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BIG TUJUNGA: Stone Plus One     Suicide Canyon     Silver-on-the-side    
Silver Canyon     Vasquez Creek     Ganja Gulch    
Left Fork of Fusier Canyon     Lower Fusier Canyon     Mary Jane Canyon    
White Oak Canyon     Great Falls of the Fox     Lower Fox Canyon    
Josephine Creek     Classic Canyon     Fall Creek    
Upper Lucas Creek     Lower Lucas Creek     Big Tujunga Narrows    
Katharine Canyon     Upper Big Tujunga    
PACOIMA: Bee Canyon     Laurel Canyon    
LA CANADA: Hall Beckley Canyon     Sutton Canyon     Pomeroy Canyon    
RED BOX: CCC Canyon    Casada Canyon    Royal Gorge    
Colby Canyon     Strawberry Peak     Cloudburst Canyon    
Supercloud Canyon    
FRONT RANGE: Saucer Branch     Grand Canyon Transit     Alpine Canyon    
Rubio Canyon     Upper Rubio Canyon     East Fork Rubio Canyon    
Upper Eaton Canyon     Lower Eaton Canyon     Middle Muir Ravine    
West Muir Ravine     Pasadena Glen     Hastings Canyon    
Bailey Canyon     Little Santa Anita Canyon     East Fork of Santa Anita    
Monrovia Canyon     Wolfskill Canyon    
DEVIL'S CANYON:    Bobcat Canyon     Upper Devil's Canyon     Devil's Canyon Loop    
Lower Devil's Canyon    
CRYSTAL LAKE: Bear Creek     Upper Soldier Creek    Lower Soldier Creek   
Rockbound Canyon     Upper Little Rock Creek    
EAST FORK: East Fork of the San Gabriel     Allison Mine Loop     Iron Mountain    
Rattlesnake Peak     Peacock Canyon     Falling Leaf Canyon    
Lookout Mountain    San Antonio Ridge    San Antonio Creek   
Stoddard Canyon    
ICE HOUSE: Falling Rock Canyon     Sheep Canyon     Upper Cucamonga Canyon    
Middle Cucamonga Canyon     Lower Cucamonga Canyon     Bull Canyon    
LYTLE CREEK: Middle Fork Lytle Creek    South Fork Lytle Creek    Spring Canyon    
Bonita Canyon     Green Mountain Canyon    

Last updated 12/9/03.
Christopher E. Brennen