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In this appendix we provide a brief summary of the families of the children of Samuel and Eliza Jane (Brennan) Miller. All of this information was obtained from the extensive genealogical work of Ross Miller who documented the family in his book, "From County Down to Down Under. The Story of Samuel and Eliza Jane (nee Brennan) Miller". The reader is referred to that work for a more detailed account.


  1. Thomas Edmund Twidle was born on Jun.24, 1886, in Mercer. He was a rifleman with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWI. He died on Jun.4, 1953, in Thames Public Hospital where he had been an inmate for many years and is buried in Totara Park Soldiers Cemetery.
  2. Bertram S. Twidle was born on Oct.9, 1887, and was a sapper with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWI. On Jul.19, 1924, he married Nellie Logan, a domestic servant. Bertie worked as a telegrahist, a postmaster, a clerk and a bookkeeper. They lived in Waitomo Caves and Taumaranui and had three children:
    1. Philip Twidle, born Jan.29, 1924, was a butcher. He married Jean ? and they had:
      1. Michelle Leanne Twidle, born Oct.29, 1962.
    2. Nancy Lorraine Twidle, born Oct.28, 1929, married John Basil Thompson in 1955 and had:
      1. Andrea Louise Thompson, born May 17, 1957, married Raymond John Parker and has two children, Stephan Richard Parker, born Jun.9, 1975, and Eva Louise Parker, born Dec.9, 1983.
      2. Rodney Bruce Thompson, born Jul.24, 1958, married Dale Lynette Weir and has three children, Amanda Lorraine Thompson, born Apr.9, 1986, Renae Joy Thompson, born Mar.9, 1989, and Brooke Lynette Thompson, born Jun.3, 1992.
      3. Keith Robert Thompson, born Jun.12, 1963.
    3. Janice Twidle
  3. Reginald Twidle was born on Feb.6, 1891, in Parnell, Auckland. He served as a private in WWI with the New Zealand Expeditionery Force and returned home to work on the railway and as a hotel porter. He moved to Wellington where he met and, on Aug.29, 1928, married Gladys May Mangin. Reginald died on Nov.13, 1946, and Gladys on Mar.9, 1975. They had one son:
    1. Reginald R. Twidle, born Aug.1, 1929, in Wellington became a chemist and Joan Banks. They had two children:
      1. Lynda Anne Twidle born Apr.5, 1955, in Wellington married John Raymond Ford and had three children, Scott Heron Ford, born Sep.27, 1978, Grant Martin Ford, born Dec.18, 1981, and Jaclyn Kristina Ford, born Jul.3, 1985.
      2. Glenda Marie Twidle born Jul.13, 1958, in Wellington married Timothy John Cripps and had three children, Amie Melissa Cripps, born Feb.25, 1985, Kieran Blair Cripps, born Jun.8, 1987, and Hayden Lee Cripps, born Oct.30, 1990.
  4. Mildred Adelaide Mary Twidle was born in Parnell, Auckland, on Jan.22, 1893, and went to work as a domestic servant in Frankton Junction. On Apr.7, 1915, in the Hamilton Registrar's Office she married Hugh Savage Pollock, a labourer. They moved to Wellington where Hugh worked as a Waterside worker. Mildred died on Apr.27, 1943, and Hugh on Apr.19, 1962. They are buried in Karori Cemetery. They had three children:
    1. Charles Reginald Pollock was born on May 27, 1915, in Hamilton and married Olga Wilson. They had three children:
      1. Bruce Pollock, born Dec.27, 1944, in Dunedin is a service station owner who married Sylvia Lott and had two children, Debbie Pollock, born Feb.15, 1970, and Stephen Pollock, born Aug.2, 1972.
      2. Eleanor Pollock, born May 23, 1950, in Dunedin is a secretary who married David William Lowis, a financial consultant who died Jul.27, 1992. They had three children, Kirsten Tracy Lowis, born Aug.31, 1974, Nicola Karen Lowis, born Jan.11, 1977, and Glen David Lowis, born Feb.26, 1980.
      3. Glenda Pollock, born Feb.18, 1954, in Dunedin married Phillip McArthur and had a daughter Jodi McArthur.
    2. Thelma Kathleen Pollock, born Feb.13, 1917, in Hamilton married Frederick Norman Fowler and had five children:
      1. Janette Mary Fowler, born Jul.16, 1946, married Ian William Graham and they had three children, Craig Andrew Graham, born Sep.24, 1969, Tracy Leigh Graham, born Nov.12, 1970, and Aaron John Graham, born Sep.10, 1973.
      2. Shirley Ann Fowler, born Dec.31, 1947, married Warren Leslie Rinaldi and they had two children, Paula Maree Rinaldi, born Apr.20, 1971, and Angela Lee Rinaldi, born Aug.5, 1973.
      3. Norman Alexander Fowler, born Sep.19, 1950, first married Pauline Lynch with whom he had Joanna Frances Fowler, born Aug.2, 1973, and Bridget Fowler, born Sep.29, 1975. After a divorce, he married Diane Nickel.
      4. John Fowler, born Sep.8, 1953, first married and divorced Jenny Goss. Then he married Susan Bean and they had two children, Christopher John Fowler, born Jul.25, 1983, and Elisha Susan Fowler, born Oct.26, 1985.
      5. Maureen Fowler, born Sep.8, 1953, married and was divorced from Danny Schuster.
    3. Mildred Lillian Pollock, born Sep.1, 1920, in Wellington married Charles Ross Dallas and had five children:
      1. Lois Josephine Dallas, born Nov.20, 1945, married Trevor James Silvester and they had two children, Julie Maree Silvester, born Apr.27, 1972, and Dean James Silvester, born Jun.24, 1974.
      2. Beverley Mary Dallas, born Dec.30, 1946, married Leon David Mackie and they had two children, Teena Joann Mackie, born Dec.19, 1970, and Darren Leon Mackie, born Jan.4, 1972.
      3. Terence John Dallas, born Mar.3, 1948, married and divorced Janet Grace Henley.
      4. Colin James Dallas, born May 11, 1953, married Sharyne Lesley Clarke and they had two children, Rachel Nardine Dallas, born Aug.18, 1977, and Abbie Jane Dallas, born Feb.24, 1980.
      5. Stephen Ross Dallas, born Jul.14, 1954, married Hine ? and they have two children, Carmilla Gay Dallas, born Jan.12, 1979, and Trent Ross Dallas, born Jan.18, 1981.
  5. Florence May Twidle was born on May 4, 1897, in Mercer. On Jan.10, 1920, in Whangarei, she married Henry Robert Monkhouse, a draper who had served in WWI. They lived in Whangarei where Henry worked as a mercer. He died on Mar.24, 1976, Florence on Apr.29, 1985. They had six children:
    1. Jean Florence Monkhouse, born Jun.12, 1920, in Whangarei first married and then divorced James Lawrence Noone. She then married Sydney Walter Wallbridge with whom she had one child:
      1. Charmaine Anne Wallbridge, born in 1956.
    2. Bertha Joyce Monkhouse, born Mar.22, 1922, married Jack Noone and they had five children:
      1. Lynette Joyce Noone, born Dec.20, 1943, married John Franklin Zimmer in 1965. They have three children, David John Zimmer, born 1965, died 1983, Cheree Lyn Zimmer, born Nov.21, 1967, and Murray Glen Zimmer, born Apr.22, 1971.
      2. Jacqueline May Noone was born Mar.13, 1949, and died in 1954.
      3. Raewyn Patricia Noone, born Jul.7, 1953, and married Bruce Edward Carter in 1973. They have three children, Tania Marie Carter, Wayne Owen Carter and Rochelle Carter.
      4. Peter John Noone, born Oct.26, 1956, and married Jenny Anne Teal. They have two children, Sandy and Anna Noone.
      5. Shona Lee Noone, born Jun.20, 1958, and first married Neville Lawrence Conway by whom she had Donna Lee Conway. Divorced, she then married Eddie Croft by whom she had Amy and Ricky Croft.
    3. Mena Lillian Monkhouse, born May 16, 1924, in Whangarei and was married twice. First, in 1945, she married Rowland Ernest Martin by whom she had her first two children. Divorced, she married Reginald William Fuller in 1953, by whom she had six children:
      1. John Rowland Martin, born Mar.30, 1946, was married twice, first to Doreen Beatrice Bishop by whom he had his first two children, Jeffrey Martin, born Aug.7, 1972, and Denise Martin, born Apr.25, 1975. Divorced he then married Debra ? by whom he had four children, Jonathan Martin, born Jan.23, 1988, Kellan Martin, born Feb.2, 1989, Kathryn Martin, born Feb.13, 1990, and Cameron Martin, born Mar.8, 1992.
      2. Bonita Lillian Martin, born Sep.24, 1948, was married three times, first to David Barkle by whom she had three children, Stephen Barkle, born Sep.21, 1965, Andrew Barkle, born Aug.14, 1968, and Jennifer Barkle, born Mar.4, 1970. Following divorce Bonita married Jim Schulz and after another divorce she married Gordon Dobson.
      3. Suzanne May Fuller, born May 5, 1952, was married Russel Benton Blackett, by whom she had, Keri Blackett, born Oct.20, 1973, Tracey Blackett, born Dec.14, 1977, and Lesley Blackett, born Sep.21, 1979.
      4. Richard William Fuller, born Dec.11, 1954.
      5. Yvonne Elizabeth Fuller, born Jul.28, 1956, married Graham Rogers and had two children, Jackson Rogers, born Jun.28, 1980, and Mitchell Rogers, born Aug.21, 1982.
      6. James Henry Fuller, born Jan.7, 1960, married Lynn ? and had three children, Jason Fuller, born Nov.28, 1984, Stewart Fuller, Sep.4, 1989, and Samantha Fuller, May 30, 1993.
      7. Annette Fuller, born Jul.17, 1962, married Brian David Reilly and had two children, Paul Reilly, born Mar.2, 1982, and Michelle Reilly, born Aug.7, 1984.
      8. Odette Grace Fuller, born Dec.10, 1964.
    4. Robert Henry Monkhouse, born Nov.1, 1925, in Whangarei and worked as a diemaker and painter. In 1948 he married Elizabeth Agnes Rush and they had three children:
      1. Julie Agnes Monkhouse, born Jul.24, 1952, married Murray Bethridge Top in 1970 and had three children, Shane Bethridge Top, born May 6, 1971, Rachel Marie Top, born Sep.2, 1972, and Michael John Top, born Jun.13, 1983.
      2. Valda Joy Monkhouse, born Jun.2, 1955, married Maxwell Keith Burgess in 1974 and had two children, Anna Marie Burgess, born May 17, 1977, and Karen May Burgess, born Jan.20, 1981.
      3. Carol Fay Joy Monkhouse, born Jan.13, 1957, married Anthony Graeme Hawker in 1977, and had three children, Brendon Anthony Hawker, born Oct.10, 1978, Shelley Marie Hawker, born Apr.28, 1981, and Tania Kaye Hawker, born Jan.23, 1990.
    5. Betty Mary Monkhouse was born Jan.29, 1927, in Whangerei and Married Arthur Marshall Bartlett in 1950. They had three children:
      1. Pamela Irene Bartlett, born Apr.9, 1951, married Allan Douglas Gray in 1971 and had two children, Selby Douglas Gray born Jun.25, 1973, and Bernice Gray, born Apr.3, 1975.
      2. Diane Carol Bartlett, born Oct.15, 1953, married Keith Yeoman and they had three children, Leone May Yeoman, born Oct.9, 1982, Natalie Kate Yeoman, born Mar.3, 1987, and Bobby Lee Yeoman, born Sep.3, 1988.
      3. Jennifer Anne Bartlett, born Jan.27, 1956, married Lindsay James Michell and they had three children, Emma Lindsay Michell, born Oct.25, 1985, Josie Michell, born Oct.2, 1987, and died the same day, and Alyce Jennifer Michell, born Dec.19, 1990.
    6. Walter Isaac Monkhouse was born May 23, 1929, in Whangarei and worked as a driver. In 1955 he married Pauline Margaret Hume by whom he had two sons. Divorced in 1974, Walter married Gina ?.
      1. Kevin Neil Monkhouse was born Mar.14, 1956.
      2. Derek Walter Monkhouse was born Jan.31, 1958, and married Lydia Paki in 1982.
  6. Minnie Evelyn Twidle was born on Jun.28, 1898, in Mercer and on May 25, 1920, she married William Ryder Taylor in Whangarei. William was a painter and decorator. They lived in Frankton Junction, then in Auckland and in Mt. Albert. William died on Jan.20, 1977, and Minnie on Jan.24, 1981. They had two children:
    1. William Albert Thomas Taylor, born Oct.20, 1921, in Frankton Junction was married twice, first to Jacqueline McNae and then after a divorce, to Jenny Armistead on Feb.25, 1930.
    2. Estelle Mary Taylor, born Apr.10, 1927, in Frankton Junction married builder Robert Newby on Feb.23, 1952. They died in 1988. Their children:
      1. Colin Newby, born Jan.4, 1957, became a senior trust officer.
      2. Grant Newby, born Sep.11, 1959, became an engineer.
  7. Robert Stephenson Baden Powell Twidle was born on May 17, 1900, at Mercer. He lived with his sister Mildred and worked as a waterside worker. He never married and died on Aug.1, 1987.
  8. Hilda Kathleen Twidle, born Mar.10, 1902, in Pukekohe, was married in 1919 to Joseph Hannam in Whangarei where they lived all their life. Hilda helped her mother with the boarding house. She died on Jun.16, 1952, and Joseph on Jun.2, 1980. They are buried in the Maunu Cemetery. They had seven children:
    1. Hilda Kathleen Hannam, born Aug.12, 1920, in Whangarei and married Charles James Jobbitt in 1943. They had 3 children:
      1. Raewyn Anne Jobbitt, born Nov.21, 1946, in Whangarei, married Anthony Oliver in May 1965 and had Tracey Ann Oliver, born Nov.9, 1965, and Peter John Oliver, Born May 17, 1968. after divorce she married Barry Redway.
      2. Colleen Joy Mary Jobbitt, born Nov.29, 1949, in Upper Hutt, married Noel E. Morris in May 1969 and had Greg Carlton Morris, born Oct.6, 1969, and John Talbot Morris, born Mar.5, 1979. Divorced in 1980, she then married John Cunis.
      3. David James Jobbitt, born Feb.9, 1956, in Whangarei.
    2. Norma Josephine Hannam, born Mar.13, 1922 in Whangarei, married Ray Moon and had:
      1. Brian Moon, born Nov.14, 1952, in Wellington worked at N.Z.Refinery Co. and, in 1977 in Whangarei, married Elizabeth Clifton of Rotorua, an Educational Support Worker. They had three children, Jason Moon, born Dec.23, 1979, and died 2 days later, Brent Moon, born May 27, 1983, and Jacqueline Moon, born Dec.17, 1984.
    3. Colin Joseph Hannam, born Jan.16, 1924, in Whangarei was a carpenter who married Eileen Mary Frances Cornford and had two children:
      1. Kay Mary Hannam, born Aug.12, 1954, in Wellington, was a clerk who married Kevin Raymond Asplin in Hamilton and had two sons Matthew Kevin Asplin, born May 10, 1981, and Daniel Wayne Asplin, born Jan.2, 1984.
      2. Anne Hilda Hannam, born Nov.4, 1957, in Waipukarau became a nurse in Hamilton and married David Mark Spratt. They had four children, Rebecca Anne Spratt, born Jun.30, 1983, Michaela June Spratt, born Oct.30, 1984, Thomas Joseph Spratt, born Jun.1, 1989, and Harriet Elizabeth Spratt, born Aug.15, 1991.
    4. June Mary Hannam was born on Oct.6, 1927, in Whangarei and married William Hewitt Ward:
      1. Lynette Anne Ward married Alan Dow and had a daughter, Nicola Dow.
    5. Raymond Charles Hannam, born Dec.18, 1928, in Whangarei was a carpenter who married Irene Joan Porter and had 8 children:
      1. Robin David Hannam, born Aug.24, 1951, in New Plymouth worked as a scaffolder and was married three times. With his first wife, Jenny G, he had a daughter, Marie-Anne Hannam, born Jun.7, 1972. He married and divorced his second wife Cynthia Stroud, in Las Vegas. With his third wife, Donna MacBeth, he had two sons, Clem Alexanda Hannam, born Aug.25, 1988, and Zachary William Ryan Hannam, born Mar.5, 1991.
      2. Christene Susan Hannam, born Feb.21, 1953, in New Plymouth married David William Jury and they had two children, Grant Paul Jury, born Nov.7, 1975, and Bronwyn Anne Jury, born Jan.10, 1978.
      3. Michael Neil Hannam, born Oct.1, 1954, in New Plymouth was a coach builder who married twice. With his first wife, Wendy Diane Simkin, he had a son, Brent Neil Hannam, born Aug.29, 1973. After their divorce, he married Denise Doreen McDonnell, and they had two daughters, Sandra Lynn Hannam, born Oct.9, 1979, and Michelle Joan Hannam, born Jun.27, 1981.
      4. Glenys Rae Hannam, born Feb.29, 1956, in New Plymouth became a nurse and beautician. She was married twice, first to Colin Henry Counihan, with whom she had Kirsty Anne Counihan, born Nov.14, 1973. After divorce, she married Alan David Jones with whom she had Victoria Rose Jones, born Feb.2, 1979, and Simon Dudley Jones, born Nov.11, 1980.
      5. Graeme Allen Hannam, born Sep.5, 1957, in New Plymouth became a builder and married Lhoma Anne Goldfinch with whom he had three children, Melissa Julie Hannam, born Dec.11, 1984, Janelle Brianna Hannam, born Aug.23, 1987, and Tarcey Maree Hannam, born May, 14, 1992.
      6. Keith Ramon Hannam, born Jul.9, 1959, in New Plymouth worked in the tire industry. He married Heather Elizabeth Sinclair and they had 3 children, twins Caroline Elizabeth Hannam and Kristine Margaret Hannam, born Aug.24, 1980, and Nicholas John Hannam, born May 16, 1983.
      7. Andrew John Hannam, born Jun.26, 1961, in New Plymouth married Sheila Anne O'Leary and they had 3 children, Reece John Hannam, born Jan.24, 1985, Narelle Bridget Hannam, born Aug.6, 1986, and Bryce Andrew Hannam, born Feb.5, 1992.
      8. Ngaire Joy Hannam, born Nov.7, 1965, in New Plymouth married Bryon Dalton and they had a son Logan Chris Hannam, born Sep.5, 1981.
    6. Ivor Hannam, born Jun.5, 1930, in Whangarei, married Nancy Jean Davidson and they had three children:
      1. Judith Anne Hannam, born Apr.10, 1956, married Graham George Imeson and they had 3 children, Todd Bradley Imeson, born 1981, Greg Hartley Imeson, born 1983, and Kyle Imeson.
      2. Leanne Gay Hannam, born Oct.24, 1957, married and divorced Douglas McGregor Wilson.
      3. Richard Ivor Hannam, born Mar.31, 1959, married Raewyn Bone and they had 2 children, James Hannam, born Mar. 1991, and Kate Hannam.
    7. Ronald Hannam, born Jun.27, 1931, in Whangarei married Helena Margaret Birch Orr and they had two children:
      1. Suzanne Margaret Hannam was married 3 times, first in 1972 to Brian John Paulson, second to Grant George King and third to Ray McWatt, with whom she had two children, Jessica McWatt and Benjamin Charles McWatt, born Dec.16, 1987.
      2. Kenneth Hannam married Robyn ? and had a daughter Jade Hannam, born in 1991.
  9. Charles Henry Twidle, born Aug.6, 1906, in Parnell, Auckland, and married Gertrude Isabella Goodhue in 1934. Charles worked as a linotype operator and they lived in Whangarei. Charles died on Jul.4, 1958, and died just 9 days later. They had one child:
    1. Beverly Anne Twidle, born Jul.6, 1936, in Whangarei, married Desmond Eric Thompson, a civil servant, and they had 3 children:
      1. Diane Frances Thompson, born Dec.13, 1960, in Kawakawa became a computer operator.
      2. Judith Anne Thompson, born Jul.19, 1962, in Te Kopuru was married to and divorced from Brent Donald Pickering.
      3. Karen Janes Thompson, born Dec.27, 1968, in Whangarei, worked in a bank and married Carl Philip Johnston with whom she had a daughter, Amber Jane Johnston, born Sep.14, 1995.
  10. Mabel Isobel Twidle, born Jan.26, 1908, in Rotorua, married Norman Preston Wedgewood Webber on Nov.20, 1929, in Whangarei. Norman was an engineer and they lived in Mt.Eden. Norman died in Jan. 1982. They had two children:
    1. Shirley Joan Webber, born Mar.15, 1931, married Frederick Peter Leisman and they had two children:
      1. Peter Michael Leisman, born Sep.24, 1956, was married twice. By his first wife Tania Jean Moanaroa her had 3 children, Kiwa Peter Leisman, born Mar.17, 1986, Anake Rebeka Leisman, born Oct.25, 1990, and Arahia Leisman, born Jul.31, 1993. After divorce, he married Debra Ann Andrew by who he had Rene Simone Andrew, born Feb.22, 1985, and Joshua Charles Andrew, born Dec.28, 1988.
      2. Vicki Janet Leisman, born Sep.8, 1961.
    2. Bruce Preston Wedgewood Webber, born Jun.18, 1934, married Rosemarie ? and had two sons:
      1. Harry Robert Webber, born Jan.16, 1971.
      2. Benjamin Preston Webber, born Feb.3, 1973.
  11. Arthur Raymond Twidle, born Jan.27, 1913, died after only a few hours. He is buried in Pukekohe cemetery.


  1. Ollie Arnold Blong, born Oct.27, 1892, at Parkhurst, Helensville, and saw active service in WWI as a sergeant in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force. After the war he worked on his uncle Rod Finlayson's farm where he met Agnes "Daisy" Sanvig whom he married on Feb.27, 1919, in Ruawai. In 1921 they cleared their own dairy farm from raw land and remained there the rest of their lives. Ollie also enjoyed playing rugby. Olllie died on Jun.13, 1981, and Daisy on Aug.31, 1987. They are buried in Old Mt Wesley Cemetery in Dargaville. Their children:
    1. Gladys Margaret Blong, born Oct.9, 1919, in Rehia, married Leonard George Erne and they had 3 children:
      1. Kevin Leonard Erne, born Sep.8, 1945, in Paparoa became a gardening contractor and married Marilyn Hudson with whom he had 3 children, Brendan Erne, born May 5, 1988, and twins Michael and Andrew Erne, born Jan.4, 1990.
      2. Dianne Margaret Erne, born Sep.8, 1948, married Allan Sumich and had two children, Debbie Maree Sumich, born Oct.29, 1970, and Julie Ann Sumich, born Dec.8, 1973.
      3. Janice Erne, born Sep.18, 1958, died as an infant.
    2. Olive Myrtle Blong, born Mar.17, 1921, in Rehia, married James Willmott Guy and they had three children:
      1. Neville Guy, born Jun.20, 1947, married Robyn Joy Smith and they had two children, James Guy, born Dec.5, 1981, and Toni Guy, born Apr.21, 1984.
      2. Roger Boyd Guy, born Dec.5, 1948, married Lorraine Elizabeth Vallance and they had 3 children, Tracey Elizabeth Guy, born Mar.21, 1970, Shelley Ann Guy, born Feb.17, 1972, and Kerry Lorraine Guy, born Nov.23, 1977.
      3. Kay Elizabeth Guy, born May 1, 1953, married Dennis William Phelan and they had 2 children, Brad William Phelan, born Feb.25, 1976, and Tania Kay Phelan, born Apr.10, 1979.
    3. Cecil Arnold Blong, born Nov.16, 1922, in Te Kopuru married Avis Dawne Berridge and had 5 children:
      1. Suzanne Dawne Blong, born Apr.20, 1949, in Te Kopuru was a school secretary who married Frank Peter Alexander Sumich, an aircraft engineer. They had 2 children, Paul Brank Sumich, born Nov.17, 1976, in Christchurch and Jackson Sumich, born Dec.17, 1979, in Whangarei.
      2. Glenys Joy Blong, born Sep.6, 1950, married Terrence Joseph Neil Byers and had 2 children, Kurt Terrence Byers, born May 14, 1978, and Steven Robert Byers, born Feb.28, 1983.
      3. Wendy Fay Blong, born Aug.27, 1952, died the same day.
      4. Gary Robert Blong, born May 2, 1956, and Lauren Presland had a daughter Tessa Leigh Blong.
      5. David Blong, born Jul.8, 1959, died the next day.
    4. Trevor Blong, born Jun.20, 1925, became a policeman and later a hotel manager. He married Betty Mavis Soufflot and they had 4 children:
      1. Jewel Marie Blong, born May 29, 1949, was married twice, first to David James Smith with whom she had 2 children, Shane David Smith, born Feb.13, 1973, and Mivhele Jewel Smith, born Dec.12, 1977. After divorce, she married John Franklin.
      2. Alaine Karen Blong, born Jun.9, 1951, was married twice, first to Richard Bradshaw with whom she had 2 children, Hilary Bradshaw, born Mar.20, 1974, and Dylan Bradshaw, born Sep.19, 1978. After divorce, she married Steven Leung.
      3. Michael Trevor Blong, born Apr.13, 1956, married Heather Abercrombie and they had 3 children, Martina Blong, born Jun.14, 1984, Krista Blong, born Mar.20, 1986, and Mikaela Blong, born Oct.23, 1988.
      4. Mark Arnold Blong, born Dec.27, 1965, became a policeman and married Tania Michele Bays.
    5. Rex Raymond Blong, born Dec.30, 1932, died on Jan.20, 1947.
  2. Cecil Blong, born Aug.21, 1894, at Helensville, was nicknamed Plug because of his strength and short stature. He was a farmer and enjoyed playing the piano. Cecil enlisted in the army at the beginning of WWI and was killed by a sniper's bullet on Oct.13, 1917, during a battle in Palestine. He is interred in Beersheba War Cemetery.
  3. Gladys Blong, born Feb.2, 1897, in Helensville married William John "Jack" Moloughney who had served in the army during WWI. Jack died on Jul.30, 1975, and Gladys on Mar.9, 1977. Their 4 children:
    1. Cecil Moloughney, born Sep.8, 1921, married Valencia Helena Rountree and they had 4 children:
      1. Michelle-Helen Frances Moloughney married Anthony James Goddard in 1974.
      2. Margaret Faith Moloughney married Christopher Grant Nathan in 1990.
      3. Mark Joseph Moloughney married and divorced Ngaire Isabel Stables.
      4. Susan Moloughney married ? Dorman.
    2. Bruce Moloughney, born Nov.24, 1922, married Elma Ngaire Webster and had 3 children:
      1. Frederick Moloughney was born Dec.29, 1953.
      2. Brian Douglas Moloughney, born Apr.13, 1955, is a professor of history at the University of Otago. He married Bronwen Eve Halligan/Taylor and they have 3 children, Andrea Christine Moloughney, born Dec.30, 1980, Hilary Ruth Moloughney, born Jun.8, 1988, and Rowan Claire Moloughney, born Aug.27, 1995.
      3. David Ross Moloughney married Helen Maree MacConnochie in 1981.
    3. Jacqueline Moloughney, born Nov.27, 1923, was married twice. With her first husband, Edwin Owen Studd she had the first two children listed below. With her second husband, James Alexander Earley, she had the second two:
      1. Annette Marion Studd, born May 7, 1951, married Antony Peter Levet.
      2. Colleen Jean Studd, born Mar.15, 1954, married Charles Moore and they had 4 children, Suzanne Moore, born Apr.30, 1974, Samuel Moore, born Apr.22, 1975, Charlotte Moore, born Dec.11, 1980, and Frances Moore, born Feb.15, 1981.
      3. Gaylene Margaret Earley, born Feb.13, 1949, married Bryan Williamson and had a son, Jay Williamson, born Apr.12, 1977.
      4. Karen Jane Earley, born Apr.16, 1968, married Neil Matthew Sears.
    4. Patrick Thomas Moloughney, born Mar.3, 1927, married Morna Shirley Rhodes.
  4. Eliza Jane Blong, known as Jean, was born on Aug.15, 1898, in Helensville and married a sheep and cattle farmer, Roderick Finlayson, in Dargaville on Jul.19, 1916. They had one son listed below. Roderick died during the influenza epidemic on Nov.15, 1918, but Jean continued to operate their farm. On Nov.22, 1921, Jean married Alexander Joseph McPherson, a storekeeper in Naumai, and they had a son listed below. Alexander died on Sep.27, 1964, and Jean on Mar.2, 1981.
    1. Roderick John Finlayson, born Jun.5, 1917, in Naumai married Beatrice Ivory Balfour and they had two sons:
      1. Roderick Alexander Finlayson, born Apr.1, 1947, married Jacqueline Ashley and they had 3 children, Aaron Alexander Finlayson, Sean Ashley Finlayson and Dale Finlayson.
      2. Warren John Finlayson, born Aug.15, 1949, married Rayma Macken and had 2 children, John Finlayson and Angela Lee Finlayson.
    2. Cedric Alexander MacPherson, born Oct.8, 1923, was killed in the Fleet Air Force over Korea.
  5. Samuel Raymond Baden Blong, born Jun.29, 1900, at Tokatoka worked as a storeman and, on Feb.7, 1933, he married schoolteacher, Lucille Marie Potter. Samuel died on Jan.3, 1978. They had 2 children:
    1. Laurie Raymond Blong, born Jan.3, 1936, married Sandra Juanita McNaughton and they had 2 children:
      1. Wendy Maree Blong, born Jul.19, 1962.
      2. Dianna Juanita Blong, born Aug.26, 1965.
    2. Shirley Maree Blong, born Oct.25, 1938, married Ronald William Thomson and had 3 children:
      1. Julie Ann Thomson, born Sep.11, 1963.
      2. Robyn Maree Thomson, born Oct.1, 1965.
      3. Bruce Stephen Thomson, born Nov.9, 1968.
  6. Mabel Adelaide Doris Blong, born Jun.18, 1902, died after just a few months.
  7. Henry Roy Blong, born Oct.31, 1904, at Tokatoka worked as an electric driller and was married twice. He married Gladys Rosina Gardiner Bradley on Nov.7, 1928, and they had the first child listed below. After divorce, he married Helena Jocelyn Baume with whom he had three more children. He worked as a farmer and a grocer and died on Oct.12, 1994; Helena did on Feb.25, 1996.
    1. Nita Mary Blong, born Sep.2, 1929, in Epsom married Donald George Williams, a printer.
    2. Doreen Marjorie Blong, born Aug.20, 1940, married Graham Ardern and had 2 children:
      1. Michelle Helena Ardern, born Sep.20, 1966.
      2. David Frank Ardern, born Jan.5, 1970.
    3. Kathleen Margaret Blong, born Nov.18, 1942, was an administrator and married Bruce Smith. They had 4 children:
      1. Steven Mark Smith, born Sep.18, 1966, is a supervisor.
      2. Douglas Graham Smith, born Oct.17, 1968, is a parts manager.
      3. Roger Craig Smith, born Feb.5, 1972, died of cancer in 1985.
      4. Amanda Clare Smith, born Jul.5, 1973.
    4. Terrence James Blong, born Jan.1945, was married twice, first to Gayle Brown with whom he had the first three children listed below and second to Fay Brown, with whom he had the last two.
      1. Phillip Blong, born 1966.
      2. Tania Blong, born 1968.
      3. Nyree Blong, born 1970.
      4. Shaun Wiremu Blong, born 1979.
      5. Thomas Blong, born 1989.
  8. Isabel Myrtle Blong, born Jun.22, 1905, in Tokatoka, married Ian Stanley Kerr who was a captain in the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWI. They lived in Onehunga and Ian owned a cartage business. Ian died on Jul.31, 1986, and Myrtle on Apr.4, 1992. Their children:
    1. Desmond John Kerr, born Aug.27, 1927, married Alwyn Mary Moyes and they had three children:
      1. Roger John Kerr, born Jul.15, 1958.
      2. Timothy Ian Kerr, born Apr.3, 1961.
      3. Maryann Faith Kerr, born Jun.25, 1965.
    2. Russell Ian Kerr, born Feb.10, 1929, became the Director of the New Zealand Ballet Company and was very eminent in ballet circles. He married June Greenhaigh and they had two children:
      1. David Kerr, born Apr.21, 1958.
      2. Yvette Kerr, born Dec.3, 1961.
  9. Minnie Margaret Edna Blong, born Jul.28, 1906, in Tokatoka married Maurice David Allingham. Maurice died in 1935 and Minnie on Jul.13, 1960. They had one daughter:
    1. Maureen Rae Allingham, born Apr.29, 1931, married Keith Edward Fergusson and they had 3 children:
      1. Maurice Mark Edward Fergusson, born Oct.2, 1962, married Tania ? and had 2 children, Jamie-Lee Fergusson and Catharine Fergusson.
      2. Paul Raymond Fergusson, born Jul.25, 1965.
      3. Patricia Rae Fergusson, born Sep.3, 1968, married Gary ? and had 3 children, Kane, Harley and Casey.
  10. John Harvey Ralph Blong, born Feb.28, 1908, in Tokatoka, took over his parent's farm. On Jun.27, 1935, he married Joyce Allen and they had 3 children:
    1. Allen Ross Blong, born Oct.25, 1936, in Te Kopuru managed the Paradise Ice Skating Arena in Auckland. He married Judith Ellen Cashin and they had 3 children:
      1. Darren Ernest Blong, born Oct.29, 1966, in Te Kopuru followed his father in managing the skating rink.
      2. Christopher Harvey Blong, born Feb.7, 1969, also helped manage the skating rink.
      3. Rosanna Judith Blong, born Dec.25, 1970, was a coaching coordinator.
    2. Dennis Ralph Blong, born Nov.3, 1939, in Te Kopuru became a radiographer. He married Hazel June McKibbin, a pharmacist, and they had 3 children:
      1. Sharon Ruth Blong, born Feb.24, 1971, in Te Kopuru became a nurse.
      2. Deborah Joy Ruth Blong, Sharon's twin, was born Feb.24, 1971, in Te Kopuru and became a sales consultant.
      3. Pauline Denise Blong, born Jan.13, 1973, in Dargaville became a fitness consultant and married Vaughn Norman Guenter in 1992.
    3. Neville Graham Blong, born Jun.2, 1942, in Te Kopuru worked on the railways.
  11. Francis Arthur Gordon Blong, born Aug.9, 1910, in Dargaville and worked for the Post Office in Wellington. He married Margory May Goodin and they had two sons:
    1. Michael Gordon Blong, born Apr.30, 1941, in Wellington married and divorced Janet Ann Caldwell, a nurse, and they had 2 children:
      1. Kristie Lee Blong, born Aug.14, 1975, in New Plymouth.
      2. Tanya Louise Blong, born Oct.11, 1977, in Sale, Victoria, Australia.
    2. Russell James Blong, born Jun.26, 1943, in Wellington is a professor of geology at the Australian National University. He married Tina Napier and they had 2 children:
      1. Nicholas Napier Blong, born Nov.18, 1980, in Sydney, Australia.
      2. Emma Louise Blong, born Aug.18, 1983, in Sydney, Australia.


  1. Margaret Elizabeth Vera Miller, born Mar.23, 1894, in Tokatoka married Claude Holmes and they became dairy farmers eventually buying Claude's mother's farm. Margaret died on Aug.22, 1955, and Claude on Nov.12, 1974. They had two children:
    1. Rae Claudia Holmes, born in 1923 in Waiuku married Malcolm George Johnston and they had a daughter:
      1. Lorraine Margaret Rae Johnston, born 1968, married Eric James Gibbs and had two children, Paul Anthony Gibbs, born 1970 in Takapuna and Bernadette Gibbs.
    2. Eric Charles Holmes, born in 1931 in Waiuku married and divorced Joan Adrienne Bell. They had 4 children:
      1. Margot Joy Holmes, born 1954 in Waiuku, married Neville James Timms.
      2. Adrienne Erica Eileen Holmes, born 1956 in Waiuku, married Desmond Alan Clegg and they had 3 children, Tammy Clegg, Rachel Clegg and Jeremy Clegg.
      3. Raymond Holmes married Pauline Van Der Hulst and they had a child.
      4. Leanne Wynne Holmes, born 1960 in Waiuku, married Stephen Alexander Horton.
  2. Raymond Samuel Miller, born Jan.8, 1896, in Tokatoka, joined the 3rd New Zealand Rifle Brigade and was shipped to France to fight in WWI. He was killed in action on May 8, 1917, and is buried in the St. Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery, Ploegsteert.
  3. Eileen Myrtle Miller, born Jul.31, 1897, married Thomas Miller Thomson, a trooper with the Auckland Mounted Rifles, in 1918. After giving birth to three children, she died young on Oct.9, 1923, at Waiuku. Thomas married again to Mary Olive Elsmore and had another 11 children not listed here. He died on May 17, 1956. The children of Eileen and Thomas:
    1. Eleanor Myrtle Thomson, born Mar.7, 1920, in Waiuku, married Alexander Edward Sharplin, a bus and taxi driver. They had 3 children:
      1. Valma Fay Sharplin, born Jun.23, 1942, in Waiuku became a schoolteacher and was married in London to John Pearce. She died in 1996.
      2. John Sharplin, born Oct.25, 1944, in Waiuku owned a garage in Pukekohe and married Heather Conning. They had 2 children, Gary Sharplin, born in 1967, and Gregory Sharplin, born in 1970.
      3. Ian Sharplin, born Dec.12, 1949, in Waiuku became an architect and married and divorced Carol Darby. They had 3 children, Benjamin Sharplin, Eli Sharplin and Hollie Sharplin.
    2. Raymond Thomas Thomson, born Jul.7, 1921, in Waiuku, became a dairy farmer and served in the army in the Pacific in WWII. He married Patricia Dawn Fleming and they had 5 children:
      1. Peter Thomson, born Mar.27, 1952, in Waiuku became a chemist and shop owner.
      2. Ross Thomson, born Sep.26, 1953, in Waiuku became a telecommunications engineer. He married Pauline Gibbons and they had 3 children, Jessie, Matthew and Lydia Thomson.
      3. Robert Thomson, born Jun.10, 1957, in Waiuku became a carpenter and builder and married Theresa Dale.
      4. Jill Thomson, born Oct.14, 1960, in Waiuku became a bank clerk and married Karl Siddins.
      5. Bruce Thomson, born Jan.25, 1963, in Waiuku worked in a steel mill and married Leanne Cole.
    3. Donald James Thomson, born Jun.16, 1923, in Waiuku, became a farmer and served in the army in Korea. He married Kathleen Douglas and they had 3 children:
      1. Raewyn Thomson, born Mar.3, 1957, became a bank clerk and married Mark Richards. They live in Christchurch.
      2. Malcolm Thomson, born May 3, 1960, became a carpenter. He married Sue Ellis and they had 2 children, Benjamin Thomson, born Aug.3, 1985, and Sharon Thomson, born Jun.13, 1987.
      3. Grant Thomson, born Dec.18, 1961.
  4. Thomas Henry Miller, known as Harry, was born on Mar.17, 1899, and worked as a butcher in Waiuku. He died in Auckland on Apr.26, 1950, and is buried in Waiuku Cemetery.
  5. James Leslie Miller, born in Waiuku in June 1901, became a bootmaker in Waiuku and married Wynifred Selina Braun. They were divorced in 1937 but had a daughter, Alma, listed below. James later married Muriel Walden but they also were divorced. James died on Jun.21, 1976, in Porirua. James and Wynifred's daughter:
    1. Alma Wynifred Miller, born in 1927 at Cambridge, was married in Auckland to Cyril Donald Brown, a hairdresser. On her marriage certificate Alma notes that she changed her name to Alma Wynifred Blow. One of the witnesses to the wedding was Eric Blow, a teacher at Whangarei Boys High School.
  6. Roy Wilfred Miller, born Jul.11, 1904, in Pukekohe, became a saddler and married Isabella Reid. Roy died in Hamilton on Dec.18, 1972. He and Isabella had 4 children:
    1. Isabell Eileen Miller, born in 1928, married John Cecil Smith and had 4 children:
      1. Anthony Paul Smith married Deborah Eileen Stott and had 3 children, Hope, Renee and Georgia Smith.
      2. Debra Smith
      3. John Smith married Michelle Maxwell and had a daughter Ellen Smith.
      4. Marie Smith
    2. Colin Thomas Miller, born in 1930, married June Amelia Mary Sewell and they had 3 children:
      1. May Miller married Keith Strathbee.
      2. Kathryn Miller married ? and had two children Jason and Graham.
      3. Thomas Miller.
    3. Ellen Jeanne Miller, born in 1933 in Huntly, married and divorced Ronald Mervyn Hunter. They had 4 children:
      1. Douglas Hunter married Maxine Hinton and they had 3 children, Luke, Leanne and Michael.
      2. Anne Hunter married Terry McKenzie and they had 3 children, Melissa Heath and Adam.
      3. Mandy Hunter.
      4. Janette Hunter.
    4. Kathleen Margaret Miller, born 1948 in Auckland, married Malcolm Patrick McKenna and they had 3 children Fiona, Arron and Carolyn.
  7. Gilbert Allan Miller was born in Patumahoe on Dec.19, 1906, and died as a result of a kick from a horse on Apr.1, 1918. He was buried in Waiuku Cemetery.
  8. Ellen Hazel Miller was born in Patumahoe on Mar.11, 1910, and married Charles Simelhay, a bridge builder. Charles died on Mar.4, 1983, and Ellen on Oct.4, 1992. They had 4 children:
    1. Patricia Lois Simelhay, born on Mar.23, 1934, in Auckland married Lesley Lambert in Whangarei. They adopted 2 children:
      1. Tracey Lambert, born Oct.6, 1962, married Stuart Halverson.
      2. Bryce Lambert, born Apr.19, 1964, became a draughtsman and married Antoinette Cutts.
    2. Valda Rae Simelhay, born Jan.8, 1936, in Waiuku was married to and seperated from James Ackland. They had 2 children:
      1. John Ackland, born Aug.2, 1958, in Auckland, became a coach of the Auckland Warriors. He married Marie Bedford and they had 4 children, Sean, Liam, Sophie and Elden Rae Ackland.
      2. Geoffrey Ackland, born Mar.19, 1961, in Auckland, became a statistician. He married Rosemary Millard and they had 3 children, Ashlee, Courtney and Brittany Ackland.
    3. Ian Charles Simelhay, born Nov.11, 1944, in Whangarei, became a land agent and married Terrie Ann Lupton. They had 2 children:
      1. Jacob Simelhay, born Sep.30, 1976, in Whangarei, became a funeral director.
      2. Oliver Simelhay, born Dec.16, 1979, in Whangarei.
    4. Rodney James Simelhay, born Apr.3, 1948, in Whangarei, became a lineman and married Maureen Pateman. They had 2 children:
      1. Kelly Simelhay, born Feb.24, 1971, in Whangarei, has 2 children, Dylan and Connor.
      2. Nicolla Simelhay, born Jul.31, 1973, in Whangarei became a caregiver.
  9. Ronald Miller was born on Feb.29, 1912. He worked as a farm hand, never married and died suddenly in Auckland on Dec.16, 1972. He is buried in Waiuku Cemetery.
  10. Kathleen Hamilton Miller was born in Waiuku on Oct.28, 1915. She married carpenter James Holmes and they became farmers in Waiuku. James died on Nov.26, 1985. They had 3 children:
    1. Stuart Holmes, born in Waiuku on May 28, 1944, became a dairy farmer and married Bette Davis. They had 2 children:
      1. Kevin Holmes, born Jun.16, 1967, in Waiuku, became a carpetlayer and married Tara Alexander. They had 2 children, Jason Holmes, born Dec.3, 1992, in Middlemore and Cory John Holmes, born Sep.6, 1994, in Pukekohe.
      2. Paul Holmes, born Nov.21, 1969, in Waiuku, became a bricklayer.
    2. William Holmes, born in Waiuku on Jun.9, 1948, became a mechanic and was married to and divorced from Lynette O'Neill. They had a daughter:
      1. Toni Holmes.
    3. Raewyn Holmes, born in Waiuku on Apr.12, 1950, worked in a postbank. She married John Mills and had:
      1. Wayne Mills married Suzanne Restreaux and had a son, David Stewart Mills, born Jun.28, 1986.
  11. Cecil Arnold Miller, born in Waiuku on Mar.2, 1919, fought with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWII. He married Rita Isobel Frederickson and worked as a labourer and barman in Waiuku. Cecil died on Jun.14, 1976. He and Rita had 4 children:
    1. Ronald Thomas Miller was born in Waiuku in 1946 and married Gabrielle Claire Fulton. Their children:
      1. Faith Miller
      2. Christian Miller
    2. Ross Henry Miller was born in Waiuku in 1950. He first married Jeanette Barbara Rogers in 1976 and was divorced. His second marriage was to Helen Grimmond in 1985.
      1. Laura Miller was born on Jan.30, 1987.
      2. Travis Miller was born on Jun.17, 1988.
    3. Joye Margurite Miller was born in 1957. She married David Steven Spurr in 1977 and they were later divorced.
    4. Geoffrey Cecil Miller was born in 1960 and married Cathy Palmer. Their children:
      1. Timothy Miller born 1987.
      2. Rhianon Miller born 1989.
      3. Jasmine Miller born 1992.


  1. Iris Coker Goodwin was born on Jul.1, 1914, in Ohakune. Her mother was unable to look after her and so at the age of about 2 she was adopted by Lionel and Sarah Mitchell of Wanganui. Iris married James Gordon Cooke in Wanganui and they had 3 children:
    1. Vanessa Ada Rooke, born Apr.17, 1937, married Neil Rackley Harris and they had 2 children:
      1. Brendon Conrad Harris, born Apr.3, 1966, married Jo-Anne Van Der Boor and they had 2 children, Andrew John Harris, born Feb.7, 1991, and Jessica Dawn Harris, born May 16, 1992.
      2. Katrina Deidre Harris, born Oct.1, 1967, married and divorced Joseph Tait. They had a daughter, Daisy Tui Tait, born Nov.5, 1993.
    2. Jocelyn Anne Rooke, born Oct.1, 1941, died at aged 9.
    3. Hugh Dennis Rooke, born Jul.21, 1949, was married twice, first to Teresa Margaret Allen. With his second wife he had a daughter:
      1. Gemma Rooke, born Jul.13, 1987.


  1. Margaret Maude Morrow, born Aug.28, 1896, in Auckland, married Patrick Henry Goonan, a farmer, on Nov.12, 1919. They had one daughter listed below. They were divorced and on Feb.9, 1945, Maude married James Samuel Smith. Maude was killed instantly in a level crossing accident in Masterton in Dec. 1959.
    1. Patsy Azalea Goonan, born in 1921 in Tirau, married Len Mead and had one son:
      1. John Mead married Janice Roderick and they had two children, Mark John Mead, born in 1966, and Gina-Maree Mead, born May 6, 1973, who married Cameron Wooller.
  2. Harvie John Morrow, born Dec.23, 1898, at Tokatoka, married Muriel Emily Lang in 1922. They suffered hardship during the depression and Muriel died of cancer in 1936. But thereafter Harvie did well in the bridge building business. He also became involved in politics and became one of the leading outdoorsmen in New Zealand. Harvie died in 1978. He and Muriel had 4 children:
    1. June Muriel Morrow, born Jun.13, 1923, in Matamata became a nurse and married Crinis Jack Wallis. They had 3 children:
      1. Richard Harvie Wallis, born Oct.18, 1946, married and divorced Sharon Rushton. They had a daughter, Melanie Fiona Wallis, born 1977.
      2. Wayne John Wallis, born May 28, 1948.
      3. Patti-jean Lorraine Wallis, born Jan.31, 1957, first married Ian Banks and then married Mark Fergusson.
    2. Aileen Morrow, born in 1924 in Matamata died in 1927.
    3. John Harvie Morrow, born Feb.7, 1928, in Matamata, followed his father in the bridge building business and, when that declined, entered the dairy industry. He married Fay Iris Sheehan and they had 6 children:
      1. John Harvie Morrow, born Jul.28, 1953, in Pongaroa joined the air force. He married Elizabeth Monroe and they had 2 children, David John Morrow, born Sep.12, 1975, in Palmerston North, and Serena Fay Morrow, born Apr.6, 1978, in Marton.
      2. Robert Wayne Morrow, born Sep.4, 1955, in Pahiatua died as an infant.
      3. Kevin James Morrow, born Nov.24, 1956, in Pahiatua became a concrete contractor. He married Jackie Murdie and they had a son, Jacob Robert Morrow, born Oct.14, 1985, in Palmerston North.
      4. Michael Owen Morrow, born Sep.23, 1958, in Eketahuna became a design engineer and married Kim McDonald.
      5. Patrick Ian Morrow, born Feb.27, 1960, in Eketahuna became a sheetmetal contractor and married Roslyn Brodie.
      6. Carol Linda Morrow, born Feb.16, 1961.
    4. Isabel Elizabeth Morrow, born Oct.19, 1931, in Raetihi, married Ronald Bernt Petersen and had 4 children:
      1. Caroline Blanche Petersen, born Jul.15, 1953, in Pahiatua, married Graham William Watson and had 2 children, Andrew Steven Watson, born Sep.2, 1980, in Auckland, and Karen Leslie Watson, born Jun.29, 1982, in Auckland.
      2. Margaret Emily Petersen, born Jan.10, 1953, in Pongaroa, married Gary Harold Cadman and had 4 children Mathew Harvie Cadman, born Sep.19, 1980, in Hamilton, Vanessa Louise Cadman, born Jul.23, 1983, in Hamilton, Brenton Gary Harold Cadman, born Mar.11, 1986, in Hamilton and Dairne Florence Elizabeth Cadman, born Dec.4, 1989, in Hamilton.
      3. Gretchen Jane Petersen, born Mar.29, 1956, in Pahiatau, married married Lester Jeffery Wilson and had 2 children, Kurt Jeffery Wilson, born Mar.11, 1978, in Lumsden, and Rebekah Karen Wilson, born Oct.3, 1979, in Lumsden.
      4. Kathryn Ann Petersen, born Aug.2, 1959, in Eketahuna, married Lawrence Roache and then Robert Clifford Duncan.
  3. Cecil Henry Morrow, born Feb.23, 1900, in Tokatoka, worked for New Zealand Railways and, later, farmed. He married Alma Jean Alley and they had 4 children listed below. Cecil died in 1959 in Hikutaia.
    1. Frederick Henry John Morrow, born Nov.7, 1920, in Thames, fought in WWII and later drove bulldozers. He married Norma Joyce Smith and they had 4 children:
      1. Norman John Morrow, born Oct.12, 1947, in Raetihi, married Margaret Ann Livingston and they had 3 children, Nikki Ann Morrow, born Dec.26, 1977, Julie Margaret Morrow, born Aug.27, 1979, and Scott Norman Morrow, born Apr.14, 1981.
      2. Margaret Glynis Morrow, born Jun.13, 1951, in New Plymouth, married and divorced Colin John Thrush. They had a daughter Kelli Michele Thrush, born Jun.23, 1978, in Hamilton.
      3. Colin Clifford Morrow, born Nov.21, 1952, in New Plymouth, married Lucy Iris Hansen and they had 2 children, Aaron Cliff Morrow, born Feb.19, 1986, and Cindy Lucy Morrow, born Oct.17, 1987.
      4. Shirley Elizabeth Morrow, born Jul.13, 1956, in Hamilton, married Russell George Reid and they had 2 children, Sheree Barbara Reid, born Oct.13, 1982, and Michael Roger Reid, born Jun.10, 1984.
    2. Eric Alfred Morrow, born Nov.1, 1921, in Elstow, married Betty Jean Crosbie Cole and they had 4 children:
      1. Eric Crosbie Morrow, born Jul.3, 1946, in Hamilton, married Robyn Pamela Carmont and they had 2 children, David Morrow, born Nov.1, 1974, in Matamata, and Nicola Morrow, born Apr.4, 1976, in Hamilton.
      2. Kevin John Morrow, born Nov.28, 1947, in Hamilton, married twice. With his first wife, Thelma Joy Bolton he had Steven Wayne Morrow, born Mar.18, 1967, Karen Betty Morrow, born Oct.22, 1968, who married David John Walling, Suzanne Patricia Morrow, born Apr.28, 1973, who married Jason James Harlen and had Tia Marie Harlen (born Apr.17, 1996), and Debbie Joy Morrow, born Dec.18, 1976, who married Kelly Roy Richards and had Adrianna Richards (born Oct.26, 1993). With his second wife, Cheryl Linda Torrington he had Brendon Morrow, born Apr.10, 1982, and Cherie Morrow, born Mar.14, 1988.
      3. Brian Gordon Morrow, born Jul.26, 1949, in Hamilton, married Christine Cameron and had 2 children, Andrea Morrow, born Sep.18, 1983, and Michelle Morrow, born Jan.15, 1985.
      4. Robert David Morrow, born Dec.20, 1951, in Hamilton, died on Dec.29, 1951.
    3. Doris Jean Morrow, born Jan.26, 1924, in Te Aroha, married and divorced William Potter. They had 4 children:
      1. Raewyn Potter.
      2. Graham Potter.
      3. Gael Potter.
      4. David Potter.
    4. Gordon Ernest Morrow, born May 4, 1925, in Te Aroha, married Jessie Edith Belchamber and they had 4 children:
      1. Michael Morrow.
      2. Wayne Morrow married Leigh ?.
      3. Mark Morrow married Lynda ?.
      4. Pamela Morrow married Eric ?.
  4. Hilda Mavis Morrow, born on Mar.21, 1901, in Waiuku, married John Richard Goonan who served in WWII and worked as a mechanic. He died in Auckland on Apr.2, 1951. Mavis remarried to Lawrence Daniel O'Neil Francis. She died on Oct.13, 1974. Mavis and John had 3 children:
    1. John Harvie Goonan, born in 1921 in Cambridge, married Valda Nata McGainch and they had 3 children:
      1. Laurie Goonan was born in 1947.
      2. Paul Goonan was born in 1948, married Annette ? and had a daughter Bernadette Goonan.
      3. Robert Goonan.
    2. Ross Hampton Goonan, born in Matamata in 1923, became a mechanic and won the New Zealand midget car racing championship six times. He married Rae Winifred Braddock. Ross died on Jul.17, 1965, and Rae in 1983. They had 3 children:
      1. Kerry Goonan, born in 1947 in Auckland, was a construction worker. He married Shirley Ann Verona Lucietich and they had 2 children, Jodi Goonan, born in 1981 in Auckland, and Holly Goonan, born in 1984.
      2. Grant Goonan, born in 1949 in Auckland, married Lyn ? and had 3 children, Kim, Julie Ann and Greg Goonan.
      3. Mark Goonan, born in 1958 in Auckland.
    3. Gordon Alfred Goonan was born in 1934 in Hamilton and died in 1951.
  5. Edward Leslie Morrow, born on May 20, 1902, in Ponsonby and worked as a lineman. He married Jessie Miriam Barnett and they had 6 children;
    1. David Barry Morrow, born in 1935 in Putaruru, married Colleen Joyce Mantell and they had 3 children:
      1. Kathryn Robyn Morrow was born in Taumaranui on Nov.5, 1966.
      2. Jo-Anne Maree Morrow was born in Rotorua on Feb.2, 1971. She married Joost Dekker and they had three children, Ayden Leslie Whetumura Dekker, born Jul.2, 1988, in Hamilton, Eryne Kuinui Maree Dekker, born Dec.28, 1992, in Hamilton and Lisa Jessie Lee Dekker, born Jun.12, 1995, in Hamilton.
      3. Rochelle Lynley Morrow was born in Auckland on Apr.17, 1973.
    2. Kathleen Fay Morrow, born Nov.2, 1936, in Matamata, married Dennis Patrick O'Sullivan and had 3 children:
      1. Shane Lesley O'Sullivan, born May 7, 1969, in Auckland.
      2. Rhonda Maree O'Sullivan, born Aug.21, 1970, in Auckland had a daughter Krystal Ann O'Sullivan, born Mar.3, 1987, in New Plymouth.
      3. Craig Patrick O'Sullivan, born Feb.5, 1972, in New Plymouth.
    3. Mary Lola Morrow, born in 1938 married first Bryn Hobbs by whom she had her first two children and second Ronald Crowter:
      1. Gregory Hobbs married Dale Bell and had a son Kyle Hobbs.
      2. Bryan Hobbs-Crowter.
      3. Lynne Jane Crowter.
    4. Victor Morrow, born Jul.24, 1943, in Arapuni became a director and married Helen Brownlee. They had 3 children:
      1. Michelle Morrow, born in Thames on Apr.3, 1963, died on Feb.1, 1967.
      2. Karen Morrow, born in Thames on Mar.1, 1966, married Derek MacFait and they had 3 children, Michelle MacFait, born on Nov.30, 1987, and twins Joshua and Aaron Mac Fait, born on Jun.30, 1990.
      3. Bruce Morrow, born on Jan.16, 1970, became a First Officer.
    5. Jessie May Morrow, born Mar.30, 1947, in Hamilton, married Brian John Hall, a quality surveyor. They lived in South America and in Bahrain and had 2 children:
      1. Rodney Brian Hall, born Nov.7, 1967, in Te Awamutu, became an airline pilot with NZ International. He married Gillian Soper and they have a son Patrick Darcy Hall, born Feb.24, 1997, in Christchurch.
      2. Angela Jessie Hall, born Jan.8, 1970, in Auckland works in the Peruvian Embassy.
    6. Pamela Morrow, born Aug.17, 1951, married Neville Simpkins and they had 2 children:
      1. Caroline Ann Simpkins, born Sep.3, 1971.
      2. Julie Patricia Simpkins, born Jan.28, 1973, has a daughter, Olivia Allan Simpkins, born Aug.13, 1992.
  6. Frederick William Morrow, born May 26, 1903, near Rangiriri, became a farmer in Ngatea. He married Lena Frances Williams and they had eleven children listed below. Fred died on Aug.4, 1972, and Lena on Mar.10, 1987.
    1. Frederick John Morrow, born Jul.5, 1929, in Papakura and worked in insurance in Tokoroa before moving to Sydney, Australia. He married Beryl June Renaud and had a son:
      1. John Leslie Morrow, born May 7, 1964, in Australia married Jennifer Bayliss.
    2. Milton Leslie Morrow, born Sep.8, 1930, married Ngaio Grace and they had two children:
      1. Gerald Morrow.
      2. John Leslie Morrow, born Dec.11, 1970.
    3. Gaynor Anne Morrow, born Aug.25, 1932, married Robert Stuart McNeil and they had 2 children:
      1. Dean Robert McNeil, born Sep.11, 1966.
      2. Careen Gay McNeil, born Jul.17, 1969, married Gary Lee Anderson and they had 3 children, Hayley Fances Anderson, born Apr.25, 1987, Shanan Anderson, born Nov.19, 1988, and Wade Anderson, born Dec.22, 1991.
    4. Garry Francis Morrow, born Mar.30, 1936, married Pamela Maude Fisher and they had 2 children:
      1. Garry Phillip Morrow, born May 13, 1959, in Thames, married Suzanne Ruth Coppin and they had 2 children, Michelle Louise Morrow, born Dec.24, 1988, in Auckland, and Garry James Morrow, born Jun.14, 1995, in Auckland.
      2. Carol Marie Morrow, born Mar.18, 1961, in Auckland, married Glen Lowther.
    5. Louis Hamilton Morrow, born Apr.4, 1937, married Ena Brown and had a daughter:
      1. Denise Morrow, born Jul.30, 1965, married Glen Donaldson and had 3 children, the eldest being Stacey Donaldson.
    6. Terrence George Morrow, born Jun.19, 1940, in Paeroa, started his own tyre company in Taupo. He married Jean Elizabeth Spencer and they had 3 children:
      1. Glenn Stuart Morrow, born Sep.21, 1966, in Hamilton, married Gaye ? and had two children, Lara and Amber Morrow.
      2. Brett Frances Morrow, born Jul.13, 1969, in Taupo, married Kelly Liebergren and they had a daughter, Shannon-Dee Morrow.
      3. Carla Elizabeth Morrow, born Jul.30, 1971, in Taupo, married Michael Durant.
    7. Peter Franklin Morrow, born Aug.11, 1942, married Shirley Anne Hyatt and they had 3 children:
      1. Perrin Anthony Morrow, born Jan.11, 1977.
      2. Jasper Mark Morrow, born Sep.7, 1978.
      3. Frances Joy Morrow, born Feb.4, 1984.
    8. Ngaire Morrow, born Feb.18, 1948, in Paeroa, married John Roberts, a farmer, and they had 2 children:
      1. Maree Frances Roberts, born Sep.27, 1969.
      2. Sandra Jonette Roberts, born Feb.20, 1972.
    9. Ross William Morrow, born Jul.25, 1949, married Lyn Williams and they had 2 children:
      1. Damien Ross Morrow, born Apr.27.
      2. Kerry Richard Morrow, born Jul.25.
    10. Selwyn Richard Morrow, born Jun.15, 1951, married Marilyn Tong and they had 2 children:
      1. Joanne Morrow, born May 22, 1977.
      2. Mark Richard Morrow, born Sep.7, 1978.
    11. David Phillip Morrow, born May 2, 1953, married Patricia Farr and they had 3 children:
      1. Steven Clifton Morrow, born Jun.3, 1973.
      2. Scott Morrow, born Feb.22, 1975.
      3. Raymond Morrow.
  7. Gordon Hector Morrow, born in Auckland about 1906, worked as a miner and served as a gunner in the NZ Army in WWII. He married Mary Honorah Monehan. Gordon died on Sep.27, 1958. Their two children:
    1. Leslie Morrow, born Mar.26, 1934, in Waihi, married Valmai Spalding.
    2. Mavis Ann Morrow was born in Waihi in 1937.
  8. Isabella Alma Gladys Morrow, born in Mangaroa in 1908, married Sidney Walter Barnett, a friend and partner of her brother Harvie. They had various small farms. Alma died on Dec.14, 1973, and Sid in 1985. They had 4 children:
    1. Anita Isabel Barnett, born in Hamilton in 1925, became a dressmaker/upholsterer. She married and divorced Bruce Cochrane with whom she had her first two children. She then married and later divorced David Warrander with whom she had 3 children. Then she married and divorced Clive Rhodes. Her children:
      1. David Cochrane, born in 1945, married and divorced Judy ? with whom he had 2 children, Allan Cochrane and Jon Cochrane. He then married Jill ?.
      2. Pauline Cochrane, born in 1946, married Terry Dwyer and had a daughter Simone Dwyer, born in 1971.
      3. Sharron Warrander was born in 1951 and died in 1952.
      4. Karen Warrander, born in 1953, married Bruce Roberts. Later she married Greg Meates with whom she had 2 children, Debra Meates, born in 1978, and Jeffry Meates, born in 1980.
      5. Michael Sydney Warrander, born on Jan.27, 1956, married Brenda Joyce Simpson and had 3 children, Jae Warrander, born May 12, 1986, Leeya Warrander, born May 16, 1990, and Arna Warrander, born Jan.29, 1994.
    2. Shirley Joan Barnett was born in Matamata in 1928 and became a dressmaker. She married Edgar Phillip Hutson and they had 3 children:
      1. Robyn Lee Hutson, born in Hamilton in 1950, married Stuart James Tynan and had 2 children, Geoffrey Stuart Tynan, born in 1978, and Joanne Maree Tynan, born in 1980.
      2. Mark Phillip Hutson was born in Hamilton in 1953.
      3. Grant Sidney Hutson was born in Hamilton in 1960.
    3. Walter George Barnett, born in Putaruru in 1932, became a mechanic and married Margaret Cornelius. They had 4 children:
      1. Raewyn Barnett was born and died in 1962.
      2. Bruce Barnett married Fiona Crew in Manly in 1996.
      3. Kay Barnett married Paul Clark in 1986 and had 3 children, Aaron, Brett and Rebecca Clark.
      4. Vicki Barnett was born 1971.
    4. John Sidney Hampton Barnett, born in Auckland in 1940, became a driver and builder and married Barbara Joan Parker. They had 3 children:
      1. Craig John Barnett was born May 28, 1963.
      2. Gregory Mark Barnett was born Feb.23, 1965, and married Tracy Roberts.
      3. Tracy Megan Barnett was born Mar.27, 1969.
  9. Samuel David Morrow, born Nov.7, 1910, in Auckland, became an engineer and married Alfreda Ethel Lever. Sam died on Sep.24, 1986. They had 3 children:
    1. Joan Morrow, born Mar.30, 1935, in Rotorua first married Eric Charles Adolph with whom she had one child. Upon divorce, she then married Frederick Charles Littman, a company director, in Brisbane. He died in 1992.
      1. Ian Ross Adolph was born in Rotorua on Oct.14, 1957.
    2. Norma Ann Morrow was born in Rotorua on Aug.30, 1937, and died in 1940.
    3. Sidney Alfred Morrow was born in Rotorua on Jan.26, 1945, and became a company director. He married June Lesley Barker and they had 2 children:
      1. Scott Gregory Morrow was born on Jul.25, 1976, in Rotorua.
      2. Jacqueline Michele Morrow was born on Jan.5, 1978, in Rotorua.
  10. Doreen Eunice Eliza Morrow, born Jul.7, 1919, in Cambridge, married Charles O'Connell. Doreen died on Nov.26, 1958. They had 5 children:
    1. Laurence O'Connell
    2. Maureen O'Connell married Rodney Smith and had 2 children:
      1. Wayne Smith married Ingrid ?.
      2. Angela Smith married Sean ?.
    3. Erin O'Connell
    4. Brett O'Connell
    5. Christine O'Connell


  1. Henry Francis Miller, known as Frank, was born in Te Kopuru on Jul.7, 1910, and, after a career as a policeman, owned a grocery store in Russell. He was also a keen sportsman and involved in local politics for which he was awarded the MBE. He married Winifred Bethel Hope Boucher and they had 5 children listed below. Frank died in 1996.
    1. Frances Edrie Miller was born on Aug.14, 1944, and died a few months later.
    2. James Vernon Miller, born Sep.5, 1946, in Whangarei, became a salesman and farmer. He married Gloria Mary Going and they had 4 children:
      1. Jamie Lee Miller, born Oct.17, 1972, in Whangarei became a personal trainer in Hamilton.
      2. Todd James Miller, born Dec.2, 1974, in Whangarei became a very successful rugby player, culminating in his international appearances for the All Blacks, the New Zealand rugby team.
      3. Brad Milton Miller, born Jan.14, 1977, in Whangarei also excelled at rugby.
      4. Gemma Mary Miller was born Oct.19, 1983, in Whangarei.
    3. Raymond Francis Miller, born Dec.14, 1949, in Whangarei, became a builder. He married and divorced Lyn Grant. His second marriage was to Rosemary Andrews. His children:
      1. Gay Miller, born Jul.29, 1970, in Kawakawa, married Scott Fraser.
      2. Karen Miller was born Jun.21, 1972, in Kawakawa.
      3. Blair Miller was born Dec.6, 1988, in Kawakawa.
    4. Wendy Joy Miller, born Apr.29, 1953, in Whangarei, became a bank accountant and married Arthur Andrews. They had 2 children:
      1. Jose Dwayne Andrews, born Jun.28, 1971, in Auckland, became a concrete worker.
      2. Arthur Bryan Andrews, born Sep.26, 1974, in Auckland, became a computer clerk.
    5. Kaye Maree Miller, born Apr.5, 1961, in Kawakawa, married Peter Kenneth Munro, a property developer, and they had 2 children:
      1. Nakita Maree Munro was born Jan.2, 1988, in Auckland.
      2. Kyle Peter Munro was born Oct.25, 1989, in Takapuna.
  2. James Craig Miller, born on Jul.4, 1912, in Te Kopuru, was profoundly deaf and slightly physically disabled. He worked as a gardener and died on Aug.15, 1984.
  3. Doris May Miller, born on May 16, 1914, in Te Kopuru, was an excellent hockey player. She married Hector Francis (Mick) Clifford and they lived in Russell, farmed near Orongo Bay and later went into a butcher's business. Doris died in 1969 and Mick in 1989. they had one son:
    1. Francis Paul Clifford, born Mar.12, 1947, in Whangarei, became a Salvation Army officer. He married Val Thomas and they had 4 children:
      1. Leanne Fancis Clifford, born Oct.22, 1967, in Whangarei, became a youth worker.
      2. Melissa May Clifford, born May 8, 1970, in Porirua, became a fitter and turner.
      3. Rowena June Clifford, born Jun.13, 1974, in Hamilton, became a receptionist in Brisbane.
      4. Justin Paul Clifford was born Jan.8, 1981, in Tokoroa.
  4. Alfred Cecil Miller, born Jun.7, 1919, in Te Kopuru, worked for the railways and on a farm before being called up for active service in WWII. He married Joan Jessie Pennell and they farmed until retirement. Alf died on Oct.23, 1988. They had 3 children:
    1. Gay Miller, born in 1944, married James Patrick Comber in London, England, and had 3 children:
      1. Andrew James Comber, born 1971 in Libya.
      2. Marie-Louise Comber, born 1973.
      3. Gregory Mark Comber, born 1975.
    2. Lynne Miller, born Nov.7, 1945, in Te Kopuru, became a teacher. She married John Gibbs Aitkenhead, and they both ran their commercial cleaning equipment business. They had 2 children:
      1. Paul Robert Aitkenhead, born Apr.2, 1972, in Hamilton, became a planning assistant.
      2. Michael John Aitkenhead, born Jan.14, 1974, in Hamilton, attends medical school in Christchurch.
    3. Brett Miller, born in 1954, married Mary Karen Munoz.
  5. Olive Ethel Margaret Miller, born Dec.14, 1922, in Dargaville, and became a primary school teacher. She married Nigel Marshall Laing of the NZ Army and they were posted to Malaysia. Upon retirement from the army Nigel worked at Canterbury University. They had 2 children:
    1. Donald Nigel Laing, born Sep.21, 1949, in Taihape, became an electrical engineer. He married Adrienne King Turner and they had 2 children:
      1. Jude Donald Laing, born Jun.28, 1974, in London, England.
      2. Lewis Adrian Laing, born Jan.2, 1977, in Muscat, Oman.
    2. Briar Laing, born Nov.12, 1952, in Taihape, became a school teacher and married John Greenlees Campbell, a farmer. They had 2 children:
      1. Noelle Campbell, born Dec.16, 1984, in Invercargill.
      2. Genene Campbell, born Dec.28, 1990, in Timaru.
  6. Clifford Alan Miller, born Sep.27, 1925, in Te Kopuru, worked in the Post Office before setting himself up in the parcel delivery business. He married Dorothy Doreen Dovell and they had 4 sons:
    1. David Clifford Miller, born Jan.11, 1952, in Auckland, became a tour coach driver.
    2. Graeme Henry Miller, born Feb.26, 1954, in Auckland, became an air traffic controller. He married Wendy Anne Anderson and they had 2 children:
      1. Melissa Jane Miller, born May 21, 1972, in Wellington became a data entry clerk and had a son, Conor Alexander Miller, born May 18, 1995, in Auckland.
      2. Sarah Maree Miller, born Mar.18, 1976, in Rotorua.
    3. Brian Walter Miller, born Aug.16, 1956, in Auckland, became a wharehouse manager. He married Jean Helen Parton, a teacher, and they had 3 children:
      1. Benjamin Dennis Miller, born Jul.12, 1989, in Auckland.
      2. Katie Helen Miller, born Sep.29, 1991, in Auckland.
      3. David Brian Miller, born Aug.17, 1993, in Auckland.
    4. Jeffrey Ian Miller, born Jan.15, 1960, in Auckland, became a computer broker. He married June Edith Tuavera and they had 3 children:
      1. Ellen Tai Miller, born Jan.26, 1985, in Auckland.
      2. Matthew Kent Miller, born Oct.22, 1990, in Auckland.
      3. Jack Jeffrey Miller, born Sep.4, 1994, in Auckland.


  1. Arthur Raymond Basil Miller, born in Pukekohe on Oct.23, 1912, and worked as a clerk and accountant in the Post Office and other businesses. He was also a keen rugby entusiast. He married Jean Barbara Griffith and they celebrated their golden wedding in 1984. Arthur died on Jul.29, 1985, and Jean on Apr.27, 1995. They had 11 children:
    1. Lois Yvonne Miller, born Dec.7, 1934, in Kawakawa, married Robin Nelson Dudding and they had 6 children:
      1. Rachel Anne Dudding, born Dec.9, 1958, married and separated from John Jerome Bresnahan. They had 4 children, Molly Katherine Bresnahan, born Sep.8, 1985, Joseph Nelson Bresnahan, born Feb.6, 1987, Alice Jessica Bresnahan, born Jan.23, 1990, and Bridget Ruth Bresnahan, born Dec.15, 1993.
      2. Ruth Yvonne Dudding, born Jul.24, 1960, married Graham Thompson and had 2 children, Reamonn Dudding-Thompson, born Mar.14, 1994, and Kayla Rose Dudding-Thompson, born May 21, 1997.
      3. Melissa Kate Dudding, born Aug.18, 1962, married Derek Dikstaal and had two children, Natasha Jean Dikstaal, born Feb.23, 1992, and Jaimie Louise Dikstaal, born Dec.28, 1993.
      4. Anna Jessica Dudding was born Jun.18, 1967.
      5. Adam Nelson Dudding was born Nov.13, 1970.
    2. Corinne Barbara Miller, born Jul.25, 1936, in Kawakawa, married Mervyn Lawrence Edwards and they had 3 children:
      1. Allen Lloyd Edwards, born Dec.16, 1959, in Pukekohe.
      2. David Lawrence Edwards, born Feb.11, 1963, in Pukekohe, married Carol Motley who had 3 children by a previous marriage.
      3. Stuart James Edwards, born Sep.3, 1964, in Pukekohe, married Shirlene Williams and they had 3 children, twins Joel Graham Edwards and Troy James Edwards, born Jul.16, 1993, and Trent Stuart Edwards, born Oct.18, 1996.
    3. Janice Mae Miller, born Jan.28, 1938, in Kawakawa, married and divorced Rex Edwin Jones. They had 3 children:
      1. Barbara Lee Jones, born Jun.11, 1956, in Matamata, became a teacher. She married another teacher, Kevin Ronald Bennett and they had two children, Ami Elaine Bennett, born Sep.18, 1987, in New Plymouth and Brad Ronald Bennett, born Nov.13, 1989, in New Plymouth.
      2. Peter Edwin Jones, born Feb.28, 1958, married Janet Irene Wright and had 3 children, Daniel Edwin Jones, born Jun.15, 1981, in New Plymouth, Suzanne Elizabeth Jones, Born May 2, 1983, in New Plymouth, and Rebecca Jane Jones, born Oct.19, 1987, in New Plymouth.
      3. Kay Shelley Jones, born Sep.29, 1961, in Te Awamutu, married David Thomas Carrington, a chartered accountant, and they had 2 children, Anna Mae Carrington, born Nov.10, 1984, in New Plymouth, and Scott David Carrington, born May 29, 1987, in New Plymouth.
    4. Marilyn Lucy Miller, born Sep.2, 1939, in Kawakawa, married and divorced William Keith George with whom she had the 3 children listed below. After divorce she married Cyril Herbert Brown in New South Wales.
      1. Murray Keith George, born Sep.27, 1958, in Rotorua, married Christine Anne Cairns and they had 3 children, Andrew Rhys George, born Nov.2, 1981, in Auckland, Cara Anne George, born Aug.28, 1986, in Sydney, NSW, and Ben Lachlan George, born Nov.5, 1987, in Sydney, NSW.
      2. Martin Kenneth George, born Jun.8, 1960, in Te Awamutu, married Elizabeth Gray and they had two children, Haley Elizabeth George, born Mar.6, 1984, in Sydney, and Shannon Lee George, born Sep.25, 1988, in NSW.
      3. Louise Jean George, born Dec.15, 1970, in Newcastle, NSW.
    5. Vivienne Jean Miller, born May 28, 1941, in Cambridge, became a teacher's aide. She married Brian Raymond Cassidy, a painter, and they had 5 children:
      1. Glenn Lyle Bruce Cassidy, born Mar.22, 1963, in Pukekohe, became a telephone salesman.
      2. Kim Yvonne Cassidy, born Aug.22, 1964, in Pukekohe, became a teacher's aide. She married Roy William King and they had a son, Jaydn Roy King, born Jan.9, 1986, in Otahuhu.
      3. Shelley Jean Cassidy, born Jan.31, 1967, in Pukekohe.
      4. Dean Raymond Cassidy, born Jan.31, 1967, in Pukekohe.
      5. Dennis Phillip Cassidy, born Apr.9, 1970, in Waiuku, became a production planner. He married Lorraine Michelle Butler.
    6. Gail Rosalie Miller, born Mar.16, 1943, in Cambridge, and became a community officer. She married Jack Allen Cresswell Troughton, a farmer, and they had 3 children:
      1. Ian Keith Troughton, born Jun.17, 1965, in Cambridge, became a teacher. He married Bernadette Braegger and they had a son, Mitchell Ian Troughton, born May 29, 1996, in Tauranga.
      2. Ross David Troughton, born Sep.27, 1967, in Cambridge, became a pilot. He married Yvette Maree Greaney.
      3. Janeen Gail Troughton, born Jul.16, 1970, in Cambridge, became a teacher.
    7. Robyn Ann Miller, born Feb.7, 1945, in Cambridge, married Trevor Raymond Underwood and had 3 children:
      1. Mishal Wendy Underwood, born Nov.24, 1967, in Hamilton, married Robert Douglas Braun in Alberta, Canada, and had 2 children, Douglas Raymond Braun, born Sep.16, 1989, in Fort McLeod, Canada, and Justin Carl Braun, born Jul.31, 1991, in Canada.
      2. Lucinda Marie Underwood, born Dec.24, 1969, in Te Awamutu, married Francis William Williamson in Fort McLeod, Canada, and had 3 children, Ryan William Williamson, born Mar.16, 1988, Jeremy Raymond Williamson, born Sep.27, 1990, and Brandon James Williamson, born Oct.3, 1992.
      3. Kathryn Monique Underwood, born Oct.6, 1972, in Tauranga, married Robert John Thompson and had 2 children, Brady Robert Thompson, born Jun.10, 1995, and Briana Jean Thompson, born Jan.28, 1998.
    8. David Griffith Miller, born Mar.17, 1947, in Cambridge, married Marlene Ivy McBurney and had 2 children;
      1. Jane Margaret Miller, born Nov.16, 1972, in Hamilton.
      2. Daniel Arthur Miller, born Jan.4, 1975, in Hamilton.
    9. Joneen Kay Miller, born May 22, 1950, in Cambridge, married Raymond Gabriel Smith.
    10. Deryn Rae Miller, born Mar.8, 1952, in Cambridge, married James Harold McGrath.
    11. Ian William Miller, born May 19, 1957, in Cambridge, died the same day.
  2. Rimu Esme Ada Miller, born Jan.26, 1914, married Joseph Edward Ganley. They had 4 children:
    1. Sydney Earle Ganley, born Oct.17, 1937, in Cambridge, became an electrical engineer. He married Jeanette Richardson, a shop assistant and they had 5 children:
      1. David Earle Ganley, born Mar.23, 1963, in Thames, became an electrical engineer and married Shawn Elizabeth Murphy, a doctor.
      2. Christine Janette Ganley, born Nov.6, 1964, in Thames, died as an infant.
      3. Michael Sean Ganley, born Feb.14, 1966, in Thames, became a technician.
      4. Jason Edward Ganley, born Apr.3, 1969, in Hamilton, became an electrician.
      5. Adrian Richard Ganley was born Feb.16, 1971, in Hamilton.
    2. Peter Edward Ganley, born Nov.22, 1940, in Cambridge, married Lorraine Daphne Holdaway and they had 2 children:
      1. Denise Joy Ganley, born Oct.29, 1965, married Jeremy John Hugh Hare and had 3 children, Elizabeth Denise Hare, born Jun.8, 1991, Cameron Edward Hare, born Apr.5, 1993, and Andrew Jeremy Hare, born Apr.17, 1995.
      2. Nicola May Ganley, born Nov.22, 1967.
    3. Stephen John Ganley, born Jul.2, 1944, in Cambridge, became a succesful jockey. He died on Dec.12, 1964, in Paeroa as a result of a fall during a race.
    4. Gloria Esme Ganley, born Oct.16, 1946, in Cambridge, married Norman Robert Sanderson, an electrical engineer, and they had 2 children:
      1. Kim Debra Sanderson, born Nov.6, 1968, in Tokoroa, married Grant Mathew Wilson and they had 2 children, Jamie Grant Sanderson, born Dec.29, 1991, in Hamilton, and Samantha Kim Wilson, born May 26, 1994.
      2. Nigel Stephen Sanderson, born Jul.5, 1970, in Te Awamutu, became a professional drummer.
  3. Oliver Ernest Sidney Miller, born Mar.21, 1916, in Pukekohe, was known as Mick and attended school in Pukekohe. After high school he worked on a farm for Bill Rutherford in Te Puke. On Apr.12, 1937, he was married in the Auckland Registry Office to Caroline Marjorie Pavreal, born Jun.2, 1917. Sometime later they worked on a farm in Kaipaki. His younger brother, Digger, came and stayed with them in Auckland while he attended school there. Eventually, they moved back to Pukekohe where he worked as a motor mechanic. Mick died on May 13, 1975, and was buried in Pukekohe cemetery; Carol was buried beside him after she passed away on Christmas Day, 1991. Their children:
    1. Tony Raymond Miller was born on Oct.25, 1940, in Cambridge and became a marketing consultant. On Aug.8, 1964, in the Pt. Chevalier Catholic Church, he married Maura Cecilia Carrucan, born Dec.9, 1938, in Auckland. Their children:
      1. Andrew John Miller, born Oct.13, 1965, in Auckland became a computer technician. On Jun.11, 1994, in San Antonio, Texas, he married Michelle Trautman and they have two children, Keith Andrew Miller, born Jun.11, 1994, in San Antonio, Texas, and Blake Alan Miller, born Feb.5, 1997, in San Antonio.
      2. Derek Michael Miller, born Jul.15, 1969, in Otahuhu became an accountant.
      3. Janine Maree Miller, born Mar.10, 1971, in Otahuhu became a bank officer. On Sep.16, 1995, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, she married Andrew Jackson, son of Geoff and Christine Jackson.
      4. Christine Francis Miller, born Jul.16, 1972, in Otahuhu became a laboratory technician.
      5. Karen Mary Miller, born Aug.7, 1973, in Otahuhu was an art student.
    2. Sharon Sylvia Miller was born on Jul.14, 1944, in Pukekohe. On Apr.1, 1967, she married Ross Alexander Fleming, born Apr.26, 1942, in Auckland. They were divorced in 1993.
    3. Madeline Carol Miller was born on Mar.2, 1947, in Pukekohe. She has three children:
      1. Tania Carol Miller born on Nov.23, 1967.
      2. Melissa Miller born in Jun., 1969.
      3. Noleta Miller born in Jun., 1973.
    4. Sydney Miller was born in 1948 in Pukekohe, died the same year and is buried in Pukekohe.
  4. Jesse Evelyn Eliza Miller was born in Pukekohe on Sep.28, 1918, and attended school in Pukekohe and Paerata-. She returned to Pukekohe in Sep., 1926, and stayed till Jul., 1931. She stayed with the Moffit family in Paerata for a while. On Nov.14, 1942, in the Methodist Church, Pitt Street, Auckland, she married John Raymond Nelson, known as Jack, a confectioner. Jack died on May 29, 1971, at his home at 35 Cardwell Street, Onehunga, Auckland. Their children:
    1. Raymond Milton Nelson was born on Mar. 9, 1946. He married twice, first to Suzanne Coley. They were divorced in 1979. On Nov.27, 1982, in Mangere he married Julie Elizabeth Kelly, born on Mar.31, 1952. They were divorced in 1991. Raymond and Julie had a son:
      1. Braydon James Nelson was born on Feb.15, 1985.
    2. Ronald James Nelson was born on Jun.26, 1947.6. He married twice, first on Apr.5, 1969, to Merilyn Fitzsimmons, born on Oct.30, 1948. They were divorced. On Oct.30, 1948, he married Sheryl Lynley. Ron's children:
      1. John Colin Nelson, son of Merilyn, was born on Sep.3, 1969, in Auckland.
      2. Gavin Edward Nelson, son of Merilyn, was born on Aug.17, 1971, in Auckland.
      3. Brent Robert Nelson, son of Merilyn, was born on Dec.28, 1974, in Auckland.
      4. a child of Sheryl's.
      5. Sarah Nelson, daughter of Sheryl.
  5. Florence Mabel Marguerita Miller was born on Nov.15, 1919, at her parents home on Factory Road, Pukekohe. She left Pukekohe School at the age of 14, became a housekeeper and later worked in the Hamilton Tearooms at Frankton Junction. Later she moved north and mended clothes for the boys at Kings College, Otahuhu. During WWII she packed meat at Westfield. Floss, as she was known, was a fine sportswoman. excelling at swimming and netball. The 21st birthday party for her at her parents home in Nelson Street, Pukekohe, was written up in the Franklin Times. On Nov.14, 1947, at her parents home, she married Thomas Harold Taylor, born in Urenui, New Plymouth, on Aug.6, 1908. During WWII, Tom worked at a plant that dehydrated food for the American forces. Later he worked for the Pukekohe Telephone Exchange and drove buses for Bun Barnaby. After their marriage they lived in the Pukekohe Transit Camp where their first four children were born. In 1951 they moved to 23 Victoria Street, Pukekohe. Tom died on Feb.11, 1994, and Floss on Nov.26, 1996. Their children:
    1. Ian Thomas Taylor was born in Pukekohe on Mar.9, 1948, and married Dianne Bunting. They had three children, Kirsten, Scott and Lisa Taylor.
    2. James Arthur Edward Taylor was born in Pukekohe on Apr.10, 1949. On Mar.30, 1970, he married Sandra Ellen Costello, born Nov.18, 1948, in Kaikoura. They had two children:
      1. Toni Ellen Taylor was born on Sep.28, 1970.
      2. Michael James Taylor was born on Dec.25, 1973.
    3. Rex Lewis Taylor was born in Pukekohe on Jul.2, 1950. On Jul.1, 1971, he married Susan Jayne Prater, born Dec.11, 1952, who died on Jun.3, 1996, in Papakura. Their children:
      1. Tracey Marie Taylor was born on May 12, 1974.
      2. Kylie Jayne Taylor was born on Sep.5, 1976.
    4. June Florence Taylor was born on Jun.14, 1951. On Aug.22, 1970, in Pukekohe Presbyterian Church she married William Edward Mountford, born Jan.7, 1948. They were divorced. They had four children:
      1. Angela June Mountford was born on Jun.20, 1971, in Pukekohe. On Feb.8, 1997, in Forget Me Knot Gardens, Pukekohe, she married Andrew Finlayson.
      2. Desly Louise Mountford was born on Mar.28, 1974, in Pukekohe.
      3. Jade Ronnelle Mountford was born on Mar.7, 1976, in Pukekohe.
      4. Shannon Mountford was born on Aug.1, 1979, in Pukekohe.
    5. Adele Ruth Taylor was born on Nov.16, 1952, in Pukekohe. On Oct.6, 1979, in Pukekohe Presbyterian Church she married Ian Donald Bell, born Feb.24, 1951, in Nelson. Their children:
      1. Sarah Marguerite Bell was born on Dec.15, 1984, in Auckland.
      2. Andrew Thomas Bell was born on Sep.21, 1990, in Auckland.
    6. Gary Kenneth Taylor was born on Apr.21, 1954, and, on Jan.22, 1981, married Zena Olivia Shelley, born May 23, 1958. They had one child, Kelly Taylor.
    7. Brian Sidney Taylor was born on Mar.27, 1956, in Pukekohe. On Jan.28, 1989, in the Pukekohe Registry Office, he married April Maree Kataraina Purua, born Jan.4, 1966 in Pukekohe. Their children:
      1. Harley Chanelle Mary Taylor was born on Apr.22, 1987, in Papatoetoe.
      2. Jordaniel Ben Tony Taylor was born on Feb.2, 1990, in Papatoetoe.
    8. Jennifer Marguerite Taylor was born on Feb.17, 1958, in Pukekohe. She married Nick Guernsey and they had a son:
      1. Jaye Nicholas Guernsey was born on Mar.5, 1990, in Perth, Australia.
    9. Alan Harold Taylor was born on Mar.26, 1959, in Pukekohe.
    10. Geoffrey Adan Taylor was born on Mar.26, 1959, in Pukekohe and married Jacqueline Marie Corrigan, born in 1964. They had two children:
      1. Amanda Marie Taylor.
      2. Hayley Elizabeth Taylor was born on Mar.9, 1995, in Pukekohe.
    11. Collins Taylor was born on Mar.26, 1959, in Pukekohe and died on the same day.
    12. Murray Robert Taylor was born on Nov.25, 1962, in Pukekohe and on Aug.31, 1985, in Tuakau married Julie Hilmer, born Dec.19, 1967 in Morrinsville. They were divorced. Their child:
      1. Blair Murray Taylor was born on Dec.19, 1987, in Pukekohe.
  6. Edward Stephen James Miller, known as Ted, was born in Pukekohe on Aug.20, 1921. After school in Pukekohe he worked as a spraypainter for Cooper & Crud, and then as a bus driver for NZ Road Services. In the late 1930s he played rugby (halfback) for the White Star club, for Pukekohe and for South Auckland. During WWII he saw active service as a driver with the 18th NZ Tank Transport Company, NZASC, 2nd NZEF. He also played rugby for various army teams. On Jan.19, 1952, at Pukekohe East, he married Ruth May Dora Yardley, born on Feb.28, 1929. Ted died on Jul.20, 1979, in Auckland and is buried in Pukekohe. Ruth died on Sep.11, 1985. They had four children:
    1. Sheryl Anne Miller was born on Aug.23, 1954, in Waiuku. On Dec.14, 1974, in the Methodist Church, she married Brett Raymond May, an engineer and company director born Oct.17, 1954, in Auckland. Later divorced, they had a son:
      1. Karl Raymond May was born Sep.30, 1979, in Takapuna.
    2. Barbara Carol Miller was born on Sep.29, 1958, in Pukekohe and on Dec.17, 1977, in Glenfield married Robert Douglas Johnson, born Jan.18, 1950. They had two children:
      1. Lloyd Robert Johnson was born Nov.17, 1982, in Auckland.
      2. Claire Natalie Johnson was born May 6, 1987, in Takapuna.
    3. Maureen Ruth Miller was born on Jul.28, 1961, in Pukekohe. On Sep.11, 1982, in the Pukekohe Presbyterian Church she married Stephen Graham Moss, born Jul.4, 1961, in Otahuhu. Their children:
      1. Andrew Graham Moss was born Feb.24, 1987, in Papatoetoe.
      2. Melanie Jane Moss was born Aug.27, 1989, in Papatoetoe.
    4. Deborah Kay Miller was born Jun.17, 1963, in Pukekohe and became a clerk. On Nov.19, 1983, in the Anglican Church, Pukekohe, she married Murray John Garland, a builder who was born on Oct.19, 1962. Their children:
      1. Mikaela Louise Garland was born Feb.16, 1990, in Perth, Western Australia.
      2. Stacey Marie Garland was born May 14, 1992, in Perth, Western Australia.
  7. Arnold John Miller was born on Oct.7, 1922, in Victoria Street, Pukekohe, and only lived for four days.
  8. Noel David Miller was born in Pukekohe on Sep.11, 1923. He lived with Mabel and Tony Plenda for about ten years and worked for many years as a lineman with the Post and Telegraph Department. On Nov.4, 1948, in the Cambridge Methodist Church, he married Lola May Morrow, born in Cambridge on Apr.25, 1927. Noel and Lola were divorced in 1951 and later Noel met Elizabeth Lyon Bankier ("Betty"), born on Nov.13, 1916, whom he married on Jan.19, 1963, in the Hamilton Presbyterian Church. After Betty died in Waikato on Jun.23, 1990, Noel sold his house in Hamilton and moved to Pukekohe where he stayed with his brother Digger for a while. Later he met Hazel McNeil, born Feb.8, 1925, in Ngaruawahia, and they were married on Dec.12, 1993, in Tauranga where they still live (1998).
  9. Valdor Stayte Miller, always known as Digger, was born in Pukekohe on May 26, 1925. As a result of a battle with polio when he was very young, Digger did not attend school until he was almost seven. Like most of his brothers and sisters, Digger was also farmed out to relatives since his parenst could not afford to pay for their education. Thus he attended school in Pukekohe and Kaipaki where he lived with his brother Mick and his wife Carol. After school he returned to Pukekohe where he lived with his parents and began work at Cressey's Cycle Works. In WWII he saw active service in the airforce and was based in Christchurch; after the war he returned to work for Cressey's. He also played rugby for Pukekohe and was chosen to represent Waikato; a serious injury ended a promising career. As a result he turned to administration of the sport, which he served faithfully for decades. He also enjoyed cricket and, later, bowls. On Feb.7, 1948, in St. James Presbyterian Church in Pukekohe, Digger married Cherrie Bourton Eng, born on Oct.26, 1927, in Te Kuiti. In 1952, Digger left Cressey's and worked as a mechanic for Cooper & Curd Motors. After 22 years there, he left and worked for Dunlop Tyres, managing their depot in Pukekohe. He retired in 1985. Cherrie died on Dec.4, 1994; Digger was still living in Pukekohe in 1998. Their children:
    1. Dianne Mae Miller was born on Sep.4, 1948, in Waiuku. On Oct.5, 1968, in Onehunga Presbyterian Church, she married Carey Raymond Green, born Aug.31, 1945, in Auckland who worked as a butcher and a wharf employee. Their children:
      1. Raymond Brent Green was born on Feb.17, 1969, in Auckland and became a telecom employee. On Feb.26, 1994, in Bay of Plenty Polytechnic he married Pauline Ann Jones. They have a son, Kieran Raymond Green, born Jul.26, 1997, in Tauranga.
      2. Kelvin Alex Green was born on Aug.29, 1970, in Auckland and became a sheetmetal worker.
      3. Leanne Gail Green was also born on Aug.29, 1970, in Auckland and became a bank teller. On Dec.31, 1995, in 1082 Omanawa Road, Tauranga, she married Brian Gary Breingan.
    2. Raewyn Gail Miller was born on Jan.3, 1950, in Waiuku. On Jan.3, 1970, in Pukekohe Presbyterian Church, she married Warren Edmund Fricker, born Jul.16, 1948. Their children:
      1. Rachael Fricker was born on May 2, 1971, in National Womens, Auckland. On Mar.14, 1992, in Pukekohe Anglican Church, she married Campbell Lyall Murray, a plumber born Aug.26, 1970. They have a daughter, Kaitlin Murray, born on Feb.13, 1997, in Pukekohe.
      2. Katrina Fricker was born on Apr.2, 1973, in National Womens, Auckland.
      3. Nicole Fricker was born on Sep.11, 1975, in National Womens, Auckland.
      4. Matthew Fricker was born on Oct.24, 1979, in National Womens, Auckland.
    3. Graeme George Miller was born on Aug.18, 1951, in Waiuku. He married three times: (1) in Nov.1971 in Pukekohe Methodist Church he married Glenda Banks; they were divorced (2) in Oct.1987 in Pukekohe Registry Office he married Angela Behan-Kitto and they separated in 1988 (3) Diane Hartley. Graeme's children:
      1. Brett Miller, son of the first marriage, was born on Feb.6, 1972.
      2. Ross Miller, son of the second marriage, was born on Mar.24, 1977, in Papakura.
      3. Garry Miller, son of the second marriage, was born on Oct.5, 1978, in Papakura.
      4. Scott Miller, son of the second marriage, was born on Oct.14, 1979, in Papakura.
    4. Glenis Anne Miller was born on Aug.18, 1951, in Waiuku and died on Dec.19, 1974, at 14 Horoika Ave., Mt. Eden.
    5. Ross Valdor Miller was born on Feb.25, 1955, in Waiuku. After school in Pukekohe, Ross became an apprentice presser with Findlays Dry Cleaners for whom he worked for 8 years. After a trip to Perth and Sydney in Australia, he worked at the Huntly Power Station construction project where he used to go to work by boat. On May 9, 1979, he married Maureen Anne O'Connor and they moved to Hamilton from Pukekohe but they were seperated in 1982. After a variety of short term jobs, Ross worked for the NZ Steel Development project for five years. During that time he met Anne Elizabeth McNally and they were married on Feb.9, 1985, in the Wesley Methodist Church, Pukekohe. They built a house in Hawke Place, Pukekohe. After several more jobs and a spell on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Ross returned to NZ where he became caretaker/cleaner at Wesley College in Paerata. Ross enjoys all sports, crosswords (excelling in various competitions) and genealogy. The remarkable construction of the Miller family tree of which this is a brief except is Ross's outstanding achievement. Ross and his first wife had a daughter:
      1. Jody Louise Miller was born on Mar.23, 1981, in Hamilton.
    6. Bruce Raymond Miller was born on Sep.24, 1957, in Pukekohe and on Jul.14, 1979, in Patumahoe married Annette King, born Feb.5, 1961. They were seperated in 1994. Their children:
      1. Kerrin Anne Miller was born on Jan.10, 1981, in Pukekohe.
      2. Tracey Maree Miller was born on Feb.24, 1983, in Pukekohe.
      3. Sheree Ellen Miller was born on Feb.12, 1985, in Pukekohe.
    7. Eric Roy Miller was born on Sep.10, 1959, in Pukekohe. On Mar.8, 1980, in the Methodist Church, Pukekohe, he married Sharron Patricia McNally, born Jun.10, 1959, in Pukekohe.
    8. Christine Cherrie Miller was born on Jan.21, 1962, in Pukekohe. On Aug.26, 1989, in the Presbyterian Church, Townsville, Australia, she married Shaun Stanfield, a plumber born Nov.1, 1960, in Townsville. Their children:
      1. Marshall Keith Stanfield was born on Jan.1, 1992, in Townsville.
      2. Callum James Stanfield was born on Apr.6, 1995, in Townsville.
    9. Carol Valerie Miller was born Jan.21, 1962 in Pukekohe and became a bank officer. On Sep.12, 1980, she married Kelvin Bartz, a galvanizer born Dec.15, 1959. They were divorced in 1985. In 1986 in Aitkenvale Uniting Church in Townsville, Australia, she married Colin John Watson, a boilermaker and grazier, born Mar.16, 1965, in Townsville. This second marriage produced two children:
      1. Karl Johnathan Watson was born on Apr.20, 1987, in Townsville.
      2. Lana Stacia Watson was born on Feb.27, 1989, in Townsville.
  10. James Ivo Miller was born in Hamilton on Jul.25, 1926, and, being farmed out, attended schools in Waiuku, Pukeoware and Karapiro. After school he worked on a farm, in a bakery and then for a long time as a grocer. Later he managed self-help stores in Auckland and Taumaranui. He enjoyed playing, coaching and later refereeing rugby. He enlisted in the army in 1950 and was shipped to the Korean War where he was a sergeant-major in the first commonwealth division. After returning home, on Aug.16, 1952, he married Beverly Ann Robinson (born May 16, 1932) in Mangakino. After 5 children, they were divorced. In 1956, he went to work for Tasman Pulp & Paper Company (later taken over by Fletcher Challenge) in Kawerau, retiring in 1986. Jim died on Oct.6, 1996, in Waikato and is buried in Kawerau. His children:
    1. Lynne Denise Miller was born on May 29, 1953, in Taupo and became a tutor. On Jan.29, 1972, in the Anglican Church, Kawerau, she married Peter Cook, a fitter and turner, born May 1, 1948, in Liverpool, England. Their children:
      1. Louise Denise Cook was born on Feb.13, 1986, in Kawerau.
      2. Liam Ernest Cook was born on Apr.25, 1990, in Whakatane.
    2. Gayle Ann Miller was born on Jun.25, 1954, in Mangakino. She married and then divorced Nelson Drummond, born in 1951. Their children:
      1. Joneen Ann Drummond was born on Sep.29, 1986.
      2. Dylan James Drummond was born on Apr.2, 1989.
    3. William James Miller was born on Jul.28, 1957, in Kawerau. In 1975 in Whakatane, he married Catherin Denise Turnbull, born May 12, 1955. They were divorced and, in 1982 in Kawerau, he married Diane Faye Pulis, born Nov.29, 1960. They were divorced but had two children:
      1. Isaac James Miller was born on May 14, 1980, in Kawerau.
      2. Daniel Ivo Miller was born on Feb.7, 1984, in Whakatane.
    4. Pauline June Miller was born on Nov.5, 1963, in Kawerau and married Bradley Old, born Mar.26, 1958. Pauline died on Oct.10, 1989.
    5. Wendy Elizabeth Miller was born on May 7, 1965, in Kawerau. On Mar.19, 1993, in 48b Garland Drive, Hamilton, she married Mark Old, a fitter and welder, born Apr.30, 1959, in Hawera. Their children:
      1. Luke Old was born on Sep.28, 1987, in Hamilton.
      2. Shannon Old was born on Aug.24, 1991.
  11. Keith Ian Miller was born on Nov.26, 1929, in Pukekohe and served in the Korean War. On Aug.21, 1954, in the Cambridge Anglican Church, he married Doreen Mary Blackburn, born May 17, 1935, in Cambridge. Their children:
    1. Neville Roy Miller was born on Jan.29, 1956, in Hamilton. On Feb.13, 1982, he married Sheryl Jane Hodson, born Mar.10, 1960, and they were divorced. On Mar.23, 1991, he married Susan Shirley Campbell in Auckland. Their children:
      1. Jason Thomas Hutchings Miller.
      2. Adam James Hutchings Miller.
      3. Daniel Ethan Hutchings Miller.
    2. Lynette Maree Miller was born on Dec.27, 1957, in Mangakino. On Apr.29, 1978, in the Cambridge Catholic Church, she married Antonius Wilhelmus Maria Martens, born Sep.5, 1956, in Cambridge. Their children:
      1. Amy Rebecca Martens was born Dec.21, 1980, in Cambridge.
      2. Cathi Maree Martens was born Sep.4, 1982, in Cambridge.
      3. Trent Anthony Martens was born Jun.26, 1986, in Cambridge.
      4. Nicholas Rob Martens was born Aug.2, 1988, in Cambridge.
    3. Geoffrey Ian Miller was born on Jan.19, 1959, in Cambridge and on Feb.10, 1979, married Jacqueline Anne Poulter, born Dec.3, 1958. Their children:
      1. Michael Antony Miller was born on Sep.27, 1976, in Cambridge.
      2. Kelli Leigh Miller was born on Jul.10, 1981, in Hamilton.


  1. Hilda Cleta Elvira Johnston was born on Jan.5, 1906, in Ellerslie. After school in Pukekohe, on Jun.18, 1929, in the St.Andrews Church in Pukekohe, she married Stephen Mitchell, a farmer born on Jul.31, 1902, in Naumai. Cleta died on Apr.8, 1965, Stephen on Sep.7, 1989, and they are buried together in Maunu Cemetery. Their children:
    1. Graeme Mitchell
    2. Joan Mitchell was born on Aug.27, 1937, in Te Kopuru. On Jun.17, 1966, in Whangerei, she married Rex William Whitelaw, born Aug.27, 1932, in Whangarei. Joan died on Jul.27, 1982, in Whangerei.
  2. Reginald Lenrick Johnston was born in Pukekohe on Aug.17, 1909. In 1930 in Albertland, Northland, he married Vera Elizabeth Elliot, born Jun.16, 1903, in Colac Bay, Invercargill. Reg died on Jun.16, 1991, in Middlemore Hospital and Vera passed away on Feb.4, 1995 in Otahuhu. Their children:
    1. Lenrick James Johnston was born on Jun.27, 1930, in Warkworth. After Auckland Grammar School he went to work as a panelbeater and later a foreman at New Zealand Motor Bodies. On Jun.7, 1952, in Ellerslie, he married Margaret Ethel Johnson, born Jul.8, 1932, in Hamilton. Len joined the Auckland Police Force in May, 1858, and served in the uniform branch in Newmarket and Panmure before becoming a detective in Auckland. Later he served in Otahuhu, Papakura and Queenstown. He was involved in the Crewe murder investigation in the early 1970s. Len died on Jun.11, 1978, at 32 Bradbury Road, Howick. Their children:
      1. Mark Lenrick Johnston was born on Apr.11, 1955, in Howick and became a managing director. On Nov.19, 1977, in Queenstown he married Jill Mary Sweeny; they divorced in 1986, On Dec.20, 1986, in Howick he married Ida Mary Jahnke. Len and Jill had a son, Lenrick Andrew Johnston, born Sep.19, 1979, in Auckland. Len and Ida had two children, Natasha Alexis Johnston, born Sep.4, 1990, in Palo Alto, California, and Mackenzie Lenrick Johnston, born Jul.9, 1992, in Palo Alto.
      2. Kerry Ethel Johnston was born on Sep.13, 1957, in Howick and became a lecturer. On Jul.19, 1980, in Howick she married Carey Thomas Heywood and they have two children, Thomas William Heywood, born Jan.6, 1990, in Howick and Annabel Margaret Heywood, born on Oct.22, 1992, in Howick.
    2. Eunice Lovaine Johnston was born on Nov.1, 1931, in Onehunga and became a machinist. On Aug.2, 1952, in Remuera she married Thomas Rex Mann, born Aug.31, 1929, in Otahuhu. Their children:
      1. Graham Mann was born on May 31, 1954, in Middlemore Hospital and became a contractor.
      2. Shelly Mann was born on Jul.6, 1957, in Otahuhu. Her first marriage on May 23, 1982, ended in divorce; it resulted in two children, Rebecca born on Aug.22, 1984, and David born on Feb.20, 1987. Her second marriage to Murray Edwards, an electrician, led to Alex Joseph Murray Edwards, born Sep.7, 1995.
      3. Adele Sandra Mann was born on Nov.5, 1959, in Papatoetoe. Her first child, Brian Mann, was born on Nov.2, 1980. On Nov.9, 1991, she married Brice McDermitt, a salesman, and they had a daughter, Abbey McDermitt, born Feb.12, 1994.
      4. Gail Elizabeth Mann was born on Jun.29, 1962, in Middlemore Hospital. On Oct.27, 1984, in Mangere, she married Sonny Rewha, a concrete contractor. They had four children, Mellissa Rewha, born Dec.2, 1987, Mereana Rewha, born Feb.28, 1991, Karlene Rewha, born Mar.31, 1992, and Te Huia Rewha, born Sep.13, 1993.
    3. Selwyn Reginald Johnston was born on Nov.20, 1932, in Pukekohe. On Oct.22, 1955, in Pt England, Auckland, he married Dulcie Edith Norrish, born Jan.19, 1935, in Frankton. Their children:
      1. Annette Elizabeth Johnston was born on Jul.3, 1957, in Howick and became a sales representative. She married Stephen Ronald Robertson in 1975 and they have two children, Brad Stephen Robertson, born in 1977, and Darnelle Amy Robertson, born in 1980.
      2. Craig Selwyn Johnston was born on Aug.29, 1958, in Howick and married Lia Rona Rapana. They had two children: Carli Elizabeth Johnstonr, born in 1977, who married Ian Wayne Kebble and had two children, Celeste Brooke Kebble (born in 1994) and Ethan Sheldon Kebble (born in 1996) and Leon Craig Johnston, born in 1980.
      3. Bruce Hilton Johnston was born on Aug.16, 1963, in Howick and became a carpenter. He married Deanna May McIsaac in 1987.
    4. Bernard Cyril Johnston was born in Apr., 1933, and married Phyllis Caldwell. Bernard died on Apr.20, 1988, in Westport. Their children:
      1. Tina Johnston had a child named Lutha.
    5. Noel Johnston was born in 1935 and married Beverly Margaret Greer in 1963. Their children:
      1. Leigh Johnston was born on Mar.22, 1963, in Otahuhu and married Mark Johnson. They had three children: Jaimee Lee Johnson, born on Jun.26, 1983, Toni Marie Johnson, born on Dec.10, 1984, and Ashleigh Johnson, born on Aug.30, 1990.
      2. Tony Johnston was born on May 13, 1966, in Otahuhu and married Diana Broadley. They had two children, Kurt Johnston, born on Apr.25, 1989, and Aimee Johnston, born on Oct.31, 1990.
    6. Robin G. Johnston, known as Sam, was born in Feb., 1937, and in 1957 married Gertrude Margaret Ngarama Robb, born in 1940. Gertrude died on May 13, 1988, at her home at Ahuroa Road, Waipu. Robin died on Feb.8, 1993, at Northland Base Hospital.
    7. Trevor Neil Johnston was born on Oct.19, 1939, in Pukekohe. His first marriage in 1963 to Girlie Wahinerongokino Rehu ended in divorce. Then he married Gaylene Thelma Johnston. His children with Girlie:
      1. Neil Shane Johnston was born on Nov.1, 1963, in St.Marys Hospital, Otahuhu.
      2. Clinton Samuel Johnston was born on Aug.4, 1965, in Howick.
      3. Luke Douglas Johnston was born on Jul.17, 1967, in Howick.
      4. Scott Kerikoritannamihirangi Johnston was born on Aug.24, 1972, in Auckland.
  3. Cyril Neil Johnston was born on Nov.25, 1911. After school in Pukekohe he served in WWII as a private with the 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force. He never married and died suddenly in Auckland Hospital on Apr.7, 1955. He is buried in Pukekohe.
  4. Hector Trevor Johnston, known as Tui, was born on Mar.21, 1914. After school in Pukekohe he worked in various shops in Pukekohe and Whangerei. On Nov.7, 1939, in the Trinity Congregational Church, Whangerei, he married Ettie Nina (Pat) Smith. Hector died on Sep.2, 1984, in Whangerei. Their children:
    1. Ngaire Marion Johnston married Lynn James Catterick in 1960. Their children:
      1. Dean Michael Catterick was born in 1962 in Whangerei.
      2. Shane James Catterick was born in 1964 in Christchurch.
      3. Leeann Marie Catterick was born in 1969 in Taihape.
    2. Brian Johnston had a son Craig Johnston.
    3. Kevin Johnston married Glenys ? and had two children, Stacey Johnston and Kris Johnston.
    4. Jennifer Johnston


  1. John Brennan Plenda was born on Mar.10, 1927, in Thames, attended Tapu Primary School and Thames High School where he played rugby (after school he continued to enjoy rugby for some years). He learnt the building and joining trades in Thames after WWII. He lived at Tapu and then moved to Tairua where he set up his own building business, initially with only one employee. On Jul.30, 1960, in St.James Methodist Church, Thames, he married Thelma Alice Puett who was the local postmistress. Thelma had a son, Duncan Prescott Puett, by a previous marriage (Duncan was transport owner driver who married Carolyn Walker and had two children, Ross and Sarah Puett). Brennan's business employed 9 men at one time; one of his building projects was the community church at Pauanui. He gave up the business in 1985. Brennan was much involved in his community, with the fire brigade, the Lions Club and the Tairua Country Club; he served as captain of the Golf Club. Thelma died at their home in Tairua on Dec.17, 1986, and Brennan passed away on Feb.2, 1998.

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