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Datafile 2A. Badger Records



The "History of Magherafelt" by W.H.Maitland contains the following references to members of the Badger family:


The Griffith Valuation of 1858-59 contains the following Badger listings in County Derry:

The Griffith Valuation of 1851 contains the following Badger and Miller listings in County Tyrone:

The Griffith Valuation of 185? contains the following Badger listings in County Roscommon:


The following are found in the records of immigration to New York:


The signers of the Ulster Covenant on Sep.28, 1912, include the following:


The 1901 Census contains the following references to Badger families. Abbreviations: Pres = Presbyterian, Meth = Methodist, CofE = Church of Ireland, RoCa = Roman Catholic, Chr = Christian Church, RW = read and write, RO = read only, NR = neither read nor write, UM = unmarried, MA = married, WI = widow or widower, HD = head or husband, WI = wife, SO = son, DA = daughter, NE = nephew or neice, AU = aunt, UN = uncle, SI = sister, BR = brother, SL = son-in-law or sister-in-law, DL = daughter-in-law, GS = grandson, GD = granddaughter, SE = servant, BO = boarder.

NameAge  Pos.  Relig.  B-place   Occupation  Lit.  Marr.
House 15 in Goldsmith Street, Inns Quay, Dublin:
Alexander Smith 32 HD CofE Dublin Engineer Model Maker RW MA
Annie Smith 32 WI CofE Dublin - RW MA
Robert William Smith 6 SO CofE Dublin Scholar RW UM
Margaret McGrath 30 BO RoCa CoTip Drapery Asst. RW UM
Samuel Story Badger 23 BO Pres CoDer Chemists Asst. RW UM
House 5 in Nth Summer Street, Mountjoy, Dublin:
Thomas Duncan 74 HD Pres CoDer Dealer in Window Glass RW MA
Sarah Duncan 63 WI Pres King's Co. - RW MA
Robert Parker 22 NE Ply.Br. Co.Cork Watchmaker RW UM
Frederick Parker 18 NE Ply.Br. U.S.A. Bog Copyist: H.M.Stationery RW UM
Annie Badger 30 VI Pres CoDer Hospital Nurse RW UM
House 4 in Gortagilly, Ballymoghan, Co.Derry:
James Badger 56 HD Pres CoDer Farmer + Grocer RW MA
Eliza Badger 80 MO Pres CoDer Retired Grocer RW Widow
Mary Jane Badger 40 WI Pres CoDer - RW MA
Samuel John Badger 19 SO Pres CoDer Grocer RW UM
Eliza Ann Badger 18 DA Pres CoDer Grocer RW UM
William James Badger 17SO Pres CoDer Farmer RW UM
Sara Jane Badger 14 DA Pres CoDer School RW UM
Rober James Colvin 23 SE CofE CoDer Farm Servant RW UM
House 5 in Dunarnon, Ballymoghan, Co.Derry:
James Badger 49 HDPres CoDer Farmer RW MA
Eliza Badger 48 WI Pres CoDer - RW MA
Maggie Badger22DAPres CoDer Seamstress RW UM
William Badger20SOPresCoDerFarmer's sonRW UM
John Badger18SOPresCoDer Grocers Asst. RW UM
Sarah Badger 17DA Pres CoDerSeamstress RW UM
Lizzie Badger 15DAPres CoDer Scholar RW UM
James Badger 13 SO Pres CoDer Scholar RW UM
Bella Badger 9 DA Pres CoDer Scholar RW UM
Robert Badger 4 SO Pres CoDer ScholarNR UM
Thomas Badger 2 SO Pres CoDerNRUM
House 5 in Broagh, Rocktown, Londonderry:
John Badger64HDPresCoDerFarmerRWMA
Mary Badger 63 WI Pres CoDer - RWMA
William Badger30SOPresCoDerLabourerRW MA
John Badger 28 SO Pres CoDer Labourer RW NM
James Badger 26 SO Pres CoDer Labourer RW NM
Mary Badger 20 DA Pres CoDer Labourer RW NM
Annie Badger 19 DA Pres CoDer Farmer's daughterRWNM
Sarah Badger 18 DA Pres CoDer Farmer's daughterRWNM
Nancy Speers 8NEPres CoDer Scholar RWNM
House 6 in Broagh, Rocktown, Londonderry:
William Badger 60 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW NM
Matilda Badger 50 SI Pres CoDer Housemaid RW NM
House 2 in Druminard, Salterstown, Co.Derry:
James Badger 79HDPres CoDer FarmerRWMA
Maria Badger 60 WI Pres CoDer - RW MA
James Badger 39 SO Pres CoDer Farmer's sonRW UM
F. Willson Badger 25 SO Pres CoDer Farmer's son RW UM
Ann Story 62 VI Pres CoDer RWWidow
Andrew ?ona 24SE RoCaCoDer Genl. Farm ServantNR UM
House 21 in Ballygruby, Moneymore, Co.Derry:
William Badger 72 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW Widower
Mary Ann Badger 28 DA Pres CoDer Dressmaker RW UM
Thomas Badger 25 SO Pres CoDer Farmer RW UM
Jane Badger 16 DA Pres CoDer RW UM
House 24 in Aughrim, Ballyronan, Co.Derry:
Robert Badger 52 HD CofE CoDer Weaver of LinenRO Widower
Robert J. Badger 23 SOCofE CoDer Weaver of LinenNR UM
Sarah Badger18DACofE CoDer House KeeperNR UM
House 25 in Slatabogey, Gulladuff, Co.Derry:
Samuel Badger 38 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW UM
Margret Badger -SIPres CoDer House Keeper RW UM
House 22 in Megargy, Ballymoghan, Co.Derry:
William Badger 81 HD Pres CoDer FarmerRO Widower
Eliza Badger 50 DA Pres CoDer Housekeeper RW UM
Lizzie S.B. Kane 21 GD Pres CoDer Dressmaker RW UM
House 23 in Kilsally, Killycolpy, Tyrone:
Nathaniel Badger 29 HD Pres CoTyr Farmer + Grocer RW MA
Mary Badger 28 WI Pres CoTyr - RW MA
Maggie Badger 7 DA Pres CoTyr Scholar RW UM
Emily Badger 5 DA Pres CoTyr Scholar RW UM
Fred Badger 3 SO Pres CoTyr NR UM
David Badger - SO Pres CoTyr NR UM
Wm John Walker 22 SE Pres CoTyr Farm Servant RW UM
Margaret J. Linney 13 SE RoCa CoTyr Domestic Servant RW UM
House 6 in Tamlaghtmore, Killycolpy, Tyrone:
James Badger 63 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW MA
Sarah Badger 63 WI Pres CoTyr - RW MA
Lizzie Badger 27 DA Pres CoTyr Farmer's Daughter RW UM
Maggie Badger 25 DA Pres CoTyr Farmer's Daughter RW UM
Thomas Badger 22 SO Pres CoTyr Farmer's Son RW UM
House 25 in Grange, Desertmartin, Londonderry:
William John Kane 58 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW MA
Elizabeth Kane 58 WI Pres CoDer - RW MA
Jane Badger 30 DA Pres CoDer Farmer's Daughter RW MA
Mary Ann Badger - GD Pres CoDer - NR UM
House 20 in Lawford Street, Moneymore, Londonderry:
Thomas Carleton 62 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW MA
Sarah Carleton 75 WI Pres CoDer - RW MA
Sarah Badger 20 Nurse Pres CoDer Nurse: Domestic Servant RW UM
House 4 in Killyberry Downing, Bellaghy, Londonderry:
Edward Badger 40 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RW MA
Lizzie Badger 26 WI Pres CoDer - RW MA
Minnie Badger 1 DA Pres CoDer - NR UM
Willie Porter 14 SE Pres CoDer Farm Servant RW UM
House 4 in Drumcrow, Drumaspil, Tyrone:
John Badger 66 HD RoCa CoTyr Farmer NR MA
Jane Badger 53 WI RoCa CoTyr Housekeeper RW MA
House 2 in Molesworth St., Cookstown, Tyrone:
John Knox Leslie 91 HD Pres Cookstown Presbyt. Minister RWWI
Sara Lydia Maxwell 34 DA Pres Cookstown - RW UM
Sebina Leslie Wallace 14 GD Pres Ballygoney, CoTyrScholar RW UM
Margaret Whylock Wallace 11 GD Pres Ballygoney, CoTyr Scholar RW UM
Lizzie Badger 22 SE Pres CoDer Cook + Servant RW UM
Jane Clements 19 SE Pres Cookstown Housemaid RW UM
House 4 in Dunarnon (Ballymoghan, Londonderry):
Henery Dobbin 64 HD Pres CoDer Farmer RO MA
Eliza Dobbin 60 WI Pres CoDer Housekeeper RW MA
Betty McKee 86 ML Pres CoDer Seamstress ROWI
Richard Dobbin 21 SO Pres CoDerFarm LabourerRWUM
House 11 in Cavan (Lisnacloon, Tyrone):
Andrew McFarland 65 HD CofE CoTyr Farmer RW MA
Sarah McFarland 60 WI CofE CoTyr RW MA
Sarah McFarland 37 DA CofE CoTyr Farmer's daughter RW UM
James McFarland 35 SO CofE CoTyr Farmer's son RW UM
Matilda McFarland 28 DA CofE CoTyr Farmer's daughter RW UM
Emily McFarland 25 DA CofE CoTyr Farmer's daughter RW UM
Alexander McFarland 23 SO CofE CoTyr Farmer's son RW UM
David McFarland 20 SO CofE CoTyrFarmer's sonRW UM
House 19 in Megargy (Ballymoghan, Londonderry):
William Vance 76 HD PresCoDerFarmerRWMA
Ann Jane Vance 60 WI Pres CoDerRO MA
Margret Jane Vance 29 DA PresCoDerHousekeeper RWUM
Annie Maria Vance 24 DA PresCoDerSeamstress RW UM
House 7 in Dunronan (Ballymoghan, Londonderry):
Catherine Mc Kiver40HDRoCa CoDerHouseholderNRUM
Margaret Vance 60 BO PresCoDerSeamstressNRWI
House 4 in Rainey Street (Magherafelt, Londonderry):
James Vance 42 HD PresCoDerGrocer and Farmer RW UM
Agnes Vance33SIPresAmericaShop AssistantRWUM
Mary Jane Vance36SIPresCoDerShop AssistantRW UM
House 10 in Ballymacombs More (Bellaghy, Londonderry):
Mary Vance 60 HD PresCoDerLinen WeaverRWWI
Mary Vance22 DA PresCoDerLinen WeaverRWUM
Lizzie Dawson70SIPresCoDerLinen WeaverRWUM


The 1911 Census contains the following references to Badger families. Abbreviations: Pres = Presbyterian, Meth = Methodist, CofE = Church of Ireland, RoCa = Roman Catholic, Chr = Christian Church, RW = read and write, RO = read only, NR = neither read nor write, UM = unmarried, MA = married, WI = widow or widower, HD = head or husband, WI = wife, SO = son, DA = daughter, NE = nephew or neice, AU = aunt, UN = uncle, SI = sister, BR = brother, SL = son-in-law or sister-in-law, DL = daughter-in-law, GS = grandson, GD = granddaughter, SE = servant, BO = boarder.

NamePos.  Relig. Lit.   Age  Occupation  Marr.  B-place
Included in the home of Anne Black, 4 Main Street, Portstewart, Co.Derry:
Tom Wilson Badger   VI  Pres  RW   37  Farmer UM CoDer
Margaret Letitia Mayns   VI  Pres  RW   24   UM CoDer
and a number of other visitors
Number 9, Slaghtybogy, Gulladuff, Co.Derry:
Samuel Badger HD  Pres  RW   49  Farmer UM CoDer
William Badger BR  Pres  RW   40  Farmer's Son MA CoDer
Maggie Badger SL  Pres  RW   40   MA CoDer
Mary Ann Badger NE  Pres  RW   11  Scholar UM CoDer
John Badger NE  Pres  RW   10  Scholar UM CoDer
Samuel Badger NE  Pres  RW   8  Scholar UM CoDer
Jane Badger NE  Pres  RW   6  Scholar NR CoDer
Number 8, Gortagilly, Ballymoghan, County Derry:
Samuel Badger HD  Pres  RW   29  Grocer & Farmer   UM CoDer
Lizzie Badger WI  Pres  RW   30   MA   CoDer
Mary Badger MO  Pres  RW   50   WI CoDer
Thomas Wilson SE  CofI  RW   23  Farm servant UM CoDer
Maggie Love SE  CofI  RW   24  General Servant UM CoDer
Number 3, Roshure, Ballymoghan, County Derry:
Job Palmer HD  Pres  RW   65  Farmer   MA CoDer
Margaret Palmer WI  Pres  RW   66   MA 41yrs   CoDer
Margaret Ferguson DA  Pres  RW   40   WI CoDer
William Palmer SO  Pres  RW   34  Farmer's son UM CoDer
Bessie Johnson DA  Pres  RW   29   MA 2yrs CoDer
Job Palmer SO  Pres  RW   20  Farmer's son UM CoDer
James Ferguson GS  Pres  RW   10  Scholar UM CoDer
Robert Johnson GS  Pres  NR   1   UM CoDer
William Badger SE  CofI  RW   27  Farm Servant UM CoDer
Number 8, Dunarnon, Ballymoghan, County Derry:
James Badger HD  Pres  RW   59  Farmer   MA CoDer
Eliza Badger WI  Pres  RW   58   MA 33yrs   CoDer
William Badger SO  Pres  RW   30  Farmer's son MA CoDer
Dinagh Badger DL  Pres  RW   33   MA 3yrs CoDer
Annabella Badger DA  Pres  RW   20   UM CoDer
Robert Badger SO  Pres  RW   14  Scholar UM CoDer
Thomas Badger SO  Pres  RW   12  Scholar UM CoDer
Lizzie Badger GD  Pres  NR   2   UM CoDer
Number 4, Megargy, Ballymoghan, County Derry:
William Badger HD  Pres  RW   92  Farmer   WI CoDer
Eliza Badger DA  Pres  RW   61   UM   CoDer
Lizzie Kane GD  Pres  RW   31   UM CoDer
Number 4, Market Street, Magherafelt, County Derry:
Samuel Story Badger HD  Pres  RW   38  Pharmaceutical Chemist   MA CoDer
Annie Marion Badger WI  Pres  RW   32   MA   Co.Long
Sheila Arabella Badger DA  Pres  NR   5   UM   Co.Fer
Geo Dermot Story Badger SO  Pres  NR   3   UM   Co.Fer
Teresa O'Donnell SE  RoCa  RW   16  Domestic Servant UM CoDer
Number 2, Druminard, Salterstown, County Derry:
James Badger HD  Pres  RO   52  Farmer   UM Co.Ros
Anne Storey AU  Pres  RW   76   WI   CoDer
Elizabeth Stewart AU  Pres  RW   67   WI   CoTyr
The first head of household signature (later erased) is Tom Wilson Badger
Number 15, Ballygraby, Moneymore, County Derry:
Thomas Badger HD  Pres  RW   31  Farmer   UM CoDer
Mary Ann Badger SI  Pres  RW   35  Dressmaker UM   CoDer
Jane Badger SI  Pres  RW   25   UM   CoDer
Number 3, Killyberry (Downing), Bellaghy, County Derry:
Edward Badger HD  Pres  RW   50  Farmer   MA CoDer
Lizzie M. Badger WI  Pres  RW   36   MA 12yrs   CoDer
Minnie J. Badger DA  Pres  RW   11  Scholar UM   CoDer
Alice B. Badger DA  Pres  RW   8  Scholar UM   CoDer
Lucy M. Badger DA  Pres  NR   6   UM   CoDer
William J. Houston SE  CofI  RW   40  Farm servant UM   CoDer
Number 18, Broagh, Rocktown, County Derry:
John Badger HD  Pres  RO   69  Farmer   WI CoDer
John Badger SO  Pres  RO   38  Farmer   UM CoDer
James Badger SO  Pres  RO   36  Farmer   UM CoDer
Annie Badger DA  Pres  RO   32  Housekeeper   UM CoDer
Maggie Paul DA  Pres  RO   28   MA 5yrs CoDer
Nancy Speer NE  Pres  RO   18   UM CoDer
Robert Paul NE  Bapt  NR   4   UM CoDer
Mary Jane Paul NE  Bapt  NR   2   UM CoDer
Number 19, Broagh, Rocktown, County Derry:
William Badger HD  Pres  RW   76  Farmer   UM CoDer
Number 17, Tamlaghtmore, Killycolpy, County Tyrone:
James Badger HD  Pres  RO   73  Farmer   WI CoDer
Thomas Badger SO  Pres  RW   32  Farmer's son   MA CoTyr
Lizzie Badger DL  Pres  RW   33      MA 6yrs CoTyr
James Badger GS  Pres  NR   5   UM CoTyr
Sarah Louisa Badger GD  Pres  NR   3   UM CoTyr
Jemima Dorothy Badger GD  Pres  NR   9m   UM CoTyr
Number 11, Kilsally, Killycolpy, County Tyrone:
Nathaniel Badger HD  Chr  RW   40  Farmer   MA CoTyr
Mary Badger WI  Chr  RW   40     MA 18yrs CoTyr
Maggie Badger DA  Chr  RW   16     UM CoTyr
Emily Badger DA  Chr  RW   15     UM CoTyr
Freddy Badger SO  Chr  RW   13  Scholar   UM CoTyr
David George Badger SO  Chr  RW   11  Scholar   UM CoTyr
Joseph Badger SO  Chr  RW   8  Scholar   UM CoTyr
Willie Badger SO  Chr  NR   6     UM CoTyr
Andrew Badger SO  Chr  NR   3     UM CoTyr
Number 1, Gariffgeery, Cranfield, County Antrim:
Thomas Law HD  Pres  RW   45  Farmer   MA Co.Ant
Maggie Law WI  Pres  RW   43     MA 7yrs Co.Ant
William Wilson SE  Pres  RW   20  Farm servant   UM Co.Ant
Henry Kane SE  RoCa  RW   20  Farm servant   UM CoTyr
Sarah Badger SE  CofI  NR   26  Domestic servant   UM CoDer
Jane Fulton SE  RoCa  RW   17  Domestic servant   UM Co.Ant
Number 82, Marlborough Park, Windsor Ward, County Antrim:
Thomas ReaHD  Pres  RW   33  Inspector of MA CoTyr
Intermediate School  
Dora Rea WI  Pres  RW   29     MA 1yrs Co.Carl
Sarah Badger SE  PlyBreth  RW   26  Domestic servant   UM CoDer
Number 22, Linden Street, Falls, County Antrim:
John Duffy HD  RoCa  RW   18  ??   UM Belfast
Mary Duffy SI  RoCa  RW   21  Linen ??   UM Belfast
Emma Badger AU  RoCa  RW   50  Flax Spinner   UM CoArm
House 4 in Cavan (Lisnacloon, Tyrone):
Andrew McFarland HD CofERW72Farmer WI CoTyr
Sarah Jane McFarland DA CofERW50 Farmer's daughter UM CoTyr
James McFarland SO CofERW48 Farmer's son UM CoTyr
Matilda McFarland DA CofERW39 Farmer's daughter UM CoTyr
Emily McFarland DA CofERW37 Farmer's daughter UM CoTyr
David McFarland SO CofERW34 Farmer's son UM CoTyr
House 54 in Bellaghy (Bellaghy, Londonderry):
Mary Vance HD PresRW72 Seamstress WI CoDer
[2 children born, 2 living]
Eliza Dawson SI PresRW81 Spinster UM CoDer
House 20 in Megargy (Ballymoghan, Londonderry):
Margaret Jane Vance HD PresRW36 Farmer UM CoDer
Annie Maria Vance SI PresRW31 UMCoDer
House 3 in Lisalbanagh, Brackagh Slieve Gallion, Londonderry:
Lennox Paul HD PresRW27 Carpenter MA CoDer
Maggie Paul WI PresRW29 MA CoDer
[Married 4 years, 1 child, 1 living]
Sarah Paul DA PresNR2 UM CoDer
House 23 in Ballynocker, Magherafelt, Londonderry:
John Alexander Mawhinney HD PresRW34 Farmer MA CoDer
Sarah Mawhinney WI PresRW30 MA CoDer
[Married 9 years, 3 childred, 3 living]
James Mawhinney SO PresRW8 Scholar UM CoDer
Mary Elizabeth Mawhinney DA PresNR4 UM CoDer
Sarah Mawhinney DA PresNR1 UM CoDer
House 15 in Derrygarve, Castledawson, Co.Derry:
Annie Gilmour HD PresRO72 Dressmaker WI
[Married 47 years, 6 children, 6 living]
Thomas Gilmour SO PresRW43 Stonemason MA
[Married 20 years, 8 children, 8 living]
Maryan Gilmour DL PresRO41 MA CoDer
Lizie Gilmour GD PresRW18 UM CoDer
Maggie Gilmour GD PresRW15 UM CoDer
James Gilmour GS PresRW13 Scholar UM CoDer
John ? Gilmour GS PresRW10 Scholar UM CoDer
William Gilmour GS PresNR7 Scholar UM CoDer
Mariah Gilmour GD PresNR4 CoDer
Thomas Gilmour GS PresNR CoDer
Gorge Gilmour SO PresNR35 UM CoDer
Francis Gilmour SO PresRW25 UM CoDer
House 23 in Brocklamount, Ballymena, Co.Antrim:
William James Stewart HD PresRW37 Solicitor MA CoDer
[Married 7 years, 3 children, 3 living]
Annie Stewart WI PresRW38 MA CoDer
Wm Norman Stewart SO PresRW6 Scholar UM CoAnt
James Harold Stewart SO PresRW5 Scholar UM CoAnt
Helen Mary Stewart DA Pres2 UM CoAnt
Grace Charlotte Kinnaghan SE PresRW19 General Servant Domestic UM CoAnt



The LDS online records list the following Badger entries in the 1881 Census of England and Wales that have connection with Ireland:

Name   Rel.   Marr.   Age   Born    Occupation
4 Hibel Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire
Thomas Badger HD MA 61 Ireland Annuitant
Eliza Badger WI MA 40 Macclesfield, Cheshire
Adelaide Badger DA UM 9 Birkenhead, Cheshire Scholar
Charlotte E. Badger DA UM 6 Macclesfield, Cheshire Scholar
Thomas Badger SO UM 4 Congleton, Cheshire
Anne Badger DA UM 4m Macclesfield, Cheshire
5 Derry St, Oldham, Lancashire
Mary Badger HD WI 60 Ireland Housekeeper
Michael Gillich GS UM 20 Oldham, Lancashire Piecer
Mary A. Castles GD UM 24 Wigan, Lancashire Speed Tenter
William Castles GS UM 22 Rothwell, York Carter
Oliver Castles GS UM 17 Altofts, York Bricklayers Labourer
Susan Castles GD UM 14 Ollerton, York Dressmaker
Patrick Welsh GS UM 19 Oldham, Lancashire Piecer Cotton
Mary A. Gillich GD MA 23 Oldham, Lancashire Speed Tenter Cotton
75 Blandford St, Westgate, Northumberland
Thomas Wheeler HD MA 51 Newburn, Northumberland Labourer
Annie Wheeler WI MA 44 Ireland
James Badger BO WI 48 Ireland Shoemaker
16 Princess Street, Newcastle On Tyne St Andrew, Northumberland
Jennings Badger HD MA 50 Ireland Shoemaker
Mary Badger WI MA 48 Scotland
Margt. Badger DA UM 29 Newcastle, Northumberland
James Badger SO UM 24 Newcastle, Northumberland Shoemaker
Edward Badger SO UM 22 Newcastle, Northumberland Shoemaker
Ellen Badger DA UM 18 Newcastle, Northumberland Dressmaker
Jennings Badger SO UM 15 Newcastle, Northumberland Errand Boy
Grace Badger DA UM 6 Newcastle, Northumberland
6 Primrose St, Leeds, York
Thomas Badger HD MA 37 Aberdeen, Scotland Shoe Maker
Catherine Badger WI MA 36 Queens County, Ireland Charwoman
Thomas Badger SO UM 17 Bradford, York Fitters Mechanic
Isabella Badger DA 11 Leeds, York Scholar
Catherine Badger DA 3 Leeds, York
32 Fowler St, Brightside Bierlow, York
John Badger HD MA 55 Sheffield, York Royal Artllry Pensioner
Margaret Badger WI MA 55 Ireland
Sarah A. Badger DA UM 18 Yarmouth Castle, Isle of Wight Polishing Paste Works
John A. Badger SO UM 17 Lockailshead, Scotland Railway Station Man
Alice M. Badger DA UM 15 Abroath, Scotland Works At Tobacco Factory
Georgeina Badger GD 1 Aberdeen, Scotland
The Main St Cottage, West Hallam, Derby
William J. Badger HD MA 24 Co.Ros, Ireland Police Constable
Jane Badger WI MA 23 CoDerr, Ireland
Mary E. Badger DA 11m Derby, Derby
12 Shakespeare St, Roath, Glamorgan, Wales
William Badger HD MA 72 Stourbridge, Worcester Chelsea Pensioner Night Watchman
Elizabeth Badger WI MA 64 Ireland
William J. Badger GS 16 Cardiff, Glamorgan Plumber (Apprentice)
Russell St, Batley, York
Henry L. Badger HD MA 37 Sheffield, York Police Constable
Maria A. Badger WI MA 36 Norwich, Norfolk
Lilly L. Badger DA 12 Ireland Scholar
Harry L. Badger SO 9 Ireland Scholar
Olive E. Badger DA 7 Scotland Scholar
Amy B. Badger DA 3 Northallerton, York
Ethel Badger DA 1 Batley, York
3 3rd Court, Rotherham, York, England
In the household of Catherine Concanon:
George Badger BO UM 50 Ireland General Lab
Milwich Hall, Milwich, Stafford, England
Samuel KnightHDUM 55 MilwichFarmer (187acres)
Mary Godwin WI60Ashbourne, DerbySick Nurse
Michael Bagers UM19Roscommon, IrelandDomestic Servant
Jane Shekorne UM21MilwichGeneral Servant
John Scott UM13Stone, StaffordFarm Servant



The LDS online records list the following Badger entries in the 1881 Census of Canada that have connection with Ireland:

Name   Marr.   Ethn.   Age   Born    Occupation   Relg.  
Hope, Durham East, Ontario:
John Badger MA Irish 50 Ireland Laborer CofE
Francis Badger MA German   42 Quebec CofE
Jane Badger Irish 20 Quebec   CofE
Thomas Badger Irish 18 Quebec Laborer CofE
Sarah Badger Irish 16 Quebec CofE
William Badger Irish 14 Quebec Laborer CofE
Francis M. Badger Irish 8 Ontario CofE
James E. Badger Irish 6 Ontario CofE
Joseph Badger Irish 4 Ontario CofE
Sharlotte Badger Irish 1 Ontario CofE
Ward 4, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario:
James Badger MA Irish 55 Ireland Shoemaker Meth
Hannah Badger MA English 50 USA Meth
Sarah Badger Irish 25 USA Meth
William Badger Irish 6 Ontario Meth
Orangeville, Wellington Centre, Ontario:
Sarah Ann Badger Irish 22 Ireland Servant CofE
Medonte, Simcoe North, Ontario:
George Badger MA Irish 45 Ireland Farmer Pres
Jane Badger MA Irish 41 Ireland Pres
Gerald Badger Irish 8 Ontario School Pres
Linda Badger Irish 6 Ontario Pres
Collingwood, Grey East, Ontario:
Aaron Badger MA Irish 64 Ireland Farmer Meth
Jane Badger MA Irish 58 Ireland Meth
George Badger Irish 20 Ontario Farmer Meth
Stephen Badger Irish 23 Ontario Farmer Meth



The LDS online records list the following Badger entries in the 1880 US Census that indicate Irish origins:

Name   Rel.   Marr.   Age   Born    Occupation Father's Mother's
Birthplace Birthplace
District 63, Chicago, Cook, Illinois:
Sheriden Badger HD MA 20 KY Clerk IRE IRE
Louise Badger WI MA 19 IRE IRE IRE
Sheridan Badger SO UM 2 IRE KY IRE
Louise Badger DA UM 2M IL KY IRE
Grace Catlin UM 3 IL NY NY
E.D. 151, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky:
Michael Badger HD MA 68 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Anna Badger WI MA 60 IRE IRE IRE
Pennfield, Calhoun, Michigan:
John Badger HD MA 44 IRE Farmer IRE IRE
Jane Badger WI MA 47 IRE Housekeeper IRE IRE
William A. Badger SO UM 22 MI Laborer IRE IRE
Minnie Badger DA UM 19 MI At Home IRE IRE
Sarah Badger DA UM 16 MI School IRE IRE
Emma Badger DA UM 14 MI School IRE IRE
Robert Badger SO UM 10 MI School IRE IRE
Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
Thomas Badger HD MA 45 IRE Dry Goods IRE IRE
Lizzie Badger WI MA 33 NJ Keeping House NJ NJ
Mary Badger DA UM 8 PA School IRE NJ
Mary Cuppels SI UM 27 NJ Dressmaker NJ NJ
Maggie Cuppels SI UM 23 NJ Dressmaker NJ NJ
In the boarding house of Anna F. Renison, Gore, Sumner, Kansas:
David Badger UM 32 IRE Hardware Merch. IRE IRE
Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, New York:
Patrick Badger HD MA 35 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Ellen Badger WI MA 34 IRE Housekeeper IRE IRE
Brooklyn, Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, New York:
Maraget Mullgan WI MA 30 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
John Mullgan SO UM 11 NY At School IRE IRE
Cecelia Badger ML WI 70 IRE IRE IRE
James Feeley UM 35 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Michael Feeley UM 25 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Peter Fallon UM 30 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
James Bradley UM 35 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Hospital For The Insane, Kilbuck, Allegheny, Pennsylvania:
Henry Badger UM 45 IRE IRE IRE
Centre, Butler, Pennsylvania:
James Badger HD MA 65 IRE Farmer IRE IRE
Mary Badger WI MA 58 PA Keeping House PA PA
Margaret Badger DA UM 33 PA IRE PA
Isaiah Badger SO UM 23 PA Works On Farm IRE PA
Florence Badger DA UM 12 PA At School IRE PA
Moretown, Washington, Vermont:
William Badger HD MA 42 VT Farmer VT MA
Maria Badger WI MA 41 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
Nellie Badger DA UM 17 VT At Home VT IRE
William Badger SO UM 12 VT At Home VT IRE
Carrie Badger DA UM 8 VT At Home VT IRE
Hattie Badger DA UM 4 VT At Home VT IRE
Susan Badger MO WI 70 VT NH NH
Oakland, Alameda, California:
J. W. Badger HD MA 51 VA Sailor VA VA
J. A. Badger WI MA 46 IRE Housekeeper ENG ENG
Henry Rylia BO UM 16 MA Laborer IRE IRE
J. Bonner BO UM 50 MA Laborer MA MA
In The woollen mill boarding house of William R. Hall, Maynard, Middlesex, Massachusetts:
Mary Badger UM 24 IRE Works In Woolen Mill IRE IRE
Orange, Ionia, Michigan:
W. Samuel Badger HD MA 68 NH Farmer MA NH
J. Mary Badger WI MA 57 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
Elisabeth Fleming NE UM 17 MI School IRE MI
Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio:
John Badger HD UM 84 IRE At Home IRE IRE
Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania:
John Badger HD MA 42 IRE Express Driver IRE IRE
Nancy Badger WI MA 39 PA Keeping House IRE IRE
Robert Badger SO UM 17 PA Express Driver IRE PA
Sarah Badger DA UM 15 PA At School IRE PA



The records of the Rainey Endowed School in Magherafelt contain the following information:



The following are addresses of Badgers in Northern Ireland in 2005:

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Christopher E. Brennen