Mary Jane (Patterson) Derrylard Apr.22,1873Margaret Jane
Derrylard Jun. 1,1875Thomas Henry
Derrinraw, T'an Apr.12,1877Samuel John
Corcrain, Portadown Jun.17,1879Maria
[now Brennan]
Robert Brannon (weaver) Ballynary, T'an Aug.24,1873Margaret Ann
+ Ann (Fox) Ballynary Nov.25,1875Eliza Jane
Robert Brannon (lab.) Ballynary Aug.15,1874Eliza
+ Ann (Wilson) Ballynary Aug. 7,1876William
Ballynary Jun.27,1880Mary
[Robert now a weaver]
Henry Brennan (weaver) Tullyheron, W'wn May. 1,1874James
+ Lucinda (Allen) Tullyheron Aug. 1,1876Elizabeth
Tullyheron Dec.19,1879Joseph
[Mary Ann Brennan present]
Stephen Brannan (lab.) + Eliza (Millar) Curran St., Portadown Dec. 7,1876Samuel Henry
John Brennan (itinerant tinsmith) Edward St., Lurgan Aug.30,1880Margaret
+ Mary (McGinty)
James Brannon (lab.) + Ann (O'Hare) Derrincraw, T'an Oct.21,1880Owen
William McCaig + Knockbreda 1874Margaret
Alice (Brennan)
John Brennan (weaver) Conlig, Bangor Nov. 1,1865Rebecca
+ Rebecca (McCaw)
Thomas Branin (lab. of Liverpool) Church Street Apr. 8,1865female
+ Agnes (Miskelley)
Samuel Brennen (gas maker) Mountstewart, Oct.14,1866William
+ Agnes (Beck) Greyabbey
[B'ch stands for Ballynahinch, D'ck for Downpatrick]
John Brannon (farmer) Drumnaconagher, B'ch Apr.20,1864William
+ Margaret Ann (Carroll or Carvill) Drumnaconagher Jun.29,1866Margaret
Drumnaconagher Dec.25,1869Mary
[now Brennan]
James Brannon + Mary (Maginnis?) Drumnaconagher Jun.29,1864David
James Brannon (tow dealer) Ballynahinch Oct.15,1866Mary Jane
+ Mary (Fitzsimons) Ballynahinch Mar.24,1868Margaret Ann
Gregory Brennan + Mary Ann (Cunningham)Tuoile(?), D'ck Jul. 6,1866Arthur
[Gregory is a principal coast officer of customs]
John Brennan + Catherine (Convery)Bright, Killough Nov.10,1867Patrick
William Brannon (lab.) Ballywoolen(?), Jul.29,1869Elizabeth
+ Mary (Miscampbell?) Killyleagh
Patrick Brennan + Mary (Keenan)Castlewellan May 12,1872Mary
[R'or stands for Rostrevor, K'el for Kilkeel]
Roger Ward + Nance (Brennan)P. of Kilbroney c.Oct.2,1840Mary
[sponsors James Murphy, Ellen Morgan]
P. of Kilbroney c.Jul.22,1842Richard
[sponsors James McLevy, Margaret Brennan]
P. of Kilbroney c.Aug.7,1845Patrick
[sponsors John Fegan, Alice Brennan]
P. of Kilbroney c.Oct.3,1847Margaret
[sponsors Hugh Brennan, Alice Brennan]
Bernard Brennan (lab.) Rostrevor 1864John
+ Mary (Murphy) Rostrevor Jun.13,1866Peter
Newtown, R'or Jan.11,1869Margaret
Peter Brennan + Alice (?) P. of Kilbroney c.Jun.28,1850William
[sponsors Peter Ward, Mary Brennan]
Peter Brennan + Anne (Savage) Rostrevor Nov.15,1865Annie
P. of Kilbroney Apr.12,1868Margaret
P. of Kilbroney May 8, 1871Bridget
Peter Brennan (farmer) Ballymadeerfy, K'el Mar.13,1865Mary
+ Catherine (Sloane) [Alice Brennan present]
Kilkeel area Jan. 4,1868Margaret
Ballymadeerfy Jul. 5,1869Patrick
Kilkeel area May 11,1871John
Edward Brennan (farmer) Kilfeaghan, RostrevorMay 22,1865Edward
+ Catherine (Sloane) Kilfeaghan Jun.29,1867Patrick
Kilfeaghan Sep.13,1869Mary
Francis Brennan (ship carpenter) Ballyedmond, RostrevorNov.16,1867Mary Anne
+ Alice (McCourt) BallyedmondFeb.23, 1869Margaret Alice
Ballyedmond Nov. 2,1870Elizabeth
Patrick Brennan (lab.) Kilfeaghan, RostrevorJun. 2,1868Mary Anne
+ Ellen (Quinn) [Anne Quinn present]
Kilfeaghan Jul. 7,1870Margaret
[Patrick a farmer]
Andrew Brennan + Rose (Kenney) Kilkeel Sep.21, 1871Edward Daniel
John Rogers + Anne (Brennan) Kilkeel 1865George
Kilkeel 1868Hugh
John Sloan + Mary (Brennan) Kilkeel 1869Mary[d]
James Sloan + Mary (Brennan) Rostrevor 1870Susan[d]
William Sloan + Alice (Brennan) Rostrevor1868Rose[d]
Patrick Morgan + Rose (Brennan) P. of Kilbroney 1870Patrick
[D're stands for Donaghmore, R'nd for Rathfriland, W'nt for Warrenpoint, F'll for Forkhill]
Hugh Brennan (farmer) + Rose (Kelly) Crown Apr. 4,1864Michael
Patrick Brennan (lab.) Tullymurry, Donaghmore Apr. 6,1864William
+ Elizabeth or Bess Tullymurry Nov.12,1866Susan
(Kain or Kean)Cargobane(?), D're Mar.24,1869Patrick
Donaghmore Jul. 1,1871Thomas
Patrick Brennan (lab.) Drumlough, R'nd Jan.28,1864Anne
+ Catherine (McCourt) Drumlough Oct.19,1869Patrick
[now Brenan]
John Brannon (tinsmith) High St., Newry Oct.13,1864Mary
+ Mary (Baxter) High St. Nov.10,1867Betty
James Brannen (sawyer?) Aughnamira, W'nt Jul.27,1864Catherine
+ Anne (McAlevey?)
John Brennan (lab.) Tulleymurry, Donaghmore Aug.15,1864Anne
+ Catherine (Mulholland)Tulleymurry May 11,1869Catherine
Edward Brannon (farmer) Ryan, Newry Aug. 7,1865John
+ Mary Ann (O'Hare or O'Hear) Ryan Oct.31,1866John
Ryan Jun.25,1868James
Ryan Mar.13,1870Edward
Andrew Brennan (tinsmith) Poyntzpass Mar.27,1865(male)
+ Mary (Magee) Poyntzpass May 17,1868(male)
Poyntzpass Jul.15,1870Andrew
Thomas Brennan (lab.) Tulleymurry, D're Feb.23,1866Rose
+ Matilda (McClorey?) Donaghmore Apr.23,1868Susan Matilda
Donaghmore Dec.31,1869Thomas
Donaghmore Feb. 7,1874Edward
Michael Brennan (lab.) Lattingall(?), F'll Mar.28,1866John + Michael
+ Ellen (McCoy) Masshoner(?), F'll Jun. 9,1867John
Masshoner(?) Sep. 5,1870Michael
Patrick Brannon (lab.) + Ann (O'Hare) Carricbrode(?), MeighApr.12,1867Patrick
James Digney + Mary (Brennan) Donaghmore1868Mary
Thomas Brannon (miller) Catherine St., Feb.18,1868Mary
+ Bridget (Tate) Newry
James Brannen (lab.) Mill St. Mar.22,1868Patrick John
+ Elizabeth (Murphy) [Susan Brannen present]
Boat St. Jan.25,1870Ann
[Susan Brannen present]
Edward Brannon (lab.) Dromintee, Meigh Mar. 6,1869Mary
+ Betty (Mulholland)
Sarah Brennan Monaghan Row, Newry Apr. 4,1869Joseph
[Ann McCallister present]
Ann Brennan Newry Workhouse Apr.30,1870Mary Elizabeth
Peter Barry + Warrenpoint 1869Daniel
Annee (Brennan)
Michael McVeigh + Warrenpoint 1871William
Elizabeth (Brennan)
James Rice + Bridget (Brennan) Newry 1871Ellen

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Christopher E. Brennen