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This chronicle of the BADGER family and particularly that branch of which the author is a part was compiled from a number of sources during 2008-2010. It does not pretend to be a history but merely a collection of notes. I hope it is reasonably accurate. I regret any unsuspected errors or omissions and hope that they will be brought to my attention by readers. Chapters are devoted to direct ancestors and their brothers and sisters. The descendents of these siblings are all described immediately following the individuals. Chapters are also devoted to matrilineal ancestors such as the Carnaghans, Millers, Woodburns, Fyffes and Porterfields. Note that the chapters only contain reconstructed family trees and details on some of the individuals who belong to our family. The appendices contain additional reconstructed histories or notes which may or may not relate to our family. On the other hand, the datafiles at the end are simply a record of some of the raw information which was gathered during the research; much of that may have no connection to our family.

Many people contributed information that has been incorporated into these chronicles. I am particularly indebted to Anne Hobbs and Bill English who provided large portions of the histories of the emigrant Badger families in England and in Canada as well as the memoirs of Elizabeth Finlay Brown. Anne Rankin and Janet Miller provided a wealth of information on the Miller and Woodburn families and Les Fyffe did the same for the Fyffe family. To these and many more I am most grateful.

Christopher Earls Brennen
December 2009

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