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Appendix 2E. More US Immigrant Badger Families.

Family of another William Badger:

  1. William Badger, a native of Ireland according to his tombstone, was born about Jan.9 in either 1753 or 1756. William married a woman named Nancy (or Martha), born May 28, 1763, in Ireland. After settling in Pennsylvania they moved to Franklin County, Ohio, where William was killed by Indians on Aug.9, 1822. He left an extant will; interestingly one of the witnesses to the will was a Samuel Clarke (see the Badger Family of Butler County, Pennsylvania). Nancy (or Martha) died on Mar.3, 1825. The children of William and Nancy:
    1. Elizabeth Badger listed her birthplace as Ireland in the 1850 and 1860 census and reputedly emigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania with her parents when she was 2 years old. Elizabeth married Robert Chambers in Pennsylvania and moved with the Badgers and Chambers to Franklin County, Ohio. Robert Chambers died in 1816 in Ohio and Elizabeth was married for the second time in 1817 to Thomas Goldsmith. They had a son Joseph J. Goldsmith.
    2. Joseph Badger was born in 1782 in Pennsylvania (or Ireland). He married Margaret Skidmore born in Ireland about 1798, the daughter of Ralph Skidmore and Mary Ross. Joseph died in 1850 and Margaret in 1864, both in Shelby County, Indiana. They had children:
      1. William Badger was born in 1819 in Pennsylvania (or perhaps Columbus, Ohio) and married Sarah Sleeth on Nov.6, 1837. William died in July, 1863. They had children:
        1. Albert Badger
        2. Edward Badger
        3. Le Roy Badger
      2. Joseph Johnston Badger was born in 1823 in Columbus, Ohio.
      3. Robert Badger?
      4. James Badger?
      5. Eliza Badger?
      6. Martha Badger?

Family of another William Badger:

  1. William Badger, a native of Ireland was born on Dec.12, 1825, and emigrated to the US in 1847, when he went to St. Lawrence County, New York. In 1850 he married Margaret Cook, born in Ireland on Jul.26, 1825. In 1849 William is said to have sent for his brothers and sisters. [There is dispute over who his parents were either (1) William born 1810 and his wife Eliza (see File 2A) or (2) Edward and Jane (Nelson) Badger.] This William (born 1825), when he came to the US in 1847 brought with him a church membership transfer from the Presbyterian Church in "Currin" (Curran), Co. Londonderry. He bought a farm in DePeyster, St. Lawrence County, NY, which remained in the family for 6 generations.

Family of John Boon:

  1. John Boon was born in 1753 in Antrim. About 1781 he married Nancy Badger, born in Antrim about 1760. They were Presbyterian. They emigrated to the US in the 1780s on a ship called "The Pennsylvania Farmer" and became farmers. John died in 1838 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Their ggg grandson is Ed Schreiber who lives near Pittsburgh, PA.

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