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This internet publication is structured differently from a conventional printed textbook in order to take full advantage of the multiple linkages which are possible in a website and not easy within the linear structure of a conventional book. Multiple linkages combined with short and succinct pages allow the reader to choose the level at which he or she can study a subject. It also permits the author to continuously add pages and linkages so that the user can dig down more readily than in the conventional literature.

In addition, fluid dynamics is not only a very visual subject but also one in which understanding is often deepened by viewing moving images of flows or of flow simulations. The computer interface makes the incorporation of both static and dynamic images much more feasible and so this publication will attempt to incorporate as many such images as possible.

Finally, another great advantage of an internet publication is that it need not be fixed in form. It can be constantly evolved and improved with time and such is our intention here. If the reader happens upon it during the early stages of its construction we would ask for patience as we continue to construct it. If there are corrections, suggestions for improvement or even offers of images, all of these would be most gratefully received by first contacting the author by email (

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