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Datafile 9B. Woodburn Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Woodburn births in various records. Details of some of these are included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s)  Surname  AreaYearRef. Ch.
Alexander Woodburn Garvagh1796 [f]
Jean Woodburn Garvagh1798 [f]
James Woodburn Garvagh1798 [f]
Matthew Woodburn Garvagh1800 [f]
Alexander Woodburn Garvagh1800 [f]
George Woodburn Garvagh1801 [f]
John Woodburn Garvagh1807 [f]
Elizabeth Woodburn Garvagh1808 [f]
Agnus Woodburn Garvagh1811 [f]
Mary Ann Woodburn Garvagh1822 [f]
Isabella Woodburn Garvagh1823 [f]
Jane Woodburn Garvagh1823 [f]
George Woodburn Garvagh1823 [f]
John Woodburn Garvagh1824 [f]
Mary Ann Woodburn Garvagh1824 [f]
Robert Woodburn Garvagh1825 [f]
John Woodburn Garvagh1825 [f]
Matthew Woodburn Garvagh1825 [f]
Mary Ann Woodburn Garvagh1826 [f]
Elizabeth Woodburn Garvagh1826 [f]
Matthew Woodburn Garvagh1826 [f]
Mary Woodburn Garvagh1827 [f]
Mary AnnWoodburn Garvagh1827 [f]
MargaretWoodburn Garvagh1827 [f]
IsabellaWoodburn Garvagh1828 [f]
RobertWoodburn Garvagh1828 [f]
ElizabethWoodburn Garvagh1828 [f]
MargaretWoodburn Garvagh1828 [f]
PaulWoodburn Garvagh1830 [f]
Alexander SmythWoodburn Garvagh1830 [f]
AgnesWoodburn Garvagh1831 [f]
JamesWoodburn Garvagh1831 [f]
WilliamWoodburn Garvagh1832 [f]
John?Woodburn Garvagh1832 [f]
JohnWoodburn Garvagh1832 [f]
WilliamWoodburn Garvagh1834 [f]
JohnWoodburn Garvagh1834 [f]
ElizabethWoodburn Garvagh1834 [f]
JaneWoodburn Garvagh1835 [f]
RichardWoodburn Garvagh1836 [f]
JohnWoodburn Garvagh1836 [f]
James WillsonWoodburn Garvagh1836 [f]
Mary AnnWoodburn Garvagh1836 [f]
IsabellaWoodburn Garvagh1837 [f]
MaryWoodburn Garvagh1837 [f]
ElizabethWoodburn Garvagh1838 [f]
Matthew WilliamWoodburn Garvagh1838 [f]
AnnWoodburn Garvagh1838 [f]
ElizabethWoodburn Garvagh1838 [f]
JohnWoodburn Garvagh1839 [f]
EllinWoodburn Garvagh1841 [f]
IsabellaWoodburn   Garvagh  1840   [c]  
EllinWoodburn Garvagh1841 [f]
MathewWoodburn Garvagh1841 [c]
Sarah JaneWoodburn Garvagh1842 [c]
Anne Woodburn Garvagh1843 [c]
Mary Jane Woodburn Garvagh1843 [c]
John Woodburn Garvagh1843 [c]
William Woodburn Garvagh1845 [c]
Ellen Woodburn Garvagh1847 [c]
Nancy Martha Woodburn Garvagh1848 [c]
Anne Jane Woodburn Garvagh1860 [c]
Martha Elizabeth   Woodburn Garvagh1862 [c]
George Woodburn Garvagh1864 [c]
Mathew Woodburne Cork1864 [a]
Isabella Browne   Woodburne   Coleraine1864[a]
Annie Barkley Woodburn Bushmills1865[a]
Matthew Woodburn Belfast1866[a]
Sussanna ElizabethWoodburne Cork1866 [a]
Rachel Woodburn Garvagh1866 [c]
Mary Woodburn Garvagh1866 [c]
Matthew Wood Woodburn Coleraine1866 [c]
GeorgeWoodburn Portrush1867[a]
Mathew Woodburn  BrownGarvagh1867[a]
Nancy Woodburn Garvagh1868 [c]
Matthew Woodburn Garvagh1868 [c]
Nancy Woodburn Garvagh1868 [c]
female Woodburn Coleraine1869 [c]
Jane Woodburn Portrush1869 [a]
Julia Woodburne Londonderry  1869 [a]
Elizabeth MaryWoodburne Cork1869 [a]
Mathew WoodburnWilson Londonderry1869 [a]
Mary Woodburn Garvagh1870 [c]
Mary GeorginaWoodburn Portrush1871 [a]
William Woodburn Garvagh1871 [c]
Robert Woodburn Garvagh1871 [c]
James BarkleyWoodburn Portrush1872 [a]
JannetteWoodburne Coleraine1872 [a]
SarahWoodburne Cork1872 [a]
AlexanderWoodburne Coleraine1873 [a]
William Woodburn Garvagh1873 [c]
Martha Elizabeth Woodburn Garvagh1873 [c]
William Woodburn Garvagh1873 [c]
ElizabethWoodburn Portrush1874 [a]
Thomas GoodWoodburne Cork1874 [a]
Robert Woodburn Garvagh1875 [c]
Mary AnneWoodburne Dublin1876 [a]
[a] LDS Records.
[c] Emerald Ancestor Records.
[d] Records of First Strabane Presbyterian Church.
[e] Records of Camus Church.
[f] Records of First Garvagh Presbyterian Church.

The second part of this section contains details of some of the births listed above:


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