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Datafile 2B. Badger Births

The first part of this section is a listing of some of the Badger births in various records. Details of some of these are included in the second part of this section.

First Name(s)  SurnameAreaYearRef. Ch.
William Badger Co.Derry 1770 [a]
Nathaniel Badger Magherafelt 1773 [d]
James Badger Magherafelt 1779 [d]
Edward Badger Ireland 1794 See Apdx2f
James Badger Magherafelt 1813 [d]
John Badger Magherafelt 1815 [d]
Rosana Badger Magherafelt 1818 [d]
William Badger Magherafelt 1820
William Badger Co.Derry 1828 [a]
Daniel Badger Moneymore 1828 [h]
George James Badger Limerick 1830 [i]
Thomas Badger Moneymore 1830 [h]
James Badger 1831 [a]
James Badger Arboe c.1832 [a]
Nathaniel Badger Co.Derry 1833 [a]
Margaret Badger Magherafelt 1835 [d]
John Wallace Magherafelt 1835 [d]
Anne Badger Magherafelt 1837 [k]
Isabella Badger Magherafelt 1837 [k]
Edward Badger Ireland 1837 See Apdx2f
Jane Badger Magherafelt 1838 [k]
Elizabeth Badger Magherafelt 1839 [k]
Mary Badger Magherafelt 1839 [d]
Annie Badger Co.Derry 1840 [a]
Sarah Jane Badger Co.Derry 1842 [a]
William Badger Magherafelt 1842 [k]
Sarah Jane Badger Magherafelt 1842 [k]
James Badger Magherafelt 1844 [c]
Elizabeth Badger Co.Derry 1844 [a]
David Badger Co.Derry 1845 [a]
Anne Badger Magherafelt 1845 [k]
Jane Badger Magherafelt 1845 [k]
Thomas Badger Magherafelt 1847 [k]
Margaret Badger Co.Derry 1849 [a]
Eliza Badger Lecumpher 1850 [f]
Sophia Badger Magherafelt 1850 [k]
James Badger Lecumpher 1852 [f]
Margaret Badger Lecumpher 1854 [f]
Ann Badger Magherafelt 1854 [c]
Jane Badger Magherafelt 1854 [k]
Robert Badger Lecumpher 1855 [f]
Sarah Jane Badger Lecumpher 1857 [f]
Mary Badger Magherafelt 1858 [c]
Margaret Jane Badger Lecumpher 1859 [f]
SarahBadgerArboe, Co.Tyrone1859 [a]
William Badger Magherafelt 1860 [c]
Rebecca JaneBadgerArboe, Co.Tyrone1860 [a]
Arabella Sophia Badger Lecumpher 1861 [f]
William JamesBadgerArboe, Co.Tyrone1862 [a]
Jane Badger Magherafelt 1862 [c]
Jane Badger Saltersland 1863 [g]
Benjamin Badger Magherafelt 1864 [c]
MatildaBadger Bellaghy 1864 [a]
male Badger Moneymore 1864 [a]
JohnBadgerArboe, Co.Tyrone1864 [a]
JamesBadger Maghera 1865 [a]
ElizabethBadger Bellaghy 1865 [a]
Andrew McFarland Saltersland 1865 [g]
Sarah Jane McFarland Saltersland 1865 [g]
NancyBadgerArboe, Co.Tyrone1866 [a]
Ann Badger Cookstown 1866 [c]
? Badger Magherafelt 1866 [c]
WilliamBadger Co.Derry 1867 [a]
HenryBadger Co.Longford 1867 [a]
DavidBadgerArboe, Co.Tyrone1868 [a]
NathanielBadgerCookstown1868 [a][c]
Mary Anne Badger Magherafelt 1868 [c]
Margaret Badger Magherafelt 1868 [c]
Mary Jane Carnaghan Magherafelt 1868 [c]
Annie BadgerStewartstown, Co.Tyrone1869 [a]
Annie Badger Magherafelt 1870 [c]
Mary AnnBadger Moneymore 1870 [c][j]
Mary Badger Co.Derry 1870 [a]
Annie Badger Saltersland 1870 [g]
DavidBadgerCo.Tyrone1871 [a]
David Badger Cookstown 1871 [c]
Thomas Badger Magherafelt 1871 [c]
Sarah Badger Magherafelt 1871 [c]
John Badger Magherafelt 1871 [c]
? Badger Cookstown 1872 [c]
George Badger Magherafelt 1872 [c]
William George Badger Moneymore 1872 [j]
Isabella Walker Badger Saltersland 1872 [g]
Matilda Badger Magherafelt 1873 [c]
James Badger Magherafelt 1873 [c]
Thomas Wilson Badger Magherafelt 1873 [a][c]
Thomas Wilson Badger Saltersland 1873 [g]
George Badger Moneymore 1873 [j]
Thomas Badger Moneymore 1874 [c][j]
Maria Badger Co.Derry 1875 [a]
Maria Badger Saltersland 1875 [g]
Mary Badger Broagh, Co.Derry 1875 [a]
Robert John Badger Co.Derry 1876 [a]
JaneBadgerTamlaghtmore, Co.Tyrone1877 [a]
Samuel StoreyBadgerDruminard, Co.Derry1877[a]
Samuel Story Badger Saltersland 1877 [g]
Maggie Badger Lecumpher 1879 [f]
Jane Badger Co.Derry 1881 [a]
Elizabeth Badger Lecumpher 1885 [f]
James Badger Lecumpher 1887 [f]
Samuel Badger Lecumpher 1890 [f]
Anna Bella Badger Lecumpher 1891 [f]
Samuel Badger Lecumpher 1894 [f]
Robert Badger Lecumpher 1897 [f]
Elizabeth Badger Lecumpher 1908 [f]
William James Badger Lecumpher 1911 [f]
Maggie Marion Badger Lecumpher 1913 [f]
James Badger Lecumpher 1852 [f]
Sarah Elizabeth Paul Lecumpher 1908 [f]
Regina Mawhinney Saltersland 1920 [g]
[a] LDS Records.
[c] Emerald Ancestors.
[d] Records of First Magherafelt Presbyterian Church, Co.Londonderry.
[f] Records of Lecumpher Presbyterian Church, Desertmartin, Co.Londonderry.
[g] Records of Saltersland Presbyterian Church, Ardtrea.
[h] Records of First Moneymore Presbyterian Church.
[j] Records of Second Moneymore Presbyterian Church.
[k] Records of St.Swithins Parish Church, Magherafelt.

The second part of this section contains details of some of the births listed above:

The third part of this section contains more of the details of some of the births listed above.

Parents:Place:Date:Child's Name:
Nathaniel Badger and    Ballyeglish, Co.Derry Nov.23,1828    William
Sarah (Clarke) Ireland 1831    James
Ballyeglish, Co.Derry Aug.18,1833    Nathaniel
Artrea Parish, Co.Derry May 26,1840    Annie
Ballyeglish, Co.Derry May 22,1842    Sarah Jane
Co.Derry Aug.25,1844    Elizabeth
Co.Derry Nov.8,1845    David
Co.Derry Oct.22,1849    Margaret
Sarah BadgerTamlaghtmore, Arboe, Tyrone c.1832    James
James Badger and Arboe, Co.Tyrone Apr.1,1859    Sarah
Sarah (Hamilton) Arboe, Co.Tyrone May 21,1860    Rebecca Jane
Arboe, Co.Tyrone Mar.27,1862    William James
Stewartstown, Co.Tyrone Apr.12,1864    John
Arboe, Co.Tyrone May 3,1866    Nancy
Arboe, Co.Tyrone Aug.21,1868    David
Co.Tyrone Aug.21,1868    Nathaniel
Tamlaghtmore, Co.Tyrone May 3, 1869    Annie
Co.Tyrone Jan.6, 1871    David
Co.Tyrone Oct.30, 1872    ?
Tamlaghtmore, Co.Tyrone Jun.4, 1877    Jane
John Badger and Moneymore, Co. Derry Feb.19,1858    Mary
Jane (Crooks) Moneymore, Co. Derry Mar.19,1860    William
Moneymore, Co. Derry Jul.28,1862    Jane
Moneymore, Co. Derry Mar.23,1864    Benjamin
Moneymore, Co. Derry May 14,1866    Rachel
Moneymore, Co. Derry Jun.27,1868    Margaret
Moneymore, Co. Derry Feb.25,1871    Thomas
Moneymore, Co. Derry Nov.28,1873    George
Robert Badger and Bellaghy, Co. Derry Nov.14,1865    Elizabeth
Mary Anne (Church)Magherafelt Jun.14,1868Mary Anne
Magherafelt Jan.21,1871Sarah
Bellaghy Aug.20,1873Matilda
Co.Derry Mar.13,1876Robert John
Edward Badger and Maghera, Co. Derry Mar.20,1865    James
Maryann (Winton)
John Badger and Bellaghy, Co. Derry Dec.23,1864    Matilda
Mary (Hood) Bellaghy, Co. Derry Mar.7,1867    William
Bellaghy, Co. Derry Nov.28,1871    John
Bellaghy, Co. Derry Jun.12,1873    James
Broagh, Co. Derry Jan.10,1875    Mary
Henry Thomas Badger   Co. Longford Nov.12,1867    Henry
and Mary Anne (Laxey)
William Badger and Moneymore, Co. Derry Dec.15,1870    Mary Ann
Jane (McGuckian) Moneymore, Co.Derry Nov.18,1872George
Moneymore, Co.Derry May 5,1874Thomas
Ballygruby, Co.Derry Feb.13,1881Jane
James Badger and Magherafelt Aug.21,1870    Annie
Maria (Carnaghan) Magherafelt Aug.19,1873    Thomas Wilson
Co. Derry Apr.10,1875Maria
Druminard, Co.Derry Apr.13,1877Samuel Storey

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