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Datafile 2D. Badger Deaths

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Badger entries in the index of the registered deaths and other records as indicated. Also shown are the year with the volume and page number of the registration. An asterisk indicates a case in which the full record has been consulted and details included in the second part of this section.

1st Name [Age] Surname   Area Year Ref. Ch.
Chelly Badger Killyberry 1870 [g]
Robert Badger Killyberry 1876 [g]
Nathaniel Badger Kansas 1877 [a]
Sarah Badger Kansas 1878 [a]
Mary Badger Broagh, Co.Derry 1879 [c]
Jane Badger Michigan, USA 1887 [f]
Reginald BadgerWorcester1897 [d]
Mary Badger Killyberry, Downing, Co.Derry   1898    [c]
James Badger Gortagilly, Co.Derry 1904 [c]
Mary Jane(Badger) Porter Knockloughrim, Co.Derry1905 [g]
Mary JaneBadger Curran, Co. Derry 1905 [g]
George Badger Michigan, USA 1907 [f]
Mary Badger Michigan, USA 1908 [f]
Mary AnnHanlon Franklin, Ohio, USA 1908 See below
William Badger Curran, Co. Derry 1911 [g]
Sarah (Badger) Mawhaney Michigan, USA 1915 [f]
WilliamBadger Megargy, Co.Derry 1916 [c]
Elizabeth Badger Castledawson 1921 [g]
Robert Badger Boyle, Roscommon 1922 [a]
William H. Badger Michigan, USA 1922 [f]
John E. Hanlon Michigan, USA 1922 [f]
EdwardBadger Michigan, USA 1923 [f]
John Badger Michigan, USA 1925 [f]
Mary Jane (Badger) Evans Castledawson 1929 [g]
Norah Badger Co.Galway 1938 [d]
John Badger England 1941 [d]
Martin Badger Co.Galway 1945 [d]
Edward Badger Castledawson 1946 [g]
Annie Badger 1954 [a]
Elizabeth Badger Co.Galway 1961 [d]
Mary Thompson Evans Castledawson 1990 [g]
Edward Evans Castledawson 2003 [g]
Mary Badger Moneymore 2012 [e]
[a] LDS Records.
[c] Emerald Ancestors.
[e] Newspaper announcement
[g] Magherafelt Genealogy website

The second part of this section contains details of some of the deaths listed above:



St. Swithin's Parish Church, Magherafelt, County Londonderry:

BADGER. In loving memory of Edward Badger, died Oct.25, 1967, aged 80 and his wife Bessie, died Mar.18, 1994, aged 90. Also 3 children, Bessie, Samuel and Edward. Also their daughter-in-law Anna May, died Apr.17, 2001, aged 70. Also daughter Margaret died Aug.25, 2003, aged 56.

Lecumpher Presbyterian Church, Desertmartin, County Londonderry:

BADGER. The burying ground of Badger family of Dunarnon and Megargy.

VANCE. Three identical gravestones next to each other: [1] VANCE. Precious memories of baby Jonathan Richard died 9th May 1996 aged 5 days. Baby Matthew died 2nd Feb. 1998 aged 8 days. [2] VANCE. In loving memory of a devoted husband and father William Keith died 24th April 2000 aged 37. [3] VANCE. In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother Maisie died 10th June 2009 aged 70.

Curran Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Co. Derry:

BADGER. Erected by John Badger, Broagh, in memory of his beloved wife Mary Jane Badger who died Apr.5, 1905, aged 66 years, and his daughter Mary Jane Badger who died Jan.4, 1905, aged 28 years. Also the above-named John Badger who died Jul.20, 1925, aged 88 years. Also their son John Badger who died Jul.24, 1937, aged 65 years and their son James Badger who died Oct.27, 1955, aged 83 years.

BADGER. Erected by John Badger in memory of his brother William who died May 3, 1911, aged 75 years and his sister Matilda who died May 2, 1902, aged 54 years. Sister Elizabeth Woods who died Sep.18, 1892, aged 56 years and his son Samuel who died Feb.15, 1946, aged 84 years.

Castledawson Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Co. Derry:

BADGER. Erected by Edward Badger in memory of his wife Elizabeth Badger died Jun.10, 1921,aged 45 years. Also his daughter Mary Jane Evans died Sep.13, 1929, aged 30 years. The abov-named Edward Badger died Mar.27, 1948, aged 85 years. Also Mary Thompson (Dot) Evans died Jan.4, 1990, aged 65 years and her husband Edward Evans died Nov.10, 2003, aged 81 years.

Knockloughrim Presbyterian Church Graveyard, Co. Derry:

PORTER. PORTER, Tivaconavey. In loving memory of Robert Porter died Mar.27, 1949. His wives: Isabella Montgomery, died Apr. 2, 1945, Mary Jane Badger died Jan.4, 1905. Also his brothers David, died Mar.10, 1927, John died Jul.20, 1945. Erected by his son Thomas W. Porter.

St. Tida's Church of Ireland, Co. Derry:

BADGER. Erected in memory of Robert Badger of Killyberry who fell asleep in Jesus on 28th January 1876 aged 91 years. Also his beloved wife Chelly who died in the Lord on the 8th of August 1870 aged 82 years.



Abstracts of wills mostly taken from the PRONI website:

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