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Datafile 9D. Woodburn Deaths

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Woodburn deaths in various records. Details of some of these are included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s)  Surname    AreaYear  Ref. Ch.
Emily Woodburn Limerick 1897[d]*
George Woodburn Londonderry   1947[d]*
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The second part of this section contains details of some of the deaths listed above:


A listing of the abstracts of wills mostly taken from the PRONI website:



First Garvagh Presbyterian Church, Old Graveyard (just east of town centre on right):

WOODBURN. Erected by George Woodburn of Garvagh in memory of his daughter MARY, died 15th May 1868 aged 2 years. His son ROBERT, died 22nd Nov. 1894 aged 18. Also the above George Woodburn died 13th Apr. 1907 aged 84 years. "Peace, Perfect Peace". Also his wife Mary died 12th May 1910. "He giveth his beloved sleep". Matthew Woodburn died 13th June 1936 aged 68 years. Lila Woodburn died 4th Dec. 1979 aged 100 years. Mary E.B. Woodburn died 10th March 1970 aged 57 years.


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