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Datafile 1D. Births in County Antrim

The first part of this appendix is a listing of some of the Brennan (or Brannon, Brenan, Brannion, etc.) entries for County Antrim in the index of registered births or in various church records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted; details of some of these are included in the second part of this appendix.

First Name(s) Surname Area Year Ref. Ch.
All County Antrim until 1870:
Thomas Brennan     Templepatrick  1803   LDS 8401331/59*
Margaret Brennan Templepatrick1804LDS 8405331/24*
Mary McCauley Ballysavage 1814LDS *
Mary McAuley Ballynure 1822 LDS *
John Brennan Belfast 1824LDS 7031014/90*
Sarah Anne Brennan Belfast 1829LDS 7028204/38*
Richard Brennan Belfast 1831LDS 7031014/90*
James Brenan Belfast 1833LDS 7035606/31*
Henry Brennan Larne 1826 [c] *
William Brennan Larne 1827 [c] *
William Henry   Brennan Carnamoney 1827LDS 7708931/26*
Nancy Brennan Islandmagee 1829 [b] *
Robert Brennan Islandmagee 1829 [b] *
Joseph Brennan Islandmagee 1832 [b] *
Margaret Brennan Islandmagee 1832 [b] *
Margaret Brennan Islandmagee 1834 [b] *
Henry Brennan Islandmagee 1835 [b] *
Abigail Brennan Islandmagee 1838 [b] *
William Hill Brennan Islandmagee 1839 [b] *
William Brennan Islandmagee 1851 [b] *
William Kossuth Brennan Belfast 1852LDS 7907901/41*
Henry Brennan Islandmagee 1854 [b] *
Samuel Brennan Islandmagee 1857 [b] *
Esther Brennan Islandmagee 1857 [b] *
John Brennan Islandmagee 1859 [b] *
Sarah Nelson Brennan Islandmagee 1861 [b] *
Eliza Jane Brennan Islandmagee 1861 [b] *
John Brennan Islandmagee 1863 [b] *
Agnes Brennan Larne 1864 6/631 *
Alexander Brennan Larne 1864 11/530 *
Jane Brannion Larne 1864 6/638 *
Mary Branan Castlereagh 1864
Mary Brannen Belfast 1864 6/409 *
Barbara Brennan Belfast 1865 16/264 *
Charles Brennan Belfast 1865 11/321 *
Effie Brannian Larne 1865 11/587 *
Eliza Brennan Larne 1865 6/687 *
Henry Brennan Larne 1865 11/582 *
James Brennan Larne 1865 6/685 *
James Brennan Belfast 1865 11/353 *
James BrennanCarrickfergus 1865LDS C701267/5155*
Margaret Brennan Belfast 1865 6/318 *
Mary Brennan Larne 1865 6/683 *
(female) Brannon Bushmills 1865LDS C701234/6361*
(female) Brannon Bushmills 1865LDS C701267/4141*
Eliza Brennan Belfast 1866 6/403 *
Ellen Brennan Larne 1866 16/579*
Emily Brennan Larne 1866 1/630 *
James Henry Brannon Belfast 1866 16/239*
John Brennan Belfast 1866 6/461 *
Mary Brannan Larne 1866 1/634 *
Robert Brannan Belfast 1866 16/338*
Robert Brennan Larne 1866 16/581*
Samuel Brennan Larne 1866 11/629*
Sarah Brennan Belfast 1866 16/381*
William GillilandBrennan Belfast 1866 6/349 ?
Agnes Brannion Larne 1867 11/619*
Cathrine Jane Brennan Belfast 1867 1/314 *
David Brannion Larne 1867 16/615*
James Brennan Belfast 1867 6/498 *
Jane Brennan Larne 1867 1/660 *
John Brennan Larne 1867 16/618*
Margaret Jane Brannion Larne 1867 1/643 *
Robert John Brannion Larne 1867 1/647 *
Thomas Brennan Belfast 1867 11/255*
William Brennan Larne 1867 11/635*
(female) Brennan Larne 1867 6/722 *
Adam Brannien Belfast 1868 6/436 *
Catherine Brennan Larne 1868 6/733 *
Edward Brannion Larne 1868 1/661 *
Ellen Brannon Belfast 1868 1/265 *
Ellen Brennan Larne 1868 1/658 *
George Brannan Belfast 1868 1/439 *
James Branon Antrim 1868 11/27 *
James Lockhart Brennan Larne 1868 1/654 *
Mary Brannan Belfast 1868 6/435 ?
Sarah Jane Brennan Ballymoney 1868 6/209 *
Thomas Brennan Belfast 1868 11/342*
William Brennan Belfast 1868 11/283*
(male) Brennan Antrim 1868 6/3 *
Alice Brennan Belfast 1869 16/371*
Ann Brannen Belfast 1869 6/292 *
Elizabeth Brennan Larne 1869 6/709 *
Henry Brennan Larne 1869 6/693 *
Henry George Brennan Larne 1869 16/611*
James Brennan Larne 1869 16/635*
Jeremiah Brennan Larne 1869 11/632*
Mary Ann Brannon Belfast 1869 1/266 *
Matilda Brennan Larne 1869 16/635*
Sarah Jane Brannan Ballycastle 1869 11/91 *
Thomas Brennan Belfast 1869 1/441 *
Thomas Brennan Belfast 1869 1/308 *
(female) Brennan Belfast 1869 1/372 *
Catherine Brennan Belfast 1870 11/416*
Edward Brennan Belfast 1870 1/408 *
Elizabeth Jane Brennan Belfast 1870 1/290 *
Isabella Brennan Larne 1870 16/? [j]*
James Brennan Larne 1870 1/713 *
John Brannen Ballymena 1870 6/131 *
John Brennan Belfast 1870 6/419 *
Mary Eliza Brennan Antrim 1870 11/1 *
Michael Brannan Ballymoney 1870 6/211 *
Patrick Brennen Belfast 1870 11/?
Sarah Brennan Belfast 1870 11/41?
Theresa Brannen Belfast 1870 6/397 *
(male) Brennan Belfast 1870 16/???
(male) Brennan Belfast 1870 6/???
Margaret Brennan Larne 1873 [j]*
Richard Brennan Larne 1873 [j]*
Robert Brennan Larne 1874 [j]*
Mary Hill Brennan Larne 1874 [j]*
Hugh Brennan Larne 1874 [j]*
James Brennan Larne 1874 [j]*
Selected registrations:
Mary Isabella Brennan Islandmagee 1873 [b] *
Mary Hill Brennan Islandmagee 1874 [b] *
Robert Brennan Islandmagee 1874 [b] *
Alexander Brennan Beltoy 1879LDS 8229334/48*
Samuel Brennan Larne 1880(1)  1/642 *
Mary Anne Brennan Larne 1880(2)1/632 *
Elizabeth Brennan Larne 1881(3)1/584
Esther Brannan Larne 1882(1)1/587
John Brennan Larne 1882(1)1/573
Mary Brennan Larne 1882(2)1/595
Mary Jane Brennan Larne 1882(3)1/543
Samuel Brennan Larne 1882(3)1/559
Thomas Bell LittlingtonCarncastle 1892 [a]*
Maggie Brennan Belfast 1895 [d]*
Mary Hunter Carncastle 1898 [a]*
Robert Hunter Carncastle 1901 [a]*
Mary Brennan Carncastle 1914 [a]*
James Brennan Larne 1918 *
Thompson S. Brennan Larne 1918 *
James Brennan Larne 1919 *
Martha Brennan Larne 1919 *
Robert Brennan Carncastle 1919 [a]*
Stanley John Brennan Carncastle 1919 [a]*
David Lennon Brennan Larne 1920 *
Margaret Ann Brennan Carncastle 1950 [a]*
Joan Ellanna Brennan Carncastle 1953 [a]*
Robert Crawford Brennan Carncastle 1954 [a]*
Robert James Brennan Carncastle 1963 [a]*
[a] Records of Carncastle Presbyterian Church, County Antrim.
[b] Records of First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church, County Antrim.
[c] Records of St. Cedma's Parish Church, Larne, County Antrim.
[d] From Helen Atkinson,
[j] From Emerald Ancestors website.

The second part of this appendix contains details of some of the Brennan births obtained at the General Registry Office, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the LDS Library, Santa Monica. Entries are divided by the areas used in the civil registration index.

Parents: Place: Date: Child's Name:
McCauley Ballysavage c.1814    Mary
William McAuley + Ballynure Oct.7,1822    Mary
Ann (McMullan)
Henry Brennan + Larne (bapt.) 1826    Henry
Elizabeth (Morrow) of Islandmagee[Bapt. in St. Cedma's, Larne]
Samuel Brennan + Larne (bapt.) 1827William
Catherine (Kane) of Magheramore[Bapt. in St. Cedma's, Larne]
Joseph + MargaretIslandmagee (bapt.)b.Jul. 1,1829Nancy
Brennan of Castletown Islandmagee (bapt.)b.May. 4,1835Henry
[Bapt. in First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church]
Robert Brennan + Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Dec.25,1829Robert
Sarah (Auld) of Gransha Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Apr. 2,1832Joseph
Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Jan.22,1838Abigail
[Bapt. in First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church]
William Brennan +Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Jun.17,1832Margaret
Margaret (Wilson)Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Oct. 2,1834Margaret
of Castletown [Bapt. in First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church]
John Brennan + Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Apr. 3,1839William Hill
Esther (Hill) of Gransha[Bapt. in First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church]
Henry Brennan (sailor) Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Jul.13,1851William
+ Mary Ellen (Duff) Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Jan.23,1854Henry
Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Nov.17,1857Samuel
Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Jul. 6,1859John
Islandmagee (bapt.) 1861Eliza Jane
Islandmagee Oct.15,1866Ellen
Kilcoan, Islandmagee Sep.15,1869Henry George
Islandmagee (bapt.) 1873Mary Isabella
Islandmagee (bapt.) 1874Robert
[All bapt. First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church]
Robert Brennan (farmer) Islandmagee (bapt.)b.Nov.18,1857Esther
+ Jenny Napier (Kane) Islandmagee (bapt.) 1861Sarah Nelson
Islandmagee (bapt.) 1863John
Ballykeel, Islandmagee Sep. 6,1865Henry
Ballykeel Dec. 8,1866Robert
Ballykeel May 27,1869Henry
Islandmagee 1874Mary Hill
[All bapt. First Islandmagee Presbyterian Church]
Timothy Brennan + Antrim St., Carrickfergus Mar.22,1864Agnes
Elizabeth (Gallacher or Gallickar) Court House, Carrickfergus Jan.31,1866Emily
[Tim is Sergeant, Royal Antrim Artillery Militia]
Court House, Carrickfergus Apr.12,1867(female)
Court House, Carrickfergus Jun.13,1869Elizabeth
William Brannion (lab.) Middle Div., Carrickfergus Apr.13,1864Jane
+ Margt. Jane (Haggan) Ellis St., Carrickfergus Jan.15,1867Margaret
[William now a bleacher] Jane
[birth at Clipperstown, Carrickfergus. Sarah Haggan present]
William Brannion (lab.) Clipperstown, Carrickfergus Mar. 6,1867Robert John
+ Sarah (Haggan)
John Brannon (lab.) Carrickfergus Oct.14,1865James
+ Isabella (Hagin) Knockagh, Carrickfergus Feb.10,1868Ellen
[now Brennan and Haggan]
Alexander Brennan (schoolmaster)Waterfoot, Glenarm Jul. 3,1864Alexander
+ Mary (McGaghey?) Waterfoot 1868Catherine
John Brennan (baker) Ballygally 1865James
+ Eliza (Fleck)
John Brennan (blacksmith) Ballytober, Carncastle 1865Eliza
+ Mary (Workman) Ballytober Jul.25,1867William
Ballytober Jan.17,1870James
Carnfunnock, Carncastle Jan. 6,1880Samuel
Ellen Brannion Woodburn, Carrickfergus Jul. 7,1865Effie
[Martha Gardner present]
Bridewell, Carrickfergus Mar.17,1868Edward
[Euphemia Brannion present]
Samuel Brennan (ploughman) Demesne, Kilwaughter Mar.29,1865Mary
+ Margaret (Knox) Demesne, Kilwaughter Jul. 5,1866Samuel
Demesne, Kilwaughter Nov.21,1869Matilda
William Brannan (lab.) Woodburn, Carrickfergus Mar.13,1866Mary
+ Jane (Stewart)
William Brennan (lab.) Woodburn, Carrickfergus Dec.29,1868James Lockhart
+ Margaret (Lockhart) [Ellen Anderson present]
Margaret Brennan (servant) Mill Lane, Larne Feb. 8,1867Jane
[father: William Gilmore, Smithfield, Belfast]
Robert Brannion (lab.) Duncrue, Carrickfergus Jun.22,1867Agnes
+ Margaret (Townsley) [birth at Woodburn, Carrickfergus, Martha Garner present]
Beltoy, Glynn Dec.10,1869James
[now Brennan]
Beltoy, Glynn Feb.28,1879Alexander
[now Margaret (Townsend)]
Robert Brennan (lab.) Daveys St., Carrickfergus May 22,1880Mary Anne
+ Margaret (Gowdey?)
John Brannion (shoemaker) Woodburn, Carrickfergus Sep.12,1867David
+ Anne (Havern?) [Euphemia Brannion present]
Thomas Brennan (lab.) Bryanterry, Carrickfergus Oct.17,1867John
+ Anne (Gallagher)
Thomas Brennan (lab.) Waterworks, Carrickfergus Jun.13,1869Jeremiah
+ Anne (McTear)
Ellen Brennan Demesne, Kilwaughter Jun.23,1878Robert James
[Margaret Brennan present]Wright
William Brannan (lab.) Sheriff's land, Kilwaughter Jan.16,1882Esther
+ Mary (Whiteford) Rory's Glen, Kilwaughter Apr.28,1884Margaret
Drumahoe, Kilwaughter Jan. 1,1887John
Rory's Glen Nov. 5,1889Jane
Rory's Glen Feb.28,1892Lizzie
John Brennan (lab.) Drumahoe, Kilwaughter Jun. 7,1887Robert
+ Lizzie (Andrews) Ballykeel, Kilwaughter Sep.14,1888David
Drumahoe Dec.18,1889Samuel
Drumahoe Nov.19,1891Andrew
Drumahoe Apr.30,1893George
[John listed as yarn-dryer]
Drumahoe Nov.19,1894Sarah
[John listed as yarn worker]
Drumahoe Jan.31,1896Agnes
Samuel LittlingtonCarncastle (bapt.) Nov.25,1892Thomas Bell
+ Agnes (Brennan)
Joseph Hunter + Carncastle (bapt.) Sep.18,1898Mary
Agnes (Brennan) Carncastle (bapt.) Apr.23,1901Robert
Robert Brennan (farmer) Carncastle (bapt.) Oct. 2,1914Mary
+ Annie (Maxwell) Carnfunnock Feb.25,1919Robert
John Brennan (lab.)Millbray, Larne Aug. 7,1918James
+ Mary (Reid)
William James BrennanVictoria Rd., LarneDec. 3,1918Thompson
+ Jeanette (Sittlington) Sittlington
Hugh Brennan (lab.)Queen Street, LarneMay 10,1919Martha
+ Mary Ann (Davidson)
James Brennan St. John's Place, LarneJun.21,1919James
(lab.) + Jane (Lennox)
Samuel Brennan Ballyboley, Larne Dec.10,1919Stanley John
(farmer) + Anna (Sheriff)
Samuel Brennan + Hope Street, Larne Apr.13,1920David Lennon
Isabella (Lennon)
Robert Brennan + Carncastle (bapt.) Sep.20,1950Margaret Ann
Jane Harkness (Craig)Carncastle (bapt.)Sep.17,1963Robert James
Stanley J. Brennan +Carncastle (bapt.) May 13,1953Joan Ellanna
Mary Annie (Crawford)Carncastle (bapt.) Dec.27,1954Robert Crawford

Other Larne area births:

On 25 Oct 1870 Isabella Brennan was born to John Brennan and his wife Isabella formerly HAGAN in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Carrickfergus , County Antrim

On 5 May 1873 Margaret Brennan was born to Ellen Brennan in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Carrickfergus , County Antrim

On 1 Jul 1873 Richard Brennan was born to James Brennan and his wife Eliza formerly HADDEN in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Carrickfergus , County Antrim

On 18 Apr 1874 Robert Brennan was born to Henry Brennan and his wife Mary Ellen formerly DUFF in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Ballycarry , County Antrim

On 5 Apr 1874 Mary Hill Brennan was born to Robert Brennan and his wife Jenney Napier formerly KANE in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Ballycarry , County Antrim

On 15 Aug 1874 Hugh Brennan was born to Robert Brennan and his wife Margaret formerly TOWNSLEY in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Ballynure , County Antrim

On 4 Jul 1874 James Brennan was born to John Brennan and his wife Ann formerly HAVERON in the civil district of Larne , sub district of Ballynure , County Antrim


Parents:Place:Date:Child's Name:
John Brennan + Belfast (bapt.) Oct.29,1824John
Mary (Scott) Belfast (bapt.) Mar.25,1829Sarah Anne
[now James Brennan]
Belfast (bapt.) Mar.23,1831Richard
[now John Brennan]
Belfast (bapt.) Apr. 8,1833James
[now James Brenan]
Robert + Anne Brennan Carnamoney (bapt.) Aug.19,1827William Henry
William Nassau Brennan Belfast Mar. 2,1852William Kossuth
James Brennan (dealer) Young's town(?), Apr.14,1864Mary
+ Sarah (Mennter?) Ballymacarrett
James Brennan (rag gatherer) Youngstown, Nov.15,1866James Henry
+ Sarah (Quinn) Ballymacarrett
12 Schoolhouse Place,Jul.16,1870Sarah
Castlereagh, Belfast [James a ragman]
Joseph Brennan (grocer of Belfast Hospital Nov. 2,1865Barbara
46 Alexander St.) + Belfast Hospital Jun.28,1868William
Jane (Miskinnon) Belfast Hospital Jan. 5,1870Elizabeth Jane
[perhaps 16 Alexander St.]
Thomas Brennan Friends(?) Entry, Mar.25,1865Margaret
+ Jane (Gibbs) Belfast 6.
Bessie Brennan Belfast Workhouse Sep.23,1865Charles
Belfast Workhouse Feb.20,1869(female)
Ann Brennan + 18 Lagan Court Jul.29,1865James
William Stevenson (tobacco spinner)
William Brannen (linen lapper) 6 Boyds Place Oct.19,1866Robert
+ Agnes (McCappin) 6 Boyds Place Apr.18,1868Adam
[now Brannien]
Thomas Brennan 42 Cullintree Rd. Jun.20,1866Eliza
+ Eliza (Johnston)
James Brennan (power-loom tenter) Whiteabbey Mar.24,1866John
+ Catherine (Lynch)
(see also Lisburn area)
Henry Brennan (shopman) Greencastle Nov. 8,1866Sarah
+ Margaret (McGeogh)
Thomas Brennan (grocer) 114 Great Georges St. Dec.28,1867Cathrine Jane
+ Catherine (McMillin) 114 Great Georges St. Mar.16,1869Thomas
James Brennan Jordanstown Mar. 4,1867James
(farmer) + Jordanstown Dec.26,1868Thomas
Ellen (McCalmont)[James: labourer]
Benjamin Brennan (carpenter) 25 Cullingtree St. Jul. 3,1868Thomas
+ Ellen (Megraw)
John Brannon (soldier) Cooper's Row, Mar. 5,1868Ellen
+ Isabella (McQuillan) Ballymacarrett
Ellen Brannon Castlereagh St., Ballymacarrett Dec.18,1868Mary Ann
[Margaret Brannon present]
William Brannan (flax dresser) 34 Weaver St., Jan. 8,1868George
+ Jane (McMaster) Steigoneill
John Brennan (lab. of Scotland) Nov.23,1869Alice
+ Eliza (?)
Thomas Brennan (lab.) 9 Barrack St. Oct.23,1870Edward
+ Bridget (Tate)
John Brannen (painter) 50 Lettuce Hill Apr.30,1870Theresa
+ Theresa (Conville)
James Brennan (lab.)119 Utility St, BelfastDec.17,1895Maggie
+ Maggie (Little) [Maggie married John Henry Atkinson]
[They were parents of Helen Atkinson's husband]
119 Utility St, Belfast ? ? John
Robert Brennan Templepatrick Pres. Church b.Apr.10,1803Thomas
Templepatrick Pres. Church b.Apr. 8,1804Margaret
William Brennan (housepainter) Main St., Antrim Apr.25,1868(male)
+ Mary (Lennon) Main St. Jun.15,1870Mary Eliza
William Branon (lab.) Donegan, T'ck Jul.12,1868James
+ Sarah Jane (Kinnon)
John Brennan (lab.) Broughshane Mar. 7,1864Samuel
+ Elizabeth (Woodside)Broughshane Jun.30,1866John
William Brannen (hackler) Castle St., Ballymena Apr.29,1870John
+ Jane (McMaster)
Neill Brennan (farmer) Culmore, Dirran or Jan.15,1868Sarah Jane
+ Bridget (Kelly) Derraw(?), BallymoneyMay 28,1870Michael
[now Neal Brannen]
James Brannon + Bushmills Nov. -,1865(female)
Elizabeth (McCandless)
James Brannan (lab.) Moycraig(?), Sep. 8,1869Sarah Jane
+ Matilda (McNaul?) Drumtullogh

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