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Datafile 8C. Miller Marriages

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Miller marriages in various records. Details of some of these are included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s)  Surname  AreaYearRef. Ch.
JaneMiller Ballyclog 1839 [f]
MaryMiller   Strabane   1845   [c]
FannyMiller Strabane 1848 [c]
ArmorMiller Strabane 1848 [c]
JamesMiller Strabane 1849 [c]
ElizaMiller Strabane 1850 [c]
Frances JaneMiller Strabane 1851 [c]
MaryMiller Strabane 1851 [c]
MargaretMiller Londonderry 1852 [d]
ElizaMiller Strabane 1853 [c]
MaryMiller Strabane 1854 [c]
Patterson  Miller Strabane 1854 [c]
SarahMiller Strabane 1854 [c]
Mary J.Miller Strabane 1854 [c]
AndrewMiller Strabane 1855 [c]
MarthaMiller Strabane 1855 [c]
MargretMiller Strabane 1857 [c]
ElizaMiller Strabane 1859 [c]
MatildaMiller Strabane 1859 [c]
JohnMiller Strabane 1860 [c]
ElizaMiller Strabane 1860 [c]
ThomasMiller Strabane 1861 [c]
DavidMillar Coleraine 1861 [c]
ArthurMiller Strabane 1863 [c]
MaryMiller Strabane 1863 [c]
MatildaMiller Strabane 1864 [c]
MaryMiller Strabane 1864 [c]
RowleyMiller Cookstown 1864 [c]
RebeccaMiller Strabane 1865 [c]
WilliamMiller Strabane 1866 [c]
RobertMiller Strabane 1867 [c]
MosesMiller Strabane 1867 [c]
JohnMiller Strabane 1868 [c]
JohnMiller Strabane 1871 [c]
RobertMiller Leckpatrick 1871 [b]
ThomasMiller Strabane 1874 [c]
Sarah JaneMiller Strabane 1875 [c]
JosephMiller Londonderry 1876 [c]
MargaretMiller Strabane 1889 [c]
ThomasMiller Strabane 1889 [c]
MathewMiller Strabane 1890 [c]
Anna R.Miller Strabane 1895 [c]
Thomas S.Miller Strabane 1896 [c]
William ThomasMiller Londonderry 1864 [c]
IsabellaMiller Irvinestown 1896 [c]
AgnesMiller Irvinestown 1903 [c]
Margaret AnneMiller Strabane 1904 [c]
WilliamMiller Strabane 1905 [c]
ThomasMiller Strabane 1907 [c]
Sarah J.Miller Strabane 1911 [c]
MargaretMiller Strabane 1911 [c]
DavidMiller Leckpatrick 1911 [b]
Margaret L.Miller Strabane 1915 [c][b]
Robert JamesMiller Strabane 1915 [c]
John W.Miller Strabane 1916 [c]
AlexanderMiller Strabane 1920 [c]
IsabellaMiller Strabane 1921 [c]
John A.L.Miller Leckpatrick 1926 [b]
JosephMiller Strabane 1930 [c]
MargaretMiller Strabane 1932 [c]
[a] LDS Records.
[b] Leckpatrick Presbyterian Church Records.
[c] Emerald Ancestors Records.
[d] From the Londonderry Sentinel 1829-69.
[f] Records of Brigh Presbyterian Church, Ballyclog, Co.Tyrone.

The second part of this section contains details of some of the marriages listed above:

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